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It is difficult to underestimate the role of books in our life as they teach, inspire, motivate us, as well as allow to learn more about the surrounding world. A good book is the greatest gift to a person that helps them dive into the interesting world created by the human imagination. By reading and thinking over some books, we can reconsider our values and gain new interests by connecting ourselves with the past and future. Active readers are always good communicators, who can explain their messages clearly and logically. Given the importance of the reading activity, a “my favorite book essay” is one of the common assignments given to students in high school and colleges. Although it may seem pretty simple, we assure you that the successful handling of this task requires having advanced knowledge, a high level of creativity, as well as good writing skills. If you are lacking sufficient writing experience, you should study our guide as it includes the information that will help you succeed with writing your “my favorite book essay example.”

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The first and the most important thing you should do to write such an essay is to choose an appropriate book. Ideally, you need to select a book that is interesting to you, engaging, and captivating. The choice of a book will influence the entire writing process, thus you need to be maximally attentive when choosing a manuscript for your essay.

Structure Your Essay Properly

Once the topic is chosen, you may start working on your essay. Keep in mind that even if your essay contains interesting ideas, you will not receive a good grade for it if it is poorly structured.


The introductory paragraph sets the tone of your paper, thus it should be maximally engaging and attention-grabbing. By your introduction, you will need to keep all the things clear informing your reader about the full title of the book, as well as its author. If there is some interesting story about creating your book, you may tell it in the opening paragraph to “hook” the attention of your reader. A thesis statement is a particularly important part of your introduction as it enables you to make a central claim that will become a basis for your work.

Main body

In the main body part that always follows the introduction, you will need to discuss the manuscript from different perspectives telling what turns it into your favorite book. To cope with this task successfully, you will need to focus on the plot, characters, as well as literary devices used by the author to reach the necessary effect. In case you want to back up your words with some quotes taken from the book, you are free to do it. However, you need to cite them following the formatting style requested. All the body paragraphs should consist of a mission statement, supporting evidence, and concluding sentences.


The concluding part of your essay will make the strongest impression on your target audience, thus you need to make it interesting and thought-provoking. At the same time, you should not add more details to the final part of your essay as its primary goal is just to restate all the asserts and premises addressed in an essay. It would be great if you manage to encourage your intended audience to read your favorite book by your essay.

We assure you that by following the traditional structure of essay writing provided above, you will be able to create a winning piece that will please your audience. However, if you are not sure whether you can produce a superb my favorite book essay example, you should just let our writing company become your assistant and we will make your academic success closer!

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“The Picture of Dorian Gray” is the only book that I will never get tired to reread. The author of this novel is Oscar Wilde. The book tells about an extremely handsome man whose appearance has nothing to do with his true nature. His friend draws his portrait that starts reflecting the ugliness of Dorian’s soul. Dorian keeps the portrait away from anybody else’s eyes. With every bad deed, the picture gets worse and more frightening. At the end of the novel, it appears that Dorian is so connected with the picture that its ruining causes his death.

This book is my favorite because of several reasons. Firstly, it has a very deep meaning and makes the reader think about such concepts as friendship, love, relationships, success, fate, the real beauty, life and death, and pain. To tell the truth, I know few books that address so many issues, and I only mentioned the main ones. Secondly, I love the author’s style. The novel is full of various stylistic devices that make an even deeper impression on the reader.

It stands out that the book is full of surprises. For example, when the reader gets acquainted with the handsome protagonist, it is impossible to expect that he is so evil inside. Another example is that throughout the novel, the reader waits for Dorian to change and become better, but it never happens. Finally, while reading, the reader cannot imagine that the protagonist will die at the end of the book, and the death will be connected with the picture.

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