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Finally, after long hours and huge doubts, you have chosen the university course of your dream. Now, it appears that you are not the only one willing to try the tasty pie, and you have to fight for your piece. It may be terrifying and make you lose confidence. If you want to be successfully accepted, you should send a persuasive motivation letter. You have two options: either to write or buy motivation letter from a good writing service. If you decide to do everything on your own, you should first clarify the package you are supposed to provide; it might include not only a motivation letter but also a number of forms, documents, and a CV.


What Is A Motivation Letter?

In the motivation letter, you are supposed to explain why you are the right person to be approved. Here, you should clearly describe why you want to join this educational institution or take a particular course and prove you have the right experience and knowledge base to pass. This single short piece of writing might determine whether you will be accepted or rejected. It is especially true for reputable universities with high admission standards. 

You should not underestimate the importance of the motivation letter since it is much more than a formality. Basically, an admission board will have only this letter to get to know you, understand your intentions, and thus decide your fate accordingly. The quality of this piece reflects the quality of you as a potential student, at least in the eyes of the committee.

Preparing a good motivation letter might be challenging and puzzling for many applicants since most of them do not know how to write it right. Even though, motivation letters have a loose structure; there are certain obligatory elements to be included. The main goal is to convince the board that you are the right person to be admitted. A great variety of types of motivation letters might confuse applicants even more. 

In a nutshell, you should clarify all details and requirements before writing anything.

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How To Write a Motuvation Letter? 

Your letter should be written in a unique personal style that will engage coordinators. Also, you should provide ample details to prove your professionalism and potential. You can find a motivation letter example on the Internet to give you some basic understanding or follow the step by step template offered in this article.


Provide a complete identification of both the recipient and the sender. If you send a hard copy of the motivation letter, enter your identification information, including name, home address, e-mail, and telephone, at the top of the page. If you send an email, these data should be put at the end after the signature instead. In both cases, the addressee should be named clearly. Use a collective name (the admission commission or board, for example) or a name and position of the responsible person (if you know them). Follow standard rules for formal papers. Do not make your writing fancy; doing so will only distract and irritate the coordinators. Times New Roman 12 or Arial 11, black ink, and white paper will be just appropriate. Remember, that the content and not the appearance matters here. 

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In the introduction, you should present and distinguish yourself, as well as clearly explain the purpose and goal of your application. In addition, you can note the source, from which you have got to know about the opportunity.

The Body

It is the heart of your motivation letter. With the help of only a few paragraphs, you have to make the committee love you. The goal is to attract their attention and make them interested. Here, you should describe your experience and skills and assure the Board that you have all the qualities and reasons to pass the chosen course successfully. Do not overegg the pudding; instead, try to be persuasive and reasonably brief. Use professional language, as well as proper grammar and style; utilize the formal writing voice, and ensure all sentences are clear and go together well. Nevertheless, try to add some spice while teetering on the edge of being interesting and extravagant. If you decide to buy motivation letter, your writer will help you strike the balance.


In this part, you summarize your thoughts, demonstrate your willingness to have a personal meeting, and prove your readiness to answer any additional questions. Finally, thank members of the commission for their attention and time. Sign your letter. 

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The Purpose Of The Motivation Letter

Motivation letters are required by universities as one of the admission documents. In addition, motivation letters are usually requested by HRs and employers and should be attached to your CV. As a rule, a good motivation letter is about one page long. In this short piece of writing, you have to persuade the addressee that you are an exceptional person with unique skills. 

A premium-quality cover letter should be written specifically for a particular job. Believe us, filling in a motivation letter sample from the Internet and sending it to 20 different companies will not bring you the desired results, and your efforts will come to naught. However, preparing a motivation letter with a specific position in mind and emailing it to only one company will be much more efficient. 

The first sentences are probably the most important elements of the entire cover letter. Only strong, creative, and logical statements will grab the attention of the employer and make them read your letter up to the end. For example, you might name a challenge, with which the current company faces, and offer your help in dealing with it. In such a manner, you will demonstrate that you have done some research, learned about the company, and understood how to become a valuable member of the team. It will be much more persuasive than writing, “Hi, I am John and I want to work for your company because you are great!” Avoid general statements and eyewash, be specific and logic, demonstrate your enthusiasm, describe your skills, and explain how they can be used in the current company. The tone of the letter does matter, as well. Use formal language and be persuasive. Make the HR see a real expert behind the piece of paper. In such a manner, you will surely distinguish yourself among hundreds of office-seekers.

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