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If you lack ideas as to how to write a successful profile essay, keep in mind that you have come to the right place. In our article, you will get brilliant ideas for writing. Read on and find out more guidelines. A profile essay is not an ordinary writing assignment — more so, if a student has never written it before, it may be particularly challenging to manage it successfully. First of all, it is necessary to know what kind of writing it is, what purposes it has, and how to write it. So, the main idea of profile essay writing is to provide different details and descriptions of the given issue or phenomenon without paying attention to some general descriptions and explanations. A profile essay cannot entail both objectivity and subjectivity of discussing or analyzing the issue at hand. Therefore, it means that you have to indicate some general facts regarding the topic, but you should not interpret the ideas for your reader — you should leave your readers a chance to make up their minds on their own. On the whole, one can master profile essay writing only if he/ she understands what it entails and implies. 


What Is a Profile Essay?

A profile essay is one of the numerous types of academic writing that aim to describe some event, issue, person, phenomenon, etc. in a detail. To some extent, a profile essay bears similarities with journalistic research, but the essay should be more vivid in descriptions and more exciting and appealing when it comes to content and development of ideas. Moreover, if you are writing your profile essay, you are required to share your viewpoint on the idea under discussion. It is also recommended to include your own experience with it comes to the topic discussion — how you relate to it and what connection you have to it. As such, a successful profile essay should be comprehensive and well developed. The information provided should be well balanced.

Keep in mind that it will take you a great of time and energy to cope with this writing type. So, to make your piece of writing convincing and informative, you need to gather the necessary information and provide comprehensive research of them. 

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Essential Steps to Write a Successful Profile Essay

When working on a profile essay, you will have a great chance to use and demonstrate your literary writing skills. Besides, it is a must that you study the topic in-depth and know sufficient background information that will lead to its proper understanding. The profile can be composed on an even, an issue, a person, a thing, or any other phenomenon. Take the following steps if you want to write an effective profile essay:

  • Get to know important information on the topic you need to write about. More so, find sufficient details on the writing process. Profile essays are not popularly assigned, and many students are not well-versed in their writing principles. However, you can get the idea of profile essay writing by reading the samples. Usually, profile-writing samples can be found in newspapers and magazines.
  • Pick a subject. When you wonder what issue to focus on, try to choose the one that is topical. You may focus on some famous person, some well-known event, some renowned place whatsoever. The subject may even be related to some historical event, place or person. The main aspect is that the topic should be significant. 
  • Gather credible information. Some of the most recommended sources are those that provide first-hand information — it will guarantee the uniqueness of the facts you rely on. You may also conduct an interview with some person and derive this qualitative data for your paper. 
  • Compose an outline. Whatever the essay type is, you are strongly recommended to plan the writing process, and so writing an outline would be a great idea. It will help you organize your thoughts and ideas, and thus to make the process of writing faster and easier. Include all structural elements into the outline, namely introduction, body, and conclusion. 
  • Introductory paragraph. This is the opening part that aims to catch the attention of the readers. So, your underlying task should be to provide some appealing and informative facts in the opening paragraph. Focus on the background information that your readers should know and emphasize the most critical issues that you want to communicate across. Finish the introduction with a thesis statement that conveys the central argument.
  • The main body. Write as many body paragraphs as you have ideas. Devote each idea, message or issue to a single paragraph. You may use the following checklist for including such ideas:
  1. Appeal to senses. If you are discussing some person, mention as many details as possible. For example, focus on looks, height, facial expressions, name, age, etc. If you are describing some place, please focus on some destinations, architecture, weather or climate conditions.
  2. If you have been conducting an interview, discuss some specific questions that bear utmost significance. 
  3. Make sure that each body paragraph is devoted to a single idea mentioned in the thesis statement. 
  4. Discuss the chosen profile in great detail. 
  5. If needed, divide each body paragraph into subsections. 
  • Write a conclusion that leaves a powerful impact on your audience. Reiterate the thesis statement and re-emphasize the main points. Do not provide any new facts. 
  • Pay close attention to the style and tone of writing. Make sure the style is connected with the topic and the general recommendations. The style should be academic, formal or semi-formal. Besides, the active voice should be preferred and the narration done in the first person. 
  • Edit and proofread the paper. The revision process is necessary. Make sure you edit the paper for mistakes. Ideally, the paper should be flawless in terms of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure. 

