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There is hardly any exam, questionnaire, or survey that does not contain any MCQs or multiple choice questions. What do you consider while collecting data for your research? First of all, you think about the types of questions to be asked. Secondly, you select the tools needed to get the required answers. 

Questionnaires are known as one of typical data collection tools. They are effective instruments for the research, which cover a series of questions oriented at gathering the available details from the respondents. A questionnaire can be equal to an interview conducted in writing. Any research may use various kinds of questionnaires according to the classification according to the kinds of asked questions. A type of multiple choice questions is one of them, and they are used to achieve certain goals of a conducted research. 


MCQ or Multiple Choice Question: What is it? 

A MCQ is a kind of question used in surveys and questionnaires with the available options of the answers offered to the respondents. Since they are supposed to choose only one answer out of the suggested options, these questions may be referred to as objective response questions. 

The typical spheres of use for these questions are elections, academic testing, market research, customer reviews, and so on. The structure of such questions, notwithstanding their forms or purpose, is the same. 

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Benefits of MCQs:

  • Fast in processing
  • Objective approach to the answers 
  • Since it is not a time-consuming type of questions, it is possible to add more questions to a survey. Open questions take a lot of time to ask and process the answers, while this type of questions is different.
  • The main thing in the answers is the content, not the form. Thus, respondents never waste time on structuring or formulating their thoughts. 

Disadvantages of MCQs:

  • Although processing the answers does not take much time, the process of developing questions is rather time-consuming. It is not easy to suggest smart options to the previously developed stem questions.
  • The researcher gets only quantitative data with no qualitative details. 
  • Respondents may feel restricted in their answers; thus, it is essential to have the option “other” to let the respondents express their ideas. 
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MCQs: What is the structure?

The teachers inspired by a chance to try e-learning opportunities or those willing to organize fair testing of their students, first of all will tell them about the specific features of the questions to be asked. It is important for the learners to gain holistic knowledge concerning the test, so the basic elements should be explained and properly interpreted. 

Preparing multiple choice quiz questions and answers, it is crucial to have all but one distracting answers, and it should not be perfectly clear which of the answers is evidently right. All of the options should look equally plausible and appealing. There should be no chance for the student to misinterpret the questions, so all the formulated answers and questions should be edited and proofread for all grammar mistakes and inconsistencies. 

Guidelines about Composing an Effective Multiple Choice Question

  • Opt for accurate wording and simple structuring of the sentences
  • Offer only plausible options for the answers
  • Make sure there are no double negatives
  • Make the length of all answers approximately the same
  • Ensure the consistency of the options
  • Test the students’ knowledge via mixing up the order of the provided responses
  • Test the knowledge instead of trying to trick the students, taking the tests

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