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When coming across editing vs proofreading peculiarities, many students do not actually differentiate these post-writing stages. Some of them claim that these two terms stand for the same activity, but actually they don’t. Both editing and proofreading are inseparable parts of the revision process but they comprise of different methods and refer to different writing aspects.


Editing vs Proofreading: How to Make a Difference

Essay Editing Service

What is editing? You start the editing process upon the first draft completion. As such, editing entails rereading what you have written to check on proper paragraph organization, logical development of the paper, coherence, transitions, ample evidence, examples, etc. Editing refers to adjustments in the content and wording (vocabulary and sentence structures). When editing the paper, you need to pay attention to the repetitive mistakes that you may come across. You will trace the pattern of errors, which will help you eliminate them in the future. Besides, keeping track of repetitive mistakes is helpful in such long papers as dissertations or term papers. Once you have spotted a particular mistake somewhere at the beginning of the paper, you will be able to correct it further in your composition.

Proofreading process is the last stage of academic college writing as it focuses on more minor issues, such as punctuation, spelling, grammar, typos, etc. Proofreading is the final stage of the essay revision process, focusing on surface errors such as misspellings and mistakes in grammar and punctuation. In college writing, proofreading is done only when proper editing was finished.

College Essay Editing Service: The Purpose and Result

Before essays editing, it is crucial to distance yourself from the text for some time. Such approach will help you “rest” from your writing stage and smoothly switch over to the editing vs proofreading stages. It is hard to be enrolled in content editing and grammar check right after you have finished writing the last word of the paper. The text still looks familiar to you and you will hardly spot mistakes or content inconsistencies (although we bet there will be some). Even students proficient in academic writing tend to make mistakes either because of inattentiveness or the lack of sufficient knowledge. Therefore, to ensure thorough check of your paper, make sure to put it aside for at least a few hours, but preferable for a few days. Even if you take a short break, make sure you unwind a bit: take a nap, go outside, take a short trip somewhere or do anything else that can clear your mind. 

You have just put a full stop at the end of your paper and are on the verge of submitting it? Really? Stop yourself right now! Your essay requires assistance from editing services. Even though you have long dreamt of finishing the paper and forgetting about it, you still need to take a deep breath and check writing, which is the final stage of writing. If you want to achieve academic success and impress your professor, you definitely need to correct spelling and grammar mistakes as well as any inconsistencies and logical fallacies in content.

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Why It Is Always a Good Idea to Get Professional Help in Essay Checking

Even though you might be convinced that you have excellent academic writing skills and you totally don’t need any assistance in essay editing, it’s not a good idea to revise the paper on your own. First and foremost, you cannot be objective when checking your paper. As such, it is a great idea to address an essay checker service. Sometimes writers help to edit papers if you order custom academic writing from online services. is the best place for academic writing help if you are searching “who can improve my essay.” Our company employs only the most qualified writers and editors who work hard and diligently on providing terrific papers on any topic.

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Essay Edit Service Ensures You Get a Quality Paper

When you get professional help from a text editor hired by our essay edit service, you will enjoy the following advantages:

  • Your essay will be concise and logical in content;
  • It will definitely impress your professor;
  • Our paper editing service will ensure your essay is well-balanced;
  • The paper checker professionals will ensure that the ideas provided are relevant to the essay;
  • Our essay correction company will proofread the paper for spelling, syntax, and grammar mistakes.
  • All in all, the process of editing an essay will turn your ordinary paper into an exclusive type of writing.

Academic Editing Services Can Help You Eliminate the Following Mistakes

  • Improve introductory and conclusive paragraphs that are confusing or hard to comprehend;
  • Eradicate contractions, phrasal verbs, idioms, and other examples of colloquial language;
  • Make corrections in tenses inconsistency and sentence structures;
  • Provide quality college essay edit in terms of punctuation and spelling;
  • Make modifications when there is a need to change a plot summary into a plot analysis.

Why You Should Choose

If you are searching “who can edit my paper at an affordable price?” you should definitely prefer to multiple other online editing companies. Our company provides editing and proofreading of all types of essays. Our editor work not only on making your essay have proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation but also stand out among the other papers that your professor will read. Spotting mistakes on your own may be close to impossible but with the help of our service, your writing will definitely become exclusive and elegant.

The main reason why you should choose is that we not only make your paper brilliant in organization and grammar but we also check whether the paper is logical. In particular, our editors always double-check whether the content of the paper corresponds to the thesis provided at the end of the introduction. Besides, we make sure your paper has ample evidence and argumentation to properly reflect on the topic. Our qualified team of professionals has years of experience, and thus they make sure that essays are composed according to the required standards and requirements. Besides, our editors make papers appealing in structure and creative.  While some students think that seeking outside help is irresponsible, it actually demonstrates that you seek for perfectionism and that you are not indifferent to quality. It is naturally OK that you don’t want to submit your paper that is poor in quality and full of mistakes. represents the future of quality writing, as we provide a multifaceted approach to proofreading and editing. Choose and get the paper written from scratch and edited by our experienced editorial staff. When ordering papers from us, you will get full confidentiality and support from customer service.

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