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No matter academic degree you are pursuing, a dissertation will be one of the main projects you will have to undertake. Such a project will show your overall level of competence, as well as the writing, analytical, and research skills. A well-written dissertation consists of several equally significant chapters. Although all of the dissertation sections are important, the opening part is the most significant since it helps a writer make an impression on the intended audience. In our guide, we will help you figure out how to write a dissertation introduction in such a way to engage your reader and make them follow your ideas. 

What is a dissertation introduction? In its essence, an introductory chapter aims to establish the relevance of your study and provide sufficient background information that will help you contextualize your topic. An introduction chapter creates the first impression on your reader, thus it should be written in accordance with the latest academic writing standards. For many students, writing a dissertation introduction is a tiresome and exhausting process because they have no sufficient experience in writing such papers. Being unaware of the key dissertation introduction characteristic features, it is very easy to make it too detailed or shallow. If you want to make your introduction look engaging and captivating, you should check out our efficient suggestions that will help you cope with your dissertation introduction at a high level. Let us get started.


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Writing a Dissertation Introduction: The Purpose

Learning how to write an introductory paragraph in a dissertation is an essential skill for every student. To write this chapter well, you should know what functions your introduction performs. To put it simply, your introduction should answer the question “What is the dissertation about and why does it matter?” In other words, the main goal of a dissertation introduction is to help your target audience figure out the relevance and significance of your study. It is particularly important to be honest with your reader giving them a clear picture of the research problem you are going to address. You should not expect that your reader is aware of the main peculiarities of your topic. As such, providing sufficient background information for contextualizing your subject is a must. There should be no bias or ambiguity in your introduction as you should clearly state what your research goals are. Many students reasonably prefer to write a dissertation introduction at the very end of the writing process as it will allow them to avoid multiple revisions during the writing process. 

Abstract and Introduction Writing: Learn the Difference

A lot of Ph.D. candidates confuse the introductory chapter with abstract. Although these two sections have some similar features, they are different in their purpose. If you want to succeed in dissertation writing, you should be aware of the essential differences between introduction and abstract.

The introductory paragraph of your dissertation should identify a research problem. In this case, you will help your reader figure out the importance of your study as an attempt to address this problem. By your introduction, you will also help your intended audience figure out how the scientific community benefits from your findings. In other words, you will need to answer the question “What would be the practical implications of your study?” Then, you will provide a clear thesis statement explaining the findings you are going to receive as a result of your research.

Compared to introduction, abstract aims to provide the audience with a brief summary of the study. It does not aim to introduce the research problem to the reader but to present the whole work in a condensed version. Before using your work, the reader will probably read your abstract to find out if your study matches their research interests. 

As for the length, the introductory chapter may take approximately 500-700 words depending on the requirements of your tutor and the guidelines of your educational institution. In comparison with introduction, abstract is shorter covering 200-300 words only. In case of additional questions regarding the length of your introduction or abstract, you should seek the guidance of your supervisor.

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Writing the Dissertation Introduction: A Step-by-Step Guide

The importance of your introductory paragraph depends on the thesis statement. In its essence, a thesis statement is the central idea of your paper. You should know that a good thesis is always detailed, clear, and relevant. Of course, your thesis statement greatly depends on the topic you have chosen for your dissertation. As such, to make your dissertation project engaging and interesting to your reader, you will need to pick up a subject that will be relevant and unexplored. Find an example of a good thesis statement below:

This study will explore whether (insert research question). It performs this by analyzing (insert research topic). When addressing this issue, the current study employs (include methodology), arguing that (insert proposition).

As such, a good-looking introduction is often expository. It means that it allows the reader to get the information you are trying to convey plainly and quickly. In accordance with the common standards, your reader should get necessary amount of information from reading the very first lines of your introduction. Ideally, it should include a hook statement, which will sparkle interest in your reader. Once the background information about your topic is provided, you will need to explain how you are going to reach your goals. 

Since your introduction ties up your research question, main methods, as well as the expected findings, it would be smart to write it after writing the rest of your paper. When talking about the significance of the dissertation introduction, it is vitally important to understand what niche your introduction takes in the paper. In other words, you need to convince your reader that your study fills in a gap in the existing scholarly knowledge. 

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What to Include in a Dissertation Introduction Chapter?

Although you will submit your dissertation to the committee members, who are closely familiar with your area of study, it does not mean that you need to make your paper obscure. If you want to obtain the desired outcome, all of your assumptions should be structured properly and supported by sufficient arguments. When you are writing a dissertation introduction, you will need to stick to the classic outline, which is as follows:

  • Background information for contextualizing your topic;
  • Knowledge gap to be addressed in your paper;
  • Main methods of data collection;
  • Expected outcomes.

At the end of your introduction, you will need to provide your reader with information about the topics that will be covered in each chapter of your paper. By doing this, you will help your reader understand what you are going to do further.

How Long Should an Introduction Be?

In fact, this question is tricky because it does not have a clear answer. On the one hand, your introduction should not be too long because it should match other chapters of your dissertation. On the other hand, it should contain all the necessary information. Besides, a short introduction will cause many questions. Generally, an introduction should take from 5% to 10% of the overall word count of your paper. No matter how long your introductory paragraph is, you need to keep it maximally simple and clear because it is the shortest way to your success. 

How to Write a Dissertation Introduction? Helpful Tips

  1. State the purpose. First and foremost, you should clearly state the purpose of your paper by articulating a research question you are going to address;
  2. Explain your topic. It is very important to help your reader understand the importance of your topic. This will help you state the theoretical and practical significance of your study;
  3. Identify your approach. Make sure to identify the basic approach that will contextualize your methods and rationalize them;
  4. Use the appropriate terminology. To demonstrate the credibility of your work, you will need to use the appropriate subject-related vocabulary. As such, your introduction should include a section, which will systematically define all relevant terms;
  5. State a good research question. This question should be coherent, concise, and detailed;
  6. Outline the scope of your work. To help your readers understand the importance of your dissertation project, you will need to outline the scope of your work;
  7. Make your introduction free from mechanical mistakes. When you are done with writing your dissertation introduction, you will need to review it thoroughly making it free from any mechanical mistakes affecting its quality.

If you are not sure how your dissertation introduction should be written, you are free to ask your supervisor to provide you with some samples that will help you figure out how to turn a simple introduction into an impeccable piece of writing. Following our suggestions, you will be able to write a winning paper. Of course, writing a dissertation introduction requires spending an enormous amount of time and effort. If you are afraid that you will not be able to tackle this task, you should just place an order at a reliable writing service. If you want to order a high-quality paper at a reasonable cost, we highly recommend you choose our writing company and we will not fail your expectations.

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