Variety of Types of Annotated Bibliography

There are many different types of annotated bibliography, and if students did not get acquainted with them, they may experience difficulties in writing papers. If you are to complete such an assignment, you need more information. The article below will help you understand what types of annotations exist and how to complete the project fast following all the specific requirements. Below, you will find the answers to the questions of what a bibliography is, how it is different from a literature review, what the purpose of the task is, and why writing such projects is important.


Literature Review vs Annotated Bibliography

Many students confuse literature review and annotated bibliography while these notions are absolutely different despite the fact that both papers summarize the information from other sources. An annotated bibliography is a list of sources with a summary of the content and major ideas. A literature review is a critical assessment of the sources presented in the form of an essay.

Both types of tasks seek to inform the reader about the major findings of the sources related to the particular topic. Yet, the format of the message is different.

Differences between a literature review and an annotated bibliography:
  • A literature review is arranged in a form of an essay while an annotation is developed in a form of separate paragraphs/sections, where each section is devoted to a particular source.
  • Bibliography arranges sources in alphabetical order, while review uses sources depending on their relation to the specific subtopic and each paragraph may contain several sources.
  • The main purpose of a bibliography is to show how a source is related to the particular topic, while a review presupposes finding differences and similarities in the sources under the same subject.
  • The goal of a bibliography is to allow a reader to choose from the presented options, while the literature review allows one to get a deeper understanding of the already selected sources.

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Primary Sources in an Annotated Bibliography

Working on students’ assignments, our annotated bibliography writing service chooses different types of sources. Primary sources are the most common choices because they are first-hand authoritative reflections of the major aspects and events on a particular theme. Primary sources are usually developed in the time when the issue takes place which makes them valuable from the position of time and actuality.

When writing an annotated bibliography primary source focused, mention the type of the source and the audience the author was intended to address.

Different Types of Annotated Bibliography Papers

Our employees who provide annotated bibliography writing services have a clear understanding of the differences between the types of annotated bibliographies. If you want to learn those, you need to read the information below. A clear vision of the differences will allow you to deliver a top paper if you decide to write it yourself.

Summary AnnotationsSummary Annotations

Academic world distinguishes between two types of summary annotations, informative and indicative.

Indicative annotations

Indicative annotations do not give a full summary of the source but provide a detailed explanation of what questions or issues the project addresses. Thus, you should not write a summary of the argument the author provides but shed light on the problems raised.

Informative annotations

Informative annotations are the most frequently used annotations. These annotations require a summary of the major points declared in the source with a further discussion of the author’s credentials and the quality of the source. Thus, the major purpose of this type is to inform the reader about the main idea of the source.

Critical Annotated Bibliography or Evaluative Annotated BibliographyCritical Annotated Bibliography or Evaluative Annotated Bibliography

Critical annotations do not only provide the summary of the data but also contain information on how the source may fit your topic. Thus, when crafting this kind of paper, you should do the following:

  • Tie the source to the theme you discuss.
  • Assess the source from the position of its relevance, biases, evidence, etc.
  • Justify the usefulness of the source in the discussion of your project.


Even though there are many different types of annotations, most of them are combined when you have to present quality and substantial writing. Thus, you definitely have to inform the reader about the source content and further discuss how it is related to your topic. Mention the source type in the annotated bibliography introduction paragraph. Thus, you will combine informative and evaluative annotated bibliographies. Do not stick to one type only if you want to deliver a top-quality paper.

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How to Write an Annotated Bibliography

When you get down to writing an assignment, you may be stuck because the first question you may have is whether the project differs because of the required citation style. Buy annotated bibliography projects from us and do not worry about anything. We work with all formatting types; thus, you do not have to worry about the outcome.

APA, MLA, and Turabian citations styles are the most frequently ordered. Yet, it does not mean we cannot cope with another formatting. Just mention what you need, and we will deliver the required information. Even though the content of MLA and APA annotated bibliographies does not differ, the formatting is very important. We do not want you to lose the points; that is why we always deliver only perfectly completed formatting.

Annotated bibliography in APA

APA citation style requires double spacing and left alignment for both the entry and the annotation. The entry should have a hanging indent, which will differentiate it from the source.

Annotated bibliography in MLA

MLA citation style also requires double-spacing and left alignment for both the entry and the annotation. The entry will have a hanging indent to be visually separated from the source.

Chicago citation style

Chicago style annotated bibliography requires single spacing for both a source and a reference entry and a hanging indent for the entry.

Turabian citation style

Turabian annotated bibliography as a variation of Chicago style has different requirements: double spacing and a hanging indent for the reference entry.

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Why Seek Help with Writing an Annotated Bibliography

Some students are sure that writing an annotation is easy as such short paragraphs usually do not exceed 150-200 words, and some of them are up to 100 words (much depends on the requirements). However, when you start working on your project you may see that it is not easy to summarize the source in such a small word count. Moreover, you need to find the connection between the source and the topic, and even if you see it, you may not be able to explain it in such a short paper. Thus, our online custom writing service is always ready to help.

When you write annotated bibliographies, you may be unaware of some specifics of data presentation. Moreover, you may not have time to complete your paper because a bibliography presupposes that you read all those sources. When you order such projects with us, you may deliver your annotated bibliography topics and allow us to find the sources or provide us with the list of sources, and we will read them and write annotations. There are many different ways of how we may cooperate. You choose the major points you want us to complete and we will do it. Using our services will help you get the highest grades.

If you think that your topic is too complicated, and you cannot find relevant literature, let us know about the issue you need to cover, and we will find the required sources and write annotations to them within your deadline. Do not worry; we always fulfill our obligations.

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Advantages of Our Custom Writing Service

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