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Topics to Write a Successful Profile Essay

  1. Provide a SWOT analysis of Ford Company. 
  2. Where is the boundary between rights and violations when it comes to Facebook profile privacy?
  3. The profile of World War II. 
  4. Nursing professional profile.
  5. Organizational profile.
  6. Endorsements in professional sport.
  7. Profile of Cameroon. 
  8. Provide a comprehensive analysis of Coop.ch and LeShop.ch customer profile. 
  9. Will avatars ever replace pictures and images in personal profiles?
  10. A profile of an FBI worker. 
  11. A profile of Fiat Corporation. 
  12. A profile of a university professor of Math. 
  13. Tim Willis profile.
  14. A profile of Monsanto as population control in marketing. 
  15. The most memorable event with your father. 
  16. Choose a profile of some big pharmaceutical corporation and discuss it. 
  17. Should social media profiles be used in the process of hiring workers?
  1. Development of HPTLC and TLC profiles of fingerprints. 
  2. A profile of a match-making mother. 
  3. Discuss Rorschach's profile in Moore`s Watchman. 
  4. Cybersecurity profiles of HOC. 
  5. Discuss and analyze the company profile of LRNA. 
  6. Company profile of Toyota. 
  7. Profile of Facebook Inc.
  8. Profile of Apple Inc.
  9. Profile of FedEx company. 
  10. A profile of surgical technologist. 
  11. A profile of a belly dancer. 
  12. SWOT analysis of Wella company. 
  13. Profile analysis of some leadership position.
  14. Acquisition approaches in developing user profiles.
  15. How can information extracted from personal profiles be used in research?
  16. Provide a gap analysis within the realm of global communications.
  17. Write a profile of your grandfather.
  18. Provide a detailed profile of the profession of your dream. 

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Ernest Hemingway’s House and Museum

Key West is one of the most southern cities in the United States. It is 90 miles far from Cuba and it is considered to be the largest island of South Florida. Ernest Hemingway’s House and Museum is one of the main attractions of Key West. The famous writer lived here from 1931 to 1940 and created his well-known works “For Whom the Bell Tolls” and “The Snows of Kilimanjaro”. After his death the house was turned into a museum. Every year in July, the festival devoted to the memory of Ernest Hemingway is held here. The house was built in 1851 by Asa Tift, a shipbuilder and an expert on rising of the sunken vessels. However, by 1928 it was completely abandoned and was locked up because of disputes about the inheritance. Soon the house fascinated Ernest Hemingway who returned from Europe and bought it for $ 8,000. 

Hemingway’s House has amazing size, but at the same time a quite simple interior. It is built and furnished in classic and simple style. In fact, Ernest Hemingway lived not in luxury, and his house, which did not change over the past decade, is more like a Spartan land. The manuscripts, household items and personal belongings of the writer are collected here. In Hemingway’s cabinet, where he wrote the worlds’ famous novels, you can see his portable Royal company typewriter, chair master cigars from Cuba and walnut desk of the 17th century from Spain. The floor and the walls are decorated with ceramic tiles depicting relict fish. In the living room there is a large walnut secretary of the 17th century, brought from Spain. During the heat the big arched windows in this room let in a fresh breeze into the house. 

Ernest Hemingway is known for his immense love for cats, so the descendants of his favorite pets live and behave as they want, roaming around the house and garden, and even resting on Hemingway’s bed. Till nowadays they are cared and cherished. Today, there are more than forty cats and dogs on the house territory. Almost all of them are the heirs of a six-toed cat named Snowball, which was given to the writer by a friend in 1935. Many of the cats in Hemingway’s House and Museum are named after celebrities. Among them striped Gary Truman, white chest Audrey Hepburn, smoky Sophia Loren, red Pablo Picasso, as well as black and white Charlie Chaplin. The cats even have their own cemetery, which preserves the memory of each unusual inhabitant of the house. For many years, Hemingway’s House and Museum led the battle with the state authorities that permit contain no more than four cats and only behind closed doors or in the cells. Only a few years ago, the authorities of the State of Florida recognized Hemingway’s cats as a historical and national treasure.

Ernest Hemingway wrote about Key West: “This is the best place I have ever visited, flowers, tamarinds, guavas, coconut palms”. During the whole life writer was fascinated by water and the ocean, which is reflected in his great work “The Old Man and the Sea”. The proximity of the ocean, a romantic setting Key West formed and created such Ernest Hemingway, whom the whole world knows. 

Ernest Hemingway’s House and Museum is an extremely important place as it helps to learn more about one of the greatest writers of the 20th century. While visiting that place I had the unique opportunity to feel the atmosphere that surrounded, influenced and inspired Ernest Hemingway to write his bestsellers. During the visit a friend of mine asked me: “What does this trip mean to you?” My answer was simple: “It is a journey into Ernest Hemingway’s life”.