Excellent Poem Writing Tips: Best Advice for the Beginners in Poetry

The very notion of composing a poem seems to be both scary and fascinating. From the first sight, it sounds like a challenge that cannot be overcome and the people who can write at least some poems seem to be outstanding. Nevertheless, if you try to follow our easy poem writing tips, you will see that it is doable to become a poet. You definitely have a lot of brilliant ideas and you have experienced a lot so you have the emotions and feelings to share. The only thing that is left is to get a kit of writing tools from us and get down to composing your first poem!


What Is a Poem?

You are ready to work on the first verse in your life. The first question you should ask yourself before you start is, “Do I know what a poem actually is?” According to the generally accepted definition of a poem, it is a number of words arranged to express a certain idea or share certain emotions in a manner different from that of prose or ordinary speech.

Typically, the form of poems is not in paragraphs, but in verses. They are known for specific rhythms, but it is not obligatory for them to have rhyme. The sentences that make up a poem can be either complete or incomplete.

Poem Writing Guide to Follow

Set a Specific Purpose

Before you start writing the first line, you have to determine why you want to write a poem. What is your actual purpose? What would you like to tell your audience? As soon as you are certain about why you write a poem, you can specify its lengths and the language you will use for that. Is it just a college assignment or you are inspired to write a poem and present it to the girl you are in love with?

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Select a Subject

What is the subject of the poem? It is its focus or what it is actually about. You should be ready to concentrate on something you would like to share with your readers, so you have to choose a subject before you start writing.

Typical Subjects for the Poetry

  • Strong emotions, for example, hatred, love, fear
  • A place, either fictional or real
  • A person, either fictional or real
  • A moment
  • A feeling, for instance rejection
  • An animal
  • An object

Do the Brainstorming

Writing a poem requires collection of all the relevant ideas, so it is reasonable to try a brainstorming technique. Put down all the vocabulary that you associate with the chosen subject and then use them in your poem. You can write down not only what you believe is connected to the subject, but also what other people could associate with it. For instance, if the subject of the poem is some fruit, for example an apple, you may focus on the reasons this apple is placed where it is, the person who will probably eat it, the future of this fruit, or even its possible emotions.

Walking around, you should understand that each object is related to all physical senses: smell, touch, taste, sound, and vision. Watching the animals and people, try to wonder what they feel. You can make up the silliest stories and sound crazy in your ideas. Have fun and just produce as many ideas as you can.

Choose the Format

The tone and subject you have chosen will impact the format of your created poem. Do not worry about perfection in your style. Your task is to read the main principles of a certain style and then try to follow them. It is enough for the beginner.

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Classification of Types and Styles of Poems

Poems can be of various types. Some of them have neither meter nor rhyme, while others sound traditional. You can choose the type you feel most comfortable to start with. Having selected the format, have a look at the examples of a certain style. A beginner might prefer the following styles:

  • I Am: it is a poem, in which you tell about yourself. No other rules are applied.
  • Acrostic: You can read a word vertically, using the first letters in every line of the poem.
  • Haiku: There is a scheme of using a certain number of syllables in particular lines.
  • Narrative: It tells a story. Epics and ballads belong to this type.
  • Rhyming couplets: Two lines have their last words rhyming.
  • Free verse: You are free to write whatever you believe is right. No rules are applied at all.

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Start with a Line

You have got to know how to write poem assignments, or at least how to start. You have set the subject, purpose, and format of your poem. You have collected some ideas for it. Now it is high time to start. One line will mark the beginning of the creative process. It can be a poem title, the final line or the line from somewhere in the middle. Try to evaluate it and go on.

Do the Editing

You have composed your first draft. It is nice when you have a couple of days before submission. Them you can just forget about your poem for a day and then have a look at it from a new perspective. It probably requires certain improvements. It is great if you have a person you can trust in terms of writing. You can ask him or her to have a look at what you have written and give some suggestions.

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Top Notch Poem Writing Tips for You

  • Write when you feel inspired. Only with a spark, you can produce something remarkable. Use your reminiscences, memories, songs, or atmosphere to get inspired. You can use a very short moment to write about. It is a poem – so, be creative.
  • Start with saying It. Present some moment or bright memory in four or five lines.
  • Be careful with word choice. You will have the right to say that you know how to write a good poem is you can use the right words for the right emotions. It is absolutely fine to use a thesaurus or a dictionary of rhymes. Still, note that even the most sophisticated words cannot save a poem if it is shallow. Focus on the meaning first and then the words and phrases.
  • Read aloud. Having finalized the poem, you can read it aloud or recite it several times. When you understand that you are satisfied with what you hear, you can ask someone else to listen to it.
  • Mind the style. Enhance the message you would like to send with the help of different poetic devices. It would be right to use some extended metaphors, but some brief figures of speech would also be impressive.
  • Leave some space for yourself. Writing a poem and editing it should take place in different days. A fresh start always contributes a lot to the beauty and precision of the message. Be critical.
  • Share with others. Read your poem to your friends and relatives. Share it on such platforms as Power Poetry and then be open to the suggestions other people might give you. In some cases, the help from a writing mentor can also be welcome.
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It may happen that even getting to know all the poem writing tips, you will feel that the option of writing is not suitable for you. You would like to improve your writing skills and even to become a poet. However, you need some professional guidance before you can be independent in your work. Poetry attracts you, but there are so many things to do that you are embarrassed and puzzled how to cope with everything.

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