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What Is a Critique?

An article critique can be a challenging task if you have never written one before. It involves reading a piece of literary or scholarly writing and analyzing it in an objective manner. After developing a thesis in which you argue in agreement or disagreement with the author’s paper, you will support your position using credible evidence. Looking at a good article critique example or two can help you better understand the purpose of this assignment. 

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Critique vs Summary

When you are in high school, you will often be asked to read an article and summarize the contents in order to demonstrate a general understanding about its contents. However, once you enter college, you will need to take it a step further. This is what an article critique achieves.

It is not enough to merely sum up the main points; you must use your critical thinking skills in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the article.

Give yourself plenty of time to complete this assignment. Start by reading the article a couple of times, identify the main points, analyze them, and use evidence to support your thesis statement.

Writing an Article Critique: Support Your Argument

  • Examine the author’s ideas and discuss whether you agree or not

As you read the article, focus on the author’s arguments and whether you find them plausible or not. The most effective way is to compare their findings to that of other articles on the same topic. If the author is making hypothetical arguments, determine whether they can actually be applied in the real world.

  • Look for biases in the article

Any good article should be objective. With that in mind, consider whether the author would have an incentive to argue a certain way. Perhaps they wish to propagate a certain political agenda. It could also be the case that their research was funded by an organization that has a clear conflict-of-interest. Does the author cherry-pick when they cite statistical evidence? Are they overlooking obvious counter arguments or using evidence that seems misleading or even unrelated to the topic? If the article was clearly written in bad faith, calling the author out on this can be a very effective strategy as you write your critique. 

  • Consider the stylistic techniques employed by the author

While the content of the article is the most important element of an article when writing a critique, you should also focus on how the author is expressing their points. Are they engaging in hyperbole? Is the paper written in a straightforward manner or is it dripping in sarcasm? The tone of their writing goes a long way in determining its credibility. 

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Formatting Your Article Critique

  • Start with an introduction that provides background and states your thesis

As with most written assignments, you should start your paper with an introductory paragraph. You do not need to provide much context since you will assume that the reader will have also read the article being critiqued. Instead, you should go straight into the discussion, providing some details about the author and the paper – including the title and date of publication – and the elements of their paper that you intend to critique. 

  • Use the body paragraphs of your article critique to provide evidence in support of your stance.

In a typical assignment, you will use three body paragraphs, but you should consult your professor to find out their preferences. Each paragraph will cover a point that is tied back to the thesis and includes evidence to support your ideas. You should start each paragraph with a clearly written topic sentence so that the reader understands where you are going with this. In addition, using transition statements between paragraphs ensures a logical flow.

  • Finish with a strong conclusion that summarizes your arguments and discusses the broader implications

Finish your paper by restating your thesis and summarizing your arguments. Then provide a brief reflection on how your critique makes an important contribution to the topic broadly speaking. This will give the reader a better idea about why your article was relevant and useful.

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