Proofreading Services

What is Proofreading?

While editing involves revising and rearranging the content of a text, proofreading, seeks to correct little mistakes that may have been left after the work is done. Proofreading seems like a deceptively small part of writing, so small that students often skip it, and online proofreading isn’t considered at all. But in the process of writing, we overlook those minute errors. They go unnoticed until we set aside some time to focus solely on them.

Ignoring this ultimate check might come at a surprising price. When you neglect that last thing you have to do before submitting your paper, it’s the first thing that catches your teacher’s eye. It’s rather unpleasant for them to read a text rich in typos and excessive commas. Even though your writing has significant artistic and intellectual value, superficial errors spoil the good impression. A “clean” text positions you as a person of discipline and attention to detail – that’s important for serious people who evaluate serious papers. “Maybe I could find proofreading services online to proofread my paper”, you think. Hear what we have to say, and make your decision.


Can I Proofread My Paper Myself?

For an effective proofreading process, you must be able to take a fresh look at the text, which is hard to do if you’ve just written it and there’s no time to rest. Moreover, you might feel too invested into the content of your paper, which doesn’t let you fully shift your attention to its grammatical appearance. After all, some people just don’t excel at grammar. That’s okay, but you still need someone to proofread your writing. That’s what proofreading services online are for.  

Proofreading Services

Enter Professional Proofreading 

Our proofreading company is ready to help! Proofreading professionals concentrate just on the one task. Their attention won’t be distracted by anything else. They are used to checking texts for minute flaws, and they can spot them a mile away: incorrectly spelled words, inappropriately placed punctuation marks, verb conjugation and other grammar issues, typical mistakes, typos, – a complete proofreading checklist. 

A free online paper checker or even professional software cannot compare with the live human mind that’s capable of understanding such peculiarities in your way of thinking which aren’t recognized by any computer. This is especially relevant when you intend to make your expression more artistic, symbolic, punny. For this, you deliberately change the spelling of a word in some way or use unusual punctuation pattern, which confuses a spell-checking program, definitely marking your alterations as errors. Of course, you know it’s not an error, but at times, the “wisdom” of the machine intimidates you, and it convinces you to give up your creative ideas. Besides, these programs sometimes add new mistakes that you didn’t have in your text before. It’s better to get decent help from proofreading companies. 

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Core Proofreading Tips 

If you don’t want to order proofread, still better do the check yourself than rely on your computer. Remember these simple points:

  • Undivided attention.

Imagine you see the words in your text for the very first time: this makes you more integrated into them, and so, a grammar or a spelling mistake grabs your attention more quickly.

  • One step at a time.

Focus is the main tool allowing you to work effectively. The narrower your focus is, the more attention and refining the aspect that you focus on gets. That’s why you need to concentrate on one specific kind of mistakes you may make, starting with the most frequent. For example, look for those “its/it’s” and “they’re/their” confusions when you check your text for the first time; then, proceed to the use of commas, and so on, until you finish with your major weak points. Look through the paper once more to discover any miscellaneous errors left. When your mind is anxiously scattered around the whole text, the checking process won’t be so productive. Cheap proofreading service is a much better idea.

  • Detachment.

It’s easier to spot a mistake when your eyes are focused on a smaller portion of the text. Highlight your paper with any color and, depending on its length, pick a random paragraph, sentence, or simply a line. Read it as if it had no relation to your article so that you can concentrate on the “technical” aspect regardless of semantic context. 

  • Four eyes is better than two. 

Ask somebody else to reread your text, especially when you are too tired for spell check. Remember, if no one is around to help you, you can use cheap proofreading services (like ours). If you desperately want to ask someone, “Proofread my paper”, you exactly need our help.

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What Proofreading Website Should I Choose? helps you learn and pay attention to mistakes you’ve been repeating. We hire professionals who provide the best online proofreading services, with substantial proofreading experience and English being their specialty. They don’t step into your creative territory and don’t rearrange your papers, they simply do their proofreading job, which is another reason why they do it very well. The cost of proofreading with our company starts from USD 6.99 per page, and you will find that it’s fairly cheap – we can afford it because we always have many customers.

Do not consider proofreading help as cheating on your assignment – a good author owns it to their paper to heal it from those tiny typo scars. Even the greatest novelists have their works checked. In fact, the more professional the writer is, the more thorough check they want for their creations. Seeking help from our essay service only shows that you care for your project and defend the value you believe it has. It’s our job to take care of your paper to the best of our ability and sometimes give you important additional tips. The purpose of your text is to convey a certain message, and we ensure this message isn’t lost to the reader behind the smokescreen of tiny mistakes.

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