Valuable Ideas that Reveal How to Write a Response Essay

Every written piece reveals a reaction or a response related to a subject matter or event. Basically, professors tend to create specific assignments that reflect students’ responsiveness to see whether your opinions are independent enough and coherently expressed. If you know how to write a response essay, then you usually express your thoughts vividly, creatively, and distinctly. If your writing of such compositions still needs to be improved, it is better to address a trustworthy professional assistance, and this allusion concerns  

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Your teachers are interested in your reactions to particular scholarly publications, fictional works, conceptual exhibitions, theatre plays, and even social riots that reflect a current burning issue. You have to delve into your topic along with its intentions and goals. Such a task entails presenting not only the main features of the issue or a creation under scrutiny, but its outcomes, influences, and final objectives. If you have to provide a response to a literary piece, think about its historical context (perhaps, it occurs during an epoch of crucial global changes), or if you have to generate reaction to a controversial event that happened somewhere in the world or in your native town – think about the main triggers that led to it. Does the event influence conventional moral principles, can it cause unrest and misunderstanding? Why does the literary piece remain relevant nowadays, does it contain revolutionary historical facts? Such questions are only a few you can ask yourself, when producing a response to something significant.

What is the Purpose of a Response Composition?

The key aim of a reaction essay is to affect your target audience in such a way that they will undoubtedly ask stimulating questions. For creative minds, a great advantage of response essays is that you can make your opinion visible, not hiding it between the lines. However, when making own statements, try to make them rational, logically expressed, and evidence-based.

Fundamental Objectives of a Reaction Paper

Experienced professors do not set urgent deadlines for response essays, as the core of their creation lies in deep reflection on the subject. Your interpretation can also be profound as an instant reaction. However, even the most creative sudden thoughts should be written down and further edited to make them look sophisticated and pertinent. Let us highlight three main focuses in the process of your writing:

  • Do not conceal your feelings regarding any controversies;
  • Be brave to express disagreements with the original author or with the cause of the event; 
  • Find the most valuable aspects of the story or the most positive factors of the event. 
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Response Essay Writing Process: Steps to Follow 

Every new composition is logically different from the others, but the structure of many academic essays remains classical. Similarly to other papers, a reaction essay also has introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. The major difference consists in the work’s content – individually researched and presented. 


If you still have doubts on how to write a response essay, consider such tips:

  • Assess your initial reactions;
  • Delve into cognitive perception;
  • Discover pros and cons;
  • Generate an outline not to lose the essential points.

Your impressions are highly important in such type of composition. Your reactions form major ideas that you are going to elucidate. All the crucial questions emerge during the first impressions. If you decide to include atypical details, provide your reasoning behind it. Strong and weak points of the work or even in question should be reasonably elucidated. Although readers are interested in your attitude, it should not be too personalized and biased. All the counterarguments should not sound emotional. 

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Thesis that Sounds Like a Witty Statement 

Your thesis should reflect major personal perspective. Although it is embodied in only one sentence, it should be evocative and intellectually challenging. All your main arguments stem from a strong thesis statement. 

The upcoming project should embody a unique reaction to some independent written piece or situation. Despite the core focus on your individual opinion, particular constituents should be present in the essay as well as your outline. You have to explicitly demonstrate your position, chief arguments, and intentions.

Your responsive reflection can be embodied in:

  • Rejection or approval of the author’s ideas;
  • Alternative attitude to the event that occurred;
  • Adequate solutions to the problem presented;
  • Correlation of the issue with your experience;
  • Generation of influences (expressed in your ability to convince the audience).

The Dos and Don’ts of the Response Essay 

It is beneficial to ponder on the ideas you both agree and disagree with to create an equilibrium between diverse opinions. Besides, when you know how to write a response essay, you definitely make it convincing. All your evidence and examples must be up-to-date, your personal experience should not contradict with the topic, and your ideas should be comprehensible by the target audience. 


  • Immerse in figurative meanings (if you study a work of fiction) or analyze the leading themes;
  • Delve into the personality types of characters, draw parallels with real people; 
  • Briefly cite the most enticing excerpts;
  • Adorn the written work with your unique perception.


  • Do not retell the story or event; 
  • Never reveal your subjective preferences without reason;
  • Avoid ambiguous opinions and reflections;
  • Make your insights based on reasoning rather than superstition;
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How to Avoid Typical Mistakes 

Mindful procrastination often instigates creativity, but, at the same time, it only puts off the creative process. Yes, you are given more time to complete an insightful task, but it means you should be dedicated to profound reflection, jotting down, and producing several drafts instead of mind rambling. It is impossible to complete a profound analysis in a few hours. 

Although you are allowed to express your opinion that forms the core of the response essay, it is wrong to satiate the work with personal stories instead of profound analysis of the problem or a literary piece. Your investigation must be opinion-based, so retelling what you read, heard, or saw is one of the most common errors. At, you can find a response essay example crafted by professionals. Such samples will teach you to eradicate mistakes and follow the right writing path.  

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