Essay Topics about Books: Get Original Ideas for Writing

Among the web search queries entered by students, a topic about book inquiry is the most common. The reasons are simple: learners are often asked to write about the book they have recently read, providing their opinion. But what theme should be chosen for the paper? Which novel should one discuss to get a good grade? And what position should be taken in terms of the quality of the manuscript and the issues raised by the author? This is where the tips from professional writers come in handy. Therefore, in this article, prepared by our team of experts in custom writing, you will find ideas for your essay about the book and steps to compose a good work.

It is clear from the assignment that your paper should be persuasive. You will need to present your opinion about the text under discussion and provide sufficient evidence as to why the author’s work is worth reading. Mind that your work should demonstrate your ability to analyze information and think critically. The paper should also be free from mistakes and misprints. 

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If you are not sure how to write an essay about the book, check out the following tips and strategies:

  1. Come up with a specific and clear thesis statement. Make sure this statement is formulated in one coherent and logical sentence that communicates the message across and conveys the core argument. While you are working on your central statement, think of specific arguments and evidence you will use to support it and elaborate on it throughout the body paragraphs. As you are writing an essay on a book, be sure to find good examples from the very story so that you can provide clear illustrations.
  2. Organize your thoughts in a clear and logical way. If your thoughts are rather chaotic so far, be sure that you compose a mind map for all the ideas you have brainstormed. Make sure the ideas you communicate correspond to the chronological order of events presented in the book. Remember that the structure of your essay should have three main parts: an introductory section, body, and conclusion. 
  3. Start working on the introductory paragraph. Make sure you start your piece of writing with a hook – a statement that will grab your readers’ attention. As such, you may use a quote, a rhetoric question, some intriguing fact from the book, or even a joke. Make sure that you also provide background information about the book, delve into the historical or cultural background, and also mention some details from the author’s biography. 
  4. Develop your body paragraphs. On average, there should be from three to five body paragraphs depending on the paper length. Each paragraph should be devoted to a specific topic or aspect of writing, so make sure that you do not introduce more than one idea in one paragraph. Start each body paragraph with a topic sentence, where you clearly convey one of the ideas. Make sure the ideas you present in this section are specifically linked to the thesis statement. After you have formulated the topic sentence, make sure you provide evidence and proper support of your ideas. Remember to present specific examples from the text. If you use direct quotes, you should cite them correctly, according to the required formatting style. If you opt for indirect quotations, you need to paraphrase them properly (and again, cite the source). If relevant, provide a comparison and contrast of your chosen book with the other authors’ stories or books. Keep in mind that you should not merely focus on the discussion and summary of the text, but also critically analyze it using analytical thinking skills. This will allow you to highlight the main strengths and weaknesses of the literary work.
  5. Work on the conclusive section. Sum up all the ideas you have presented and wrap them up in one coherent and logical paragraph. Make sure you do not provide any new information or ideas. Just emphasize the significance of the book and the very topic you have focused on. Provide your opinion on whether you recommend this literary piece or not. 

To get the attention of the target audience, the writer should develop and present a strong and coherent argument as well as demonstrate in-depth knowledge of a specific subject. In addition, it is also equally important to be able to back up your arguments with strong and relevant examples and other evidence.

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Top Essay Topics about Books

As you start working on your persuasive essay in literature, you would definitely want to choose the most interesting and engaging theme among the provided essay topics about books. If you have been stuck with the ideas for writing, check out the following list composed by professional writers:

  1. Compare two books that you have recently read and persuade your audience why one book is better than the other (why and in what aspects). When choosing books, ensure they are of the same genre or written by the same author. 
  2. Select two authors and persuade your readers that one is better than the other.
  3. Read a crime book and convince your readers that the main hero is guilty/innocent.
  4. Are books about Harry Potter good to read? Why?
  5. Persuade your audience to read your favorite book.

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How to Persuade Others to Read a Certain Book?

If you wonder how one can persuade others to read a particular book, keep in mind that strong arguments and supporting reasons, as well as logic and critical appeal, are decisive in this case. You also need to be aware of some other techniques to know how to make your essay about books more convincing:

1. Storytelling. If you want to narrate some complex concepts that may be hard to understand, be sure you can convey them via storytelling.

2. Repetition. Emphasize on the same thing in different ways to make yourself sound strong and convincing.

3. Appeal to emotions and feelings. Making your readers excited, bored, angry, scared or happy can convince them to come to a specific conclusion.

4. Figurative language. Similes, comparisons, metaphors, epithets, and other figures of speech can help you make your piece of writing flowery and more appealing. It will also aid you in convincing others to accept your opinion. The audience will have a clear vision and understanding of how you perceive certain things.

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