Terms for Use Essays-Service.com

1. Acknowledgment of Terms

a.  By agreeing to use the services provided to you from Essays-Service.com, you will acknowledge that you have read the terms and conditions listed on this site. This listing entails the terms associated with using the paper writing service provided to you by Essays-Service.com;

b.  Essays-Service.com is available online and offline with many projects from all parts of the world.

2. Interpretation of Terms

a.  You will be referred to in this agreement as the client that utilizes the services that we offer;

b.  We at Essays-Service.com will be referred to from this point as the company, Essays-Service.com, experts, business representatives or other entities associated with the essay writing service;

c.   All requirements that the client asks the company to complete will be referred to at this point as services.

3. Agency Functionality

a.  The company is intended to offer services dedicated to giving the client the best writing service possible. The company will communicate with the client to get help and resources ready for many custom document requirements;

b.  The customer will use the services listed here to get the best possible resources for handling certain projects within a specific period of time;

c.   The customer will agree that the experts at the company can be hired for cheap on a full-time basis only if desired. The company may use software or other in-house resources to take care of all essay projects and other solutions as needed;

d.  The customer will agree that all revisions to a custom project can be utilized if the custom asks about them within 6 days of the project being delivered;

e.  Alterations may be asked as needed if the quality standards are not met. Revisions can only be used if these standards have not been fully reached;

f.    All additions can be billed if they entail things like more pages, words or working hours. This is provided that the information was not mentioned the first time. 15% of all work limits may be charged over what it cost to use in the first place;

g.  The customer cannot get in direct contact with any writer. Essays-Service.com will be the primary link to go from the writer and client.

4. Timing

a.  The agreement is valid after the company accepted the work and the price have been endorsed and the client has paid for it;

b.  The agreement can be taken in place until the amendment or revision period is finished or if the parties choose to cancel the agreement.

5. Customer Terms

a.  This section of the terms relates to the conditions that the customer may accept;

b.  The customer will have to provide the company with instructions on how the project is to be used to get as accurate as possible;

c.  Essays-Service.com will require the client to cooperate from the start to the end of the order. The customer will provide information and other materials as needed and agree that it is that customer’s responsibility to provide all materials as needed in order to finish a project. This may entail class notes, books, readings and other items that are required. The customer understands that if that person cannot provide this work then the finished project will be only based off of the materials that the writer or expert has found on one's own;

d.  If the necessary material for a research or article writing service to be completed is not open then Essays-Service.com cannot be to blame for losses. Also, there will be no guarantees at this point that the project will be delivered on-time; the original guarantee will be void.

6. How Delivery is used

a.  Service Delivery Timing

I.  Essays-Service.com guarantees that all items are delivered in a first draft form before a deadline. This may require revisions or additions based on what the customer requests;

II.  If the customer cannot pay the charge for what the person wants to buy then the work will not be guaranteed to appear on time.

b.  Chapters

I.  Essays-Service.com can deliver a project on a progressive basis if it involves 10,000 or more words and does not require changes;

II.  The delivery system may not involve the best draft as the finished draft is made and it may not include all the reference associated with the project.

7. Anti-Plagiarism Solutions

a.  Essays-Service.com guarantees that all works will be custom made and unique without any plagiarism. This online work will not entail any intentional plagiarism as everything is scanned prior to being sent. If there is a short deadline then the definition of words that will be used in one day may be adjusted to ensure that the software for identifying plagiarism is used on an occasional basis with all words going through at some point;

b.  The customer will agree that the customer may not get a plagiarism report. The customer may ask for the report if desired;

c.   The customer will agree for this to be analyzed by the company's quality department to ensure that all content is custom-designed and unique and that the quality of the project is in accordance with the client's demands;

d.  Plagiarism can be identified with software programs; therefore, Essays-Service.com is not responsible for any false results due to how a program's analytical features are used. All productions will be edited in order to meet 0% plagiarism rates on these programs.

8. Protection

a.  All data will be used at Essays-Service.com servers and all data will not be given out to other companies or third parties;

b.  By using services here, the customer will acknowledge that the information used will have one's data shared only if a legal entity asks for it and to ensure that any fraudulent data has to be identified.

9. Changes

a.  As the Project is run

I.  The customer will agree that the project is the one that the agency has received and that the customer has paid for it. This is the In-Process work in the relationship between the customer and the company;

II.  The customer also agrees to address specifics that cannot be adjusted without impacting the overall cost of the service;

III.  The customer can withdraw from this process within 12 hours after placing the order. This is provided that the order has at least 7 days to work with;

IV.  Refunds are not available if a customer withdraws from the service but refunds are available if changes from the prior withdrawn project are done. Essays-Service.com will make a decision to determine if a refund can be given based on the circumstances associated with the process;

V  If a payment goes for another project then the customer will cover the replacement work if the requirements do not match up to the budget to the final charge.

b.  After the Project is sent

I.  Alterations and additions can only be used if there is a logical reasoning for it and can state that this project has not been met to be completed in some way;

IIi.  These changes can be made for free within 6 days from when the project is delivered or under an extended period that is purchased during the order process;

III.  The client must send details on all amendments and the writer will have to respond within 24 hours to confirm the project;

IV.  If all amendments are not based off of the first project needs that the client had then the customer can ask for another bill or ledger to make amendments onto after the quote has been paid for.

