Case Brief Writing: How to Succeed in It?

You have probably heard a lot about case brief writing especially if you are a student of a law school or if you major in law. Despite the fact that it is a widespread academic writing type that is frequently assigned to students, many students have questions concerning its structure and the proper mode of organization. At the same time, many students really hate this type of writing due to the challenges and complexities they encounter during the process. If you want to get assistance and understand how to write a case brief properly, be sure that you can find tips and guidelines in the article below. 

As a matter of fact, the word “brief” has several meanings in law and it can be used for several purposes. When it comes to case brief writing, it relates to a brief and comprehensive piece of writing that focuses on a logical summary of a specific court decision or the judge’s verdict.


Case Brief Structure Case Brief Structure (mobile)

Case Brief Writing in 11 Steps

  1. Read the assigned case attentively and carefully. If needed, read it more than once.
  2. Highlight the main facts or make notes.
  3. Come up with the most suitable format for your brief. 
  4. Compose an outline — it will help you have a clear vision what your paper will look like. It will also be helpful in proper organization of the ideas.
  5. Develop each part of the paper. Be sure not to omit any parts: rationale, explanation of the decision, rules of law, etc.
  6. Find another opinion for the rebuttal.
  7. Adhere to a specific style of writing and formatting. 
  8. Focus on careful proofreading and make sure the paper is free from grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.
  9. Revise the paper in a day or two — but make sure there is a break between the very writing process and revision. 
  10. Find similarities of your case with the other cases.
  11. Summarize the paper by stating whether you agree with the court’s opinion. 

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How to Write a Case Brief: Step-by-Step Guidelines for Successful Writing

According to the academic standards, at the very beginning, you need to mention the names of two parts, such as: A vs. B. The opening line should include the name of the publisher as well as the source of publication. Make sure you mention the court that filed the decision and indicate the year when the ultimate verdict was published. 

Afterwards, you need to introduce all the facts and also analyze which of them could be really important for the court to make a decision. Do not include information that was not relevant for the court’s making decision.

To develop the section dealing with the procedural history, make sure you mention what court filed the opinion and how at all the case got there. Specifically, pinpoint to whether the case comes from the appellate court or trial court whatsoever. 

When focusing on the issue, make sure you emphasize on how the court came to it. Make sure you convey the central jest of the question. Make sure you specify whether the question at hand is legal. 

When discussing and analyzing the rule of law, make sure you come up with specific laws that help the court reach a specific decision. If the case is complicated, it may take more than one law but rather a whole set of laws. When discussing this chapter, make sure you specify which laws the judges have discussed, which of the discussed laws was the most reliable and supportive for making the decision, etc. 

Provide reasoning concerning the judges’ decision. Apart from the fact that the judges’ decision is already stated, make sure you provide a reasoning why they came to this specific decision. Try to analyze the case with the benefit of hindsight.  

When providing the conclusion, make sure you wrap up the case brief in a logical and comprehensive way. Start the conclusive paragraph with a brief statement whether the case was affirmed or reversed by the court. Moreover, mention whether the judges held for the appellee, appellant or defendant. Finally, mention who won and who lost and why. 

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