Cloud Technology and Virtualization


Cloud computing and virtualization is one the best solutions for companies that are operating universally. When there costs for hardware is escalating, there has been the call to have cloud computing and virtualization as a solution to computing needs. In this paper, the researcher will make a proposal to ensure that the costs are controlled. When the new merger will be operation, it will require new hardware and information systems.

The case for this paper will be a manufacturing company that is based in Brisbane and would like to have international marketing experience. They would like to have a technology solution which will enable them to have cost-friendly marketing which will help the company get an international audience А. With the need to tap into global market that is enhanced with globalization, cloud technology is the best option that will be useful in this case.

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Rationale for the use of cloud technology

Cost reduction

One of the most adopted reasons for the use of cloud computing and virtualization for most companies and for the company in perspective is the reduction in costs. The need to install storage disks will be eliminated with the use of cloud computing and virtualization. The costs that are associated with large storage disks have been an issue of concern for many companies that would like to tap into cloud computing and virtualization. With the use of cloud computing and virtualization, there will be subscriptions for applications that are needed and most applications will come with the main applications for free. The usage of the applications will be adjusted only when they are needed and will also be adjusted for peaks and troughs. This approach of using a a la carte will be useful for the company as it is an incremental way of paying for the services. It is one of the ways in which company will be able to save on the costs. The fact that there will be pay-per-use will eliminate the whole hardware costs that are associated with the implementation of new applications and hardware within the company. Also, there will be the elimination of the costs that come with desktop installations because with the use of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), the software in the desktop will no longer be necessary and will therefore save the company a great deal of costs.

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Ease of use

Another reason why there should be the adoption of cloud computing and virtualization within the company is that there will be ease of use of information systems in the company. It is easy to set cloud computing and virtualization system in order to run it. Instead of the need to download and run software, the cloud technology system has it done at the cloud by the experts in the cloud. Also, the cloud has the advantage of offering unlimited storage capacity unlike the limitation that is set with the use of local storage hardware. It is also possible to have an adaptable system with the use of cloud computing and virtualization. If there will be some requirement for additional storage capacity, it will be achieved immediately with some additional monthly charