Features of Discussion Board Post Writing

The core function of discussion board post writing is that it plays the role of a coherent and comprehensive text that aims to sum up the main principles and concepts learned or acquired throughout a specific course. When you are assigned to write a discussion post by your college or university professor, keep in mind that you will be expected to demonstrate your knowledge and skills in a specific topic or a research field. When you work on a discussion board post writing, please consider that you will be expected both to create your own discussion post thread (i.e. to initiate a discussion) as well as actively participate in the discussion board posts of your classmates (i.e. write comments and share your ideas and opinions regarding the topic). Since discussion posts are assigned to students as a part of their academic assignments, be sure that this task is decisive for the overall grade. As such, you need to take a serious approach towards this task: find some additional readings, expand your knowledge, consult with your professor, and so on. 

Participation in a discussion board post assignment enables students to provide their reply, feedback or comment to their classmates’ discussions found online. If the discussion board posts are a part of the course, they should be definitely documented.


How to Write a Discussion Board Post in a Successful and Effective Way?

A successful discussion board post involves more than just providing responses to the other students. As a matter of fact, it should comprise of strong evidence and supporting examples to a specific argument or statement as well as provide some original and novel perspective on the problems and topics outlined throughout the course. As such, to provide a successful board post, be sure to apply your critical and analytical thinking skills. Even when you are working on a small discussion post, be sure that it will provide you with the following benefits:

  • You will be able to create a community of students sharing mutual interests by engaging them in discussions and encouraging to participate in some other extracurricular activities.
  • You will lay the foundation for a thorough analysis of the most burning issues concerning specific topics.
  • You will be involved in interesting and productive discussions.
  • You will create space for discussions and expression of thoughts and opinions.
  • You will assist students in their process of improving their writing fluency as well as critical and analytical thinking skills.

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Importance of Discussion Board Writing

With each discussion post, you can boost your academic performance since you can earn grades with each newly posted discussion. An easy thing about discussion board post writing is that it is rather brief — as a rule, it should not exceed 250 words, so it is easier to work on a discussion board post rather than write a research paper, for example. 

Professors tend to assign discussion post assignments to their students as they reckon these tasks can help students improve analytical and critical thinking skills. When writing a discussion post, you have more freedom and space for self-expression than in any other type of academic writing. You can reflect on different topics and issues. Moreover, you can take your time to think and express yourself in a way that is most convenient to you. Unlike many academic assignments, discussion board post writing does not have a specific widely accepted structure. Another benefit of discussion board post writing is that you expand your outlook and deepen your knowledge in specific topic or subject area as you get much information from your classmates’ responses. 

Another reason why professors like assigning discussion posts is because they help students recall the material learned throughout the course. Therefore, apart from merely recalling some theoretical aspects of specific topics, students will also get a chance to apply their critical thinking skills and develop an in-depth discussion on a specific topic. 

If you want to provide a successful discussion post online, check out the following tips If you want to provide a successful discussion post online, check out the following tips (mobile)

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