Essay Outline: Simple Steps for Writing a Winning Essay

The first step in composing an excellent essay is to prepare a nice Essay Outline. It is essential to write an excellent essay outline for better structure of paragraphs in the essay. Some students consider that writing an essay outline is a very time-consuming and complicated task; the others think that due to an ideal essay outline they can compose a perfect piece of writing.

The key function of the essay outline is to ensure whether every paragraph is capable of reflecting each single idea and supporting the thesis statement set. Without an essay outline, it will be really complicated to keep a logical flow between different ideas in case the paragraphs are poorly structured. Moreover, if you do not compose an essay outline, your ideas could be repeated again and again so that you will be able to lose the thread and connection of your thesis statement.


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Essay Outline Writing: What Is It?

In basics, an essay outline is aimed at writing a plan that assists for better organization of any paper. By utilizing a summary, you may logically and easily structure your piece of writing. An essay outline assists writers in understanding which content they ought to place in every section of their paper.

Composing an essay outline is a planning method when you prepare scholarly pieces of writing, including, articles, novels, informative guides, academic papers, etc. There are three key parts of every essay outline: the Introduction, the Main Body, and the Conclusion. While outlining, there could be various formats, but APA and MLA are the most widely used ones in academic writing.

No matter whether you apply APA or MLA format, the outlining process is the same with a few minute nuances. Take into account that APA applies abstracts because it requires one or two sentences for the line to be composed. MLA is applied when composing essays in different social studies, whereas APA is used for the humanities. However, the essay outline is the same, no matter what type of formatting is required.

You might either consider the structure of your essay accordingly. However, composing an essay outline is very reliable and effective. An ideal essay outline can be compared to a “skeleton” of any piece of writing, which the “flesh” is to be attached to. An accordingly structured essay outline is one of the key elements of writing an excellent paper to have a high grade.

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Essay Outline: Essential Sections and Elements

  • Introduction & Conclusion are referred to the beginning and final sections of the essay outline.
  • Consider that the first paragraph of the essay should present the topic and introduce the key question to the future readers. It should comprise about two paragraphs only. The key body is an essential section of the essay, which provides key arguments or considerations, which support the thesis statement. Moreover, it should present pieces of evidence. The main body depends on the general word or page count. For example, when the essay is only one page long, there should be only two or three paragraphs in the body.
  • The final section is the conclusion, which is supposed to present a brief summary, evaluation or analysis of the key claims or findings of the essay. It should comprise about 50-60 words.

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How to Complete a Decent Outline: Practical Tutorials

The essay outline should comprise all the necessary details of your essay in a coherent and clear manner. It should be very comprehensive whereas remaining clear and brief. Key steps that should be followed while composing an essay outline of premium-class quality:

  • Step 1: Research & preparation.

The first and essential step in any written task should be your research. You ought to go through your guidelines very carefully, as well as strictly to keep to them. Seek the right and reliable resources for your essay, do surveys, field research, or lab experiments, check page or word limit, format of the essay, number of the resources needed, and the style of citation.

  • Step 2: Think of the topic of your essay.

You can be assigned to a specific topic, or allowed to choose whatever you wish. Research can give some smart ideas that you could utilize. Try to choose the best topic to work on.

  • Step 3: Set the purpose of your essay.

You should be well aware of the purpose of your task, but it is very easy to forget about it while working. Think over your purpose in advance.

  • Step 4: Consider your readers.

Readers play an essential role in writing an essay outline. We would suggest that you should recognize the purpose of your task intended for colleagues, business professionals, classmates, general public, etc. Being aware the readers assists in creating a needed and planned effect, select the right terminology, fascinating title for your writing etc.

  • Step 5: Prepare your thesis.

If you consider all the above steps, it means that you are well prepared to compose your essay that will result in the highest score or mark. It is high time to get down to work. Commence with your thesis statement. It should inform everybody that your essay will be devoted to and its key purpose.

Essential Info on the Outline of Your Writing

Essay outline assists in composing different types of writing, including persuasive, argumentative, descriptive, and analytical essays. Sometimes professors ask their students to prepare an essay plan in advance. This way, professors check whether students have chosen the right way of composing an excellent essay. Our company hopes that this guide will help you write an essay outline in the best way possible. An essay outline of whatever type forms an essential part of any written task. Some professors could not even look through the whole essay and then judge it accordingly. Practice your way through the methods given to get an ideal piece of writing.

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