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If you are not sure how to write a book review, you will be glad to know that good options are available. When you buy book review homework customized to meet your needs, you save yourself a lot of time and trouble. What does writing a book review involve? This assignment provides a comprehensive description or critique of a book. A good book review can be written in around 1000 words, although it can be longer or shorter depending on your instructor’s requirements. Depending on the purpose of your assignment, you might be asked to do some background research on the author or even other books in order to better understand the story.


There Are Two General Types of Book Reviews

  • Descriptive review. This is an objective summary of the book, highlighting the main plot and different characters. It might also include information about the author and his/her motives or inspiration for writing the book. There is no real argument or opinion being made, but as you discuss the story you should include examples from the text, such as key passages and dialogues.
  • Critical review. For this review, you are creating a thesis or argument and then supporting your statements both through details in the story as well as research. For example, if you are critiquing a story of the Southern Gothic genre, you might discuss this genre more broadly and compare this author’s work to other books and stories that they have written. You should also determine the author’s motives and state whether or not they succeeded in fulfilling their objectives.

Parts of a Book Review

If you have been assigned to write a book review, you might assume it is a simple matter of stating whether you liked the book and would recommend it to the reader. But in reality, it’s far more involved than that. First, you need to provide a brief summary highlighting the main plot points and characters, but at the same time, you want to avoid giving away important spoilers since you’re assuming the audience hasn’t read the book yet. You need to be persuasive and provide good evidence as you discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the book.

Keep in mind that even if the book you are reviewing is fiction, you should still do some research. For instance, if the story is about the Revolutionary War, it is important to find some historical information about this topic and compare it to the approach taken by the author. On the other hand, if it is a nonfiction book, you can look through other nonfiction books covering the same topic and compare their effectiveness in telling the story. Finding out some information about the author’s life would also be useful, especially in terms of discussing how their personal experiences shaped the way they write stories. 

Finish the review by concluding whether or not you think others should read the book. However, you should not simply state that you disliked the book. It is important to provide supporting evidence based on the content of the book itself. Thus, if you feel that certain characters were portrayed in a stereotypical fashion, you can point to various passages to explain why you feel that way. 

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