How to Write a Conclusion for Dissertation: Experts Readily Answer

Writing a dissertation is a sophisticated task itself. You have to investigate the necessary topic deeply, presenting it from versatile perspectives. Nevertheless, when it comes to the concluding chapter, many students get puzzled. The immense material you compiled and analyzed in larger sections has to be summarized succinctly along with the ensuing presentation of innovative ideas on the subject. It is easy to discern whether you failed or not to comprehend how to write a conclusion for dissertation. The secret lies in the perception of your conclusion by the target audience. If your readers or listeners are not interested enough in your arguments or misunderstand the concepts you used, it often means that despite the relevance of your doctorate project, the core failure is embodied in an ambiguous conclusion. 

Owing to our eventual recommendations, we would like to enlighten you on the integral elements of successful thesis conclusion before you present it to the audience, which can potentially notice all your mistakes.


How to Create a Dissertation Conclusion Smoothly?

Knowing how to write a conclusion for dissertation is being able to unite, entwine, analyze, and compare even contrasting aspects of your paper – they all lead to the achievement of your contextual purpose, anyway. If your area is understudied or it still has apparent obstacles, it is significant to recommend further advancements in the sphere. Upon encountering specific limitations of the research process, you can comment about those impediments in separate paragraphs. Yet, it is a grave mistake to concentrate on failures of your study, as the reason behind the whole investigation is achieving certain progress in the field. 

Pay attention to the referencing part. It may be the most tedious section, but forgetting about bibliography is impermissible. Logically, a dissertation is rarely an oeuvre of pure creativity, so works cited form the pillars your ideas dwell on. Therefore, scrupulously check whether you referenced every scholarly author and the work that helped you move further in your investigation. 

When crafting your conclusion, do not neglect viewing the points highlighted in the introduction. A successful concluding chapter creates a meaningful mirror effect: questions posed in the introductory part have to be answered. That is where intentions and achievements amalgamate. 

Typical Structure of Dissertation Conclusion

Is a thesis conclusion lengthy? If to compare it with ordinary research papers, it is much more extensive, of course. However, it should not take more than 7 pages. Before constructing the proper conclusion, you have to scrutinize all the quintessential points of your thesis. After outlining the focal ideas, proceed with their logical evaluation in the concluding chapter:

  • The key aspects, particularly groundbreaking ideas and the most interesting results, should be reiterated from a fresh perspective.
  • Afterwards, all new-fangled findings should be coherently presented and amalgamated with central notions.
  • Make sure your discoveries appeal to the wider audience, even if you scrutinize a peculiar sphere that is atypical for the broad scientific community.
  • Present recommendations for prospective investigations.
  • In the closing stages, come up with informative and convincing statements that leave food for thought.

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Dissertation Conclusion Tips 

Writing a conclusion after an extensive research is exhausting. Logically, after working with tons of material, scrutinizing diverse information and brainstorming for the sake of inventive ideas, it may be extremely difficult to ponder on conclusions. If you are wrestling with this final assignment on your own, the best thing we can do is to provide you with brief but helpful tips:

  1. Length is not the priority. Sometimes, students think that professors would appreciate their efforts if they write more pages than initially expected. However, according to the rules of dissertation conclusion format, adding supplementary details makes this part pointlessly long-winded. Keeping the requirement for succinctness in mind, you should also realize that 6 or 7 pages do not reflect the usual briefness for the ending. Yet, clarity and only fundamental ideas are imperative for this chapter. 
  2. Do not answer the initial questions vaguely and make sure to answer them all. If you pose significant questions in your introduction, you have to provide responses in conclusion. No less quintessential element is proving or disproving your hypothesis.
  3. Stick to the structure that reflects your academic level and institutional demands. The main task is to summarize the research along with final revelations about its significance. Any decent conclusion comprises of reasonable recommendations for further investigations.  

Only in rare cases, when you produce dissertation in arts, creative writing, or cinema (presenting your own painting, a book, or an amateur movie), you can rely mostly on your vision. More typical theses require thorough analyses of works of other reputable authors. Hence, you should not include your vivid opinion or remarks into every paragraph. Present individual ideas subtly, without breaking the whole essence of your major oeuvre.  

Although good grammar, rich vocabulary, and coherent punctuation seem to be evident rules to follow – you are not protected against accidental mistakes unless you proofread not only your conclusion, but the whole dissertation. Eloquence and literacy are primary sings of professional attitude. 

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Details to Avoid in Dissertation Conclusion 

New information that appears out of nowhere. New ideas cannot be developed in a conclusion all of a sudden. Only if you missed something essential, better add information to your main body, and then reiterate it in the closing part. 

Do not express regret regarding arguable statements. You may develop a specific stance regarding the subject you investigated, and, logically, not everyone would agree with you. Even if you make a controversial claim, do not apologize for it in front of the committee. Be confident in what you are stating, instead. 

Open or rhetorical questions are inadvisable. Certain research papers may end with rhetorical questions. However, a dissertation is a vast investigation where questions have to be fully answered. Your audience has to pay attention to your evidence, not to your doubts.  

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