Social Media Essay: the Best Ideas for a Killer Paper

We are living in the world where almost everyone has a social media account, and, naturally, there is much to say in a social media essay. The internet has offered its users ample opportunity for communication and they were eager to grab it. Nowadays, social media sites have become the most favorite pastime activity for many people, and for some, this has even transformed into addiction. Apart from being a means of entertainment, social media are also an effective business tool, so many companies, no matter their field of activity, use different platforms for networking and accessing their customers.

To put it simply, students have a huge variety of topics to choose from if they want to write a social media essay. In this article, you will discover some practical tips for writing good essays and learn how to create separate parts of such papers. You will also find some good examples, which you can incorporate in your future paper. Our experts have compiled a list of the most useful tips to help you write a killer social media essay. 

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Types of Essays on Social Networking Sites

Now is the perfect time to write an essay about this type of media. The first thing to do is to choose a topic you like. Well, you have a topic of course – social media – but it is too broad and you have to narrow it down. Topic choice may play a decisive role in the success of your future essay, so be careful at this point. You can check out some topics suggested by media and communication sociology experts. 

There are many things to mull over when selecting a topic. For example, which essay type your work will belong to. Knowing the type of your essay will help you narrow down the choice. Moreover, the essay type determines the writing style. The most common essay types are:

  1. Argumentative essays. The defining feature of this essay type is the availability of a clearly defines argument. To some extent, this type of writing is similar to a debate because you will have to pick a side and find the best arguments you can to support your point of view. Of course, in academic writing, the arguments have to come from reliable sources, such as peer-reviewed and scholarly publications. Some ideas for easy argumentative essay topics would be: 
  • Are SM platforms harmful or helpful for us?
  • Social media and teenage users: social problem or social solution?
  • Should we forbid social media?
  1. Persuasive essays. Similar to argumentative essays, persuasive essays require you to pick a side but while writing the latter, you will also have to persuade the readers. In order to persuade your readers, you will have to present your points in a logical manner. Obviously, the ideas have to be worthy and demonstrate your critical thinking. To give you some ideas of persuasive essay topics:
  • What are the downsides of popular sites?
  • Inevitable impacts of SM 
  • The most likely consequences of uncontrolled SM usage
  • The positive effects of social media
  • The pros and cons of using SM 
  1. Satire essays. A satirical essay on social media would be defined by particularly critical approach to writing and would include elements of sarcasm. To achieve this effect, writers use such literary techniques as hyperbole and irony. However, satirical essays are not the easiest type because they call for strong creativity and good sense of humor. If you would like to try yourself in this genre, consider the following essay topics:
  • Addiction to social media
  • Social media and isolation
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A Practical Guide to Social Media Essay Writing

Just like with other essay types, the first thing you should consider when writing an essay on social media structure. Once you have chosen the correct structure, you are step away from creating a powerful essay on the topic you prefer. Structure is important because it makes your discussion organized and cohesive, so irrespective of your purpose and the essay type, make sure your paper has the following elements:

  1. Introduction. A successful introduction would be a paragraph that grabs the reader’s attention and incites their interest so that they want to continue reading. At the same time, a good introduction has to place your topic in context and offer the reader enough background information to understand the discussion that follows.
  2. Main body. Paragraphs that go after the introduction constitute the main body of your essay. A typical essay has between 3 to 4 paragraphs. Remember that the writing style depends on the essay type that you chose. For instance, if you are working on a persuasive essay, facts should prevail in your paper. On the contrary, a satirical essay would appeal to the reader’s emotions, so the language would be figurative and you would have to include pathos. Regardless of the essay type, the body paragraphs of your essay have to be characterized by continuity. This means that you have to maintain the flow of the discussion and keep the readers interested from the first paragraph till the last one.
  3. Conclusion. Even though this paragraph is the last one, it is also very important. The essay type influences the conclusion, as well, but in any case, this paragraph has to restate your main points. Conclusion has to be neither too detailed nor too brief. As you write your conclusion, refer to your thesis statement and think whether you have proven the point this sentence makes. Restating the thesis statement in the concluding paragraph is also a good idea because it is an easy way to wrap up the discussion. In some cases, you can also include a call for action, and make your paper stronger this way. 
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Strategies to Help You Choose Good Social Media Essay Topics

