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What is the Purpose of a Business Plan?

When you are required to submit a business plan, you need to present a concise and logical summary of how your business is going to grow and develop further. Besides, a business plan should present brief information on who you are, what your business intentions are, why the business idea is significant, and how you plan to realize the business goals. One of the main goals of the business plan is to demonstrate what talent you have and how you can attract investors. Remember that you can buy business plan from a custom writing service and rely on expert assistance if you cannot cope with the task on your own.


When do You Need a Business Plan?

A business plan is a brief document that can tell you whether you are actually ready to launch your own business. Very often people may have some idealistic or unrealistic vision of what having a business looks like. However, in reality, it may be far from truth. Thus, when you have a properly structured business plan, you can have a clear vision of all processes that are awaiting you. 

It would be a prudent decision to write a business plan in the following cases:

  • when you are looking for loans, funding or investment;
  • when you want to find a partner or a co-founder for your business;
  • when you have reached a dead end with the business development;
  • when you want to hire new talents to your business or attract new people.

What to Include in a Business Plan?

  • Executive summary

This is a part of a business plan that should appear first since it provides an overview what your business is about and what you expect of the venture. You should also include your expectations concerning what accomplishments you plan to achieve. Despite the fact that it is the initial section of the business plan, it should be actually written last. You will be only to provide a high-quality executive summary when you have all the other sections completed. Make the executive summary appealing to the target audience: reveal its vision and mission statement, describe services (or products) that you provide, and so on.

  • Description of the company

Provide the main information that your target audience needs to know about the company. Outline the company’s goals and specify how your company is going to stand out of the crowd of numerous other competitive companies, especially in the same field. Also indicate what benefits your products or services will have to the clientele base.

  • Analysis of the market

It is essential to analyze the market in order to identify who the target clients are. Besides, it is essential to be well-versed in all the features of the industry that a specific company is going to enter. So, when analyzing the market, present some figures, data, and statistics in order to clearly demonstrate how your business is going to fit in.

  • Analysis of competitors

A business plan can be considered to be good and effective when it does not merely focus on the opportunities but also when it analyzes threats that may come from indirect or direct competitors. Studying competitors means investigating their strengths and weaknesses and knowing all the benefits they bring. 

  • Investigation of management and organization

When composing a business plan, you need to outline in detail how the way of company’s organization will be set up. Specifically, you need to decide on the number of company’s managers and different company’s departments that you would like to have. When it comes to the description of the management, keep in mind that you need to focus on their skills as well as educational and professional background. Besides, it is important to specify what specific job responsibilities they will have. Remember to mention whether your business is going to operate as a proprietorship, partnership or with a different ownership organization. 

  • Breakdown of services

If you have not entailed sufficient facts about what you are going to produce in the overview section, be sure to add a section where you provide a description of products or services that your company provides. This section intends to make it clear for potential customers what your company sells. 

  • Marketing plan

This is a section where you actually pinpoint how you are going to sell your services or products. Marketing refers to the promotion of products and services as well as proper advertisement. Be sure to specify the budget you need to implement this marketing planning step. 

  • Sales strategy

Think of the ways how you can sell what you are offering. You need to come up with a detailed plan how you will sell your products or services and how you will reach the target audience. 

  • Funding request

Specify the amount of money needed for the implementation of your business idea. Besides, mention how you plan to use the money you get. This pricing should be transparent, so include what you will spend money on even if you get some extra cash.

  • Financial prospects

Focus on the financial aims and outcomes you plan to reach. To do it, you need to analyze the market and then come up with some predictions. So, in this section, carefully and thoroughly provide a report of the expected revenue for the first year of the company’s operation. Afterwards, focus on the next five years’ earnings that you expect to get from your business.

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