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What is a synopsis? Are you looking to buy synopsis writing help? If you are hoping to publish a book, essay or even get a film script turned into a movie, it all starts with writing an insightful synopsis. This document provides a detailed summary or overview of your work, including all of the key elements such as the story conflict, how it gets resolved, and the role that the main characters play. Publishers want to know what they are getting into before they buy your script, which is why you need to provide them with all of the essential plot details.


Tips for Writing a Good Synopsis

  1. Publishing agents are not going to have the time or interest to read your complete manuscript, which is why you need to provide a brief summary of your story in the form of a synopsis. Keep in mind that it needs to contain all of the spoilers, including the ending of the story. 
  2. Your synopsis should only highlight the main characters; leave out any of the minor roles. Do not include any dialogue, just a summary of ideas. In addition, keep in mind that your characters are not set in stone; you could always be asked to make alterations. 
  3. You should provide a narrative arc that highlights character development and describes what motivations them to make decisions that influence the plot. Also make sure to create conflicts and resolutions that are plausible. 
  4. The synopsis should be written in the third person using an active voice.
  5. Keep the story original. Nobody will be interested in a plot that has been rehashed again and again.
  6. Note that publishing houses and agents have their own word limit guidelines. Make sure to adhere to them otherwise, your synopsis could be rejected outright. 
  7. Describe how the plot advances in the order they take place in the movie (typically in chronological order.)
  8. Reveal how the story gets resolved. The agent or publisher is not interested in being surprised by the ending after the book or film has come out. Knowing how the story ends – especially in terms of how realistic it is – is a big part of their decision-making process. 
  9. Proofread your work and properly format it. A disorganized synopsis with sloppy writing is a guaranteed rejection. 

Things to Avoid

  • Do not make it too long. While you want to provide as much detail as possible, you should keep it within 2 or 3 pages single-spaced. However, when writing a book you might be asked to separate it by chapter. 
  • Do not leave the publishing house or agent confused. Avoid discussing all of the intricate twists and turns. Just stick to the general basics and work on the rest once your script has been approved. 
  • Do not discuss every single character or event.
  • Do not include the minor subplots
  • Do not overdo it on the explanations of descriptions.
  • Do not turn it in as is! Go back and proofread and edit your work.

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