Why does the choice of the topic have such a strong impact on your paper? For one thing, some topics, even though they might be interesting, do not offer you much material to work with. For example, if you choose a fresh and controversial topic, you might realize that there is not enough research to support your assumption, so you cannot make your discussion credible. If you do not know which topic to choose, consider the ideas below:

  1. Describe the ways in which social media helps destroy racial stereotypes.
  2. Should social media be used as a platform to speak out?
  3. Social media contributes to the development of mental disorders.
  4. Commercialization of female images on social media.
  5. Female body desexualization in social media advertising.
  6. The impact of SM platforms on the behavior of students.
  7. Social media vs. real-life communication: are these two concepts fully interchangeable?
  8. Is becoming a blogger a good way of self-realization?
  9. Discuss the top-5 ways to increase budget via social media.
  10. Can people protect themselves from fraud on social media?
  11. The undeniable signs of SM addiction.
  12. Discuss the strategies for parents to protect their kids form social media addiction.
  13. The educational potential of social media: which skills it helps develop and what knowledge do social media users gain?
  14. What is the ‘healthy’ amount of time to spend on SM sites?
  15. Do likes really mean something?
  16. The history of social media: how we got from the first platforms to Instagram.
  17. The causes of aggression among active SM users.
  18. What is the root cause of cyberbullying?
  19. Would banning photo shopped images mean limiting people’s freedom?
  20. What would an ideal SM platform for modern-day kids look like?
  21. What would social media look like 20 years from now?
  22. How can we prevent terrorists from recruiting new members via social media?
  23. What are the three main factors making SM marketing so efficient and effective?
  24. Discuss the ways in which social media shapes beauty standards.
  25. How to depolitize social media?
  26. The ways in which information overload affects human health.
  27. Social media is/is not the source of inspiration.
  28. Do people who meet online have higher chances of building a string family?
  29. Is it ethical to check social profiles of your future employees?
  30. How old should be children to be allowed to use SM platforms?
  31. Common characteristics of famous social media bloggers.
  32. Five good ways in which students can use social media sites to enhance their academic performance.
  33. Three categories of information that should be banned on social media.
  34. Can social media help save lives?  
  35. Discuss the pros and cons of using social media for charity.
  36. Do social media really make people closer to their icons?
  1. How is our communication in office shaped by social media?
  2. Why social media is a good place to promote your products and services?
  3. Why should cyber police be more attentive to the activity on social media?
  4. The most effective approaches to influencing people using SM websites.
  5. Will new SM laws be helpful in controlling it?
  6. How are these platforms used for propaganda for political purposes?
  7. What are the main things to pay attention to while monitoring the social media activity of your children?
  8. Discuss the features of SM accounts with potential danger.
  9. Why do people create fake identities on social media?
  10. Why do SM sites prove to be addictive?
  11. Who is most likely to become addicted to SM usage?
  12. What would you miss the most about SM sites if they suddenly disappeared?
  13. Do online SM platforms help solve important social problems?
  14. Which social problems do modern SM platforms create?
  15. Can social media platforms help treat depression
  16. Describe the defining features of social media culture.
  17. How do people use SM to plan crimes?
  18. Top-three characteristics of a potentially popular social media post.
  19. What makes social media platforms helpful for planning crimes? 
  20. Female body trends: how girls change themselves to look good on Instagram.
  21. Which ne professions appeared with the rise of social media?
  22. Not boring anymore: how social media is used to popularize science.
  23. Should teachers hide their accounts from students?
  24. Should bloggers inform their subscribers when they use filters?
  25. Should users be blocked when they post fake news?
  26. How people become world famous via Instagram?
  27. Why do people like watching live shows of others?
  28. Discuss the tools that will help you find and reach your perfect target audience.
  29. Do social sites help people unite?
  30. Describe the ways in which startups can use social media to promote their ideas and find investors.
  31. Can we fully eliminate cyberbullying?
  32. Should we or should we not trust bloggers who recommend buying something?
  33. What was the first account on Instagram that you followed and why?
  34. Social media makes distance learning more effective: true or false?
  35. Social media helps activists raise awareness about socio-cultural issues.
  36. Social media delivers instant news and helps solve serious issues immediately.
  37. Social media networking promotes global peace. 
  38. Peer pressure and addiction on Facebook and Instagram.

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