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If you are searching for an online custom essay and paper writing service that you can really trust, you will be happy to have found Essays-Service. With the most dedicated and passionate team of academically-degreed writers, we can provide paper and essay writing service to virtually any student at any stage in his/her academic program. If you are a high school student who needs persuasive essay writing or a doctoral student who requires consultative services on a dissertation, you can count on us for the most simple or complex academic research and writing assistance. We have business methodologies in place that guarantee you a personal expert, conformance to your specifications and timelines for completion, and availability for the placement of orders or for queries and concerns.

Many students enter college thinking they know how to write well because of the easy essay writing assignments they had in high school. When they get their first essays and papers back, however, they are shocked to discover that perhaps they do not even understand the nature of essay writing at this new level. We are not surprised. College essay writing is certainly more complex and now involves substantial research in order to support theses that all essays and papers must now have.

Who Writes for Essays-Service?

We have as diverse a team of writers as there are academic disciplines to be studied. And we are continually adding to our writing staff as curricula evolve and new horizons of learning are established.  These writers come to us with degrees, excellent GPA’s, and writing backgrounds that qualify them to produce for our customers. Our standards are quite high, certainly much higher than those of cheap price essay writing firms, and we will never relax those standards. We only want the best working for us, and they must prove their skills and knowledge before coming on board. In addition to degrees in all disciplines, we have diverse degree levels as well, for we want to have Ph.D. specialists for our graduate students, just as we have Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees for undergraduate and high school levels respectively.

Who Uses our Services?

Students from English-speaking schools and universities all over the world come to Essays-Service.com for our paper and essay writing help. While the bulk of our orders are for college essay writing, we have a substantial clientele base from secondary schools and from graduate and professional programs in all fields. Our thesis and dissertation writing service, for example is one of the most sought after by grad students who need expert consultation and writing that only a Ph.D. in their fields can give them.

College students seem to struggle with the transition from high school, because writing expectations are so much more advanced. While they may be engaged in rather simple argumentative essay writing in high school, for example, they now find that they must support those arguments with credible and authentic research of a more advanced nature. 

Client Satisfaction

Our customers know that they will receive personalized service, custom writing that is always original and flawless, delivery according to their requirements, and reasonable pricing. This combination of factors brings them back to buy essays, papers, and other types of writing assignments over and over again – always with the same superb results!

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