10. Expenses

a.  Any total charge for the work will be based on what the company website says and may vary from what was originally listed. The charge may be adjusted based on the nature of the work, the time framework, the domain for the project to be done in and the overall category;

b.  The charge has to be covered at the end of the service. If the payment is not done all the way the first time then the customer will have the right to finish it all before getting the final project. Essays-Service.com has the right to withhold the final project until after the customer actually pays for it. The work can no longer be owned by the customer if the client does not pay for it and no refunds will be issued.

11. Reimbursement

a.  If a refund is used, Essays-Service.com will reduce all charges. The experts in a field for the project will decide if a refund can be given. The decision cannot be reversed;

b. A refund may be used for future projects;

c.   Refunds are sent around 45 days or sooner after the project is over. No refunds can go beyond that timeframe.

12. Special Promotional Offers

a.  Not all discounts are to be used every time. They can be used for brief amounts of time and can be removed by Essays-Service.com at any time without warning;

b.  All referral discounts work after the customer sends in the referee's name when placing the order and paying for it.

13. Covering Costs

a.  Payment Terms

I.  The work is placed into an in-process standard if it has been paid for;

II.  Two payments may work if it cannot be paid for all the way:

1.   The payment can be used with installments with the first going before the work starts and the second coming when more than half of the project has been completed;

2.  The second half can be paid before the task is sent to the client. The project cannot be delivered if the payment is delayed.

b.  Service Quotes

I.  A customer can get a quote for the work if it is placed through the site or in any other method that Essays-Service.com has stated;

II.  This price will be used if the discounts can be applied.

14. Ownership

a.  The customer can receive the work knowing that it was paid for and that the writer and Essays-Service.com will not own the property. The customer has full ownership of the finished project;

b.  The customer also understands that Essays-Service.com and all people will not endorse any acts of plagiarism;

c.   The customer will agree that it is run on model use and it cannot be given to other people outside of the customer. The customer may use this as a means of facilitating future research or to use for creating an appropriate work piece for future use;

d.  The customer will agree upon terms for how all work that is created by the company cannot be distributed or re-sold in any place.

15. Using Writers

a.  The customer will agree that the writer who has been chosen to handle the project in question will be relevant to the overall subject and will understand how to handle the work in accordance to certain specifications;

b.  Essays-Service.com guarantees that the people who are to write projects are educated and tested before they can be used by the essay or resume writing service.

16. Support

a.  Essays-Service.com has guarantees for its article and research paper writing service stating that the company is committed to providing quality services. A guarantee may change based on the scenario being introduced. Essays-Service.com will make a final decision over the guarantee and if it can be used in some form.

17. Pre-Payment Services

a.  The customer can get a free trial that entails a sample writing of 500 or fewer words from a proper expert in order to determine of the writing is of a good condition before paying for it and getting further work. All specifications must be given for a trial task without deadlines;

b.  The free trial is good only for projects where the final production is extensive in length.

18. Base Terms

a.  When Essays-Service.com says that it is open on a 24/7 basis that means the customer can email and place orders for the writing service at any time. This does not mean that the response to a request will be immediate; a response will still be made regardless;

b.  In the event that there are no experts available for getting something ready before a deadline, the customer will receive a message stating this;

c.   Assistance is available at all times of the year. Customers can ask questions and will get responses as time is needed;

d.  A slight delay will be used in some phone, Skype or online chat services due to how popular the site is. Also, the phone service is open only for paid clients;

e.  The customer understands that all statements and views from Essays-Service.com are not to be interpreted as final points. The materials used on the site should not be interpreted as advice either;

f.    The customer states that he or she understands all rules associated with playing an order beforehand. Any consequences that occur will come from Essays-Service.com being unable to hold all employees or writers accountable for whatever may be done at a given time;

g.  The customer knows that all company items cannot be sold or else all parts of the agreement being made void.

19. Promotional Deals

a.  You may be contacted by email from different sources to talk about the service regardless of whether you give Essays-Service.com your address directly or you subscribe to services online;

b.  You will agree when subscribing to let us take your email address to talk with you about occasional offers or to contact you and anything that is relevant to your task as it goes along;

c.   You must also understand that the address will not be given to any thirty parties nor will it be used by those parties. This is to ensure that your email identity is protected.

20. Site Access

a.  Our website is made to give out services and information relating to those services. This is done in a sensible manner. The user will have access to relevant information and that any errors or obsolete bits of content may still be found. If any of these problems lead to any losses whether they are financial or not, Essays-Service.com and all people associated with it cannot be held responsible.

21. Interaction

a.  Chat

I.  By using this agreement, you understand that the online chat service is available for instant access to help. Our chat service may not always be available and that quotes are not going to be seen as official unless you receive an email saying so;

b.  Skype Video

I.  Video interactions with open for advanced chatting needs. A previous request for communication via Skype is required in order to use this service;

c.   Online form

I.  A form is required to get information ready and to get quotes for services out. All responses are by email. If a form is not submitted because of a customer's browser not working, the customer will still be held responsible for if there are no responses to a request for services;

d.  Private email

I.  Emails may be used between the customer and the company. Essays-Service.com can use multiple emails to interact towards all customers as needed;

II.  The customer must be held responsible for seeing if the emails are accurate and if there are no viruses or false identity problems associated with a message;

e.  Social Media

I.  Social media sites like Facebook or Twitter can be used for contact purposes but they are not to be seen as official forms of communication between the client and Essays-Service.com. Emails should be seen as the official means of communication for the dissertation writing service.

Disclaimer: We offer custom writing service solutions with the intention of assisting people. If you use the model answers that are provided as final projects and submit them to an instructor then it will be for your own discretion.