How to Write a Questionnaire in an Essay?

According to the accepted definition, questionnaires are written pieces that contain sets of questions. The aim of a questionnaire in an essay is to get clear responses so the researcher can better understand a given subject or topic. Another aim is to collect data of an objective nature from participants with sufficient experience and expertise in the same area as the researcher. In most cases, questionnaires are extremely important tools for gathering data and their design should therefore be objective so that the validity of the research is accurate. 

Undoubtedly, including a questionnaire in an essay is a highly popular practice for research purposes since questionnaires are inexpensive, and they accommodate the collection of an abundance of information from large samples. Also, this method of collecting data is efficient in terms of time because interviews do not need to be conducted individually. Questionnaires can be distributed and collected by the researcher upon completion and they are particularly suitable for studies targeting significant-sized populations. The use of questionnaires is very effective for studies aimed at measuring behavior, intentions and preferences in humans.


Questionnaires for Dissertations – Types of Dissertation Questions

The questions in most questionnaires can be closed or open-ended. The closed-ended type forces participants to select answers from a series of multiple-choice options and are suitable for quantitative-style research. These questions may require participants to select answers from two possible options or choose their answer from a Likert (or sliding) scale according to their views or feelings on something. Likert scale questions use options such as: agree, strongly agree, disagree, strongly disagree, or not sure.

By contrast, questions of the open-ended variety place no restrictions on how participants answer. Respondents are free to answer in whatever way feels right to them. Questions of this type can return responses that are insightful and sometimes unexpected. They are therefore suitable for qualitative-style research. The dissertation questionnaire services offered by include the development of both closed and open-ended questions to gather data on attitudes, classification and behavior for dissertation projects.

Questionnaires versus Surveys

Very few research projects can be deemed complete unless they contain a questionnaire and survey that provides good quality data. For example, it is very important to understand consumer behavioral patterns and attitudes for marketing research purposes, and this means writing effective surveys or including a questionnaire in an essay to gauge responses.

Success Strategies for Questionnaires and Surveys

  • Know your audience:

Choose terminology that your respondents will easily understand. If the questionnaire is aimed at business executives, it is likely they will understand its context better than if it were aimed at college-level students. Concepts should be made clear if you have doubts about whether they will be understood by a particular audience.

  • Do not make your questionnaires complicated:

When writing an essay for questionnaire purposes, each individual question should focus on a single narrow concept or idea. The results you obtain from loaded or complex questions with several ideas may prove impossible or difficult to interpret.

  • Bias should be avoided:

Keep in mind that your study is aimed at determining if your ideas are valid rather than reinforcing preconceived perceptions or notions. Therefore, avoid questions that are likely to return desired answers. Remain objective in order to obtain reliable results.

Problems commonly found in survey/questionnaire questions

  1. Questions are “leading”

Your aim should be for participants to provide responses according to their real beliefs. Therefore, leading questions may alter how they interpret them.

  1. Presumptions on the part of the questioner/researcher

Do not assume participants are knowledgeable or very informed. Provide as much detail as necessary to enable them to make decisions that are well-informed.

  1. The wording is too technical

Avoid words that force participants to look up dictionary definitions

  1. Questions are double-barreled

If the design of a question is such that two answers are required, participants may struggle to know which answer to give. Consequently, the information they provide may be inaccurate.

Design your questions so that they do not lead, presume or insinuate. There should be no emotion obvious to participants as this can cause them to answer in a particular way. The writers at can help you select wording that is neither suggestive nor ambiguous. If respondents do not understand a question, they may not answer it or they may answer it in a manner they feel the surveyor thinks is correct, and this can affect the accuracy of results. The writers at create questionnaires that are sufficiently short so that respondents do not get bored, which can result in partially completed questionnaires and incomplete or insufficient data.

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Key Features of a Questionnaire – for the Benefit of Students 

  • Questionnaires have many benefits, with the primary ones being that they are inexpensive and can be created by virtually anyone. You could place a link to your questionnaire or survey in various student chat rooms or forums and ask for honest answers. Even better if you have a website where you can host it. Questionnaires can be circulated by email but there is a danger they will end up in recipients’ spam folders.
  • Another good thing about questionnaires is that they can be sent to a diverse range of possible respondents at the same time.
  • Using questionnaires can save you time since you will not need to investigate something by yourself where you will possibly end up with just one idea or thought. They can provide the results you desire in short timeframes.
  • An excellent benefit is that they allow you to interview a group of respondents rather than just one. Questionnaires are usually used to get discrepant responses to a fundamental inquiry or question.
  • Questionnaires make comparing and contrasting responses from diverse participants relatively easy.
  • A further favorable feature of a questionnaire is the anonymity it provides to respondents. Even where email information is used, this is never disclosed to other parties.
  • Questionnaires have the ability to dig into virtually every topic provided the questions are not insulting to respondents. 

How to Structure a Questionnaire 

Questionnaires need to be properly structured according to the requirements of an academic professor or supervisor. Additionally, they should be meticulously designed since the success of a paper is determined by the quality of the data obtained from its associated questionnaire.

It is permissible to include closed and open-ended questions. This allows you to determine the most effective format for your questionnaire and how you use it. Open-ended style questions leave respondents free to choose how to answer questions. The use of closed-ended style questions means additionally developing answers to enable participants to select the correct one. Formulating corresponding answers require additional time. However, they will be easier for respondents to complete when they receive them.

Overall, a questionnaire should be comprised of the following parts:

  1. Title or cover page;
  2. Introductory section;
  3. The questionnaire itself (questions and (possibly) answers);
  4. Concluding section or summary.
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Format of a Questionnaire

While the questions are the main focus of most questionnaires, it is also important to understand the format of this type of paper. Firstly, questionnaires need to be consistent and clear. Simultaneously, they should be as simple as possible so that respondents are not distracted from their primary task, which is to answer the questions in an unbiased and objective manner. For good survey results, a questionnaire paper should be:

  • precise;
  • clear;
  • sufficiently detailed;
  • easy for recipients to understand;
  • accurate and relevant in terms of content;
  • devoid of terms that are overly sophisticated and/or complex.


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