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Articles are written texts often published in electronic or print format. They may be written to deliver news, to publish research findings, for scholarly analysis, or for debate purposes. Articles are usually found in newspapers and magazines and are used to provide large-scale audiences with information on some specific subject matter or topic. The primary purpose of writing an article is to introduce some world-changing views, facts, or statistics. It is hoped the article writing tips provided here will help you in the event you need to write articles.

There are, of course, a great many reasons for writing articles on a range of topics such as articles on people, places, society, technology developments, and emerging issues. These written pieces can influence some audience members while others can fail in their objective because the article is poorly written. Therefore, it is essential to adhere to the proper format for article writing to effectively get your facts, viewpoints or statistics across to a world-wide audience. The following tips are provided free by our reputable article writing service. Feel free to use them.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Articles

Consider a topic for your article. Once you have this you may proceed with the following steps in the order presented below:

  • Identy your intended audience: Who will read your article(s)?
  • Identify the purpose of your article: What is your aim or objective in writing this article?
  • Collect as much information as you can and decide what information you will use. You should additionally identify the most important information.
  • Finally, organize your facts and information in the manner you feel is most logical.

When you have followed the article writing tips above, you can move to the last step, which is the actual writing.

  • Use correct spelling, punctuation and grammar in your writing.
  • Put your best vocabulary skills to use.
  • Make the introduction to the topic short, interesting and catchy.
  • Discuss the subject matter and your opinion in a descriptive and organized fashion.
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The Format for Writing an Article 

To end up with a perfectly written article, the writer needs to have detailed knowledge of the topic. Their aim should be to provide comprehensive information on the brand, product, service, or whatever the subject is. It is likely you will have to conduct a certain amount of research and to create a plan before you begin writing your article. If your article is to stand out and attract the maximum amount of reader traffic, it is necessary you understand the basic format for this type of writing. We recommend the following article writing format:

  1. Title or heading: This needs to be short and catchy and related to the search term(s) the intended readers may use. The heading length should not exceed five to six words. Use creative thinking and try to impress your audience with your one-line heading to make them want to continue reading.
  2. The by line is the article writer’s name and usually provided in the question. Only provide personal information if this is requested.
  3. The main body is the primary section of an article and this attracts the most marks (where grading applies). This part usually comprises of a minimum of three to four paragraphs.
  4. The conclusion paragraph is the last section. This should include the writer’s appeal, anticipation, recommendation, viewpoint, etc. so that readers are left feeling happy with what they have read.

Additional Points to Remember About Article Format

  • The article topic needs to be relevant and unique.
  • It is important your article attract attention.
  • Articles need to make interesting reading.
  • Articles should be easy to understand/read.
  • The primary purpose of the article should be identified. The purpose may include providing advice, information, comparison, and so on or it may be to entertain.
  • The opening or introductory paragraph needs to be very attentive. Put your best vocabulary skills to use or try using interrogative words in this starting section.
  • Make sure your statements are clear and make use of claims or assertions.
  • Do not use repetition and make sure your reasons and logic are not over the top.
  • Use paragraph format and make sure your content is written in a unique and unambiguous way.
  • Remember not to use facts or points that are only of interest to you and not to the public at large.
  • The conclusion or ending should be solid and entirely logical.
  • The article title should be clear, interesting and eye-catching.
  • The audience needs to be known/identified.

Frequent Mistakes Found in Article Writing 

Even when you understand the rules or steps involved in writing an article, it is not unusual for mistakes to occur. Common errors include: 

  • Omitting quotes or facts or other similar aspects.
  • Using overly-formal language.
  • The language in an article should be reasonably simpe to make the content easy to understand.
  • The article title needs to be quite catchy and easy to understand.
  • Not using paragraphs.
  • It is acceptable to express a personal viewpoint but the article writer should not talk about her or himself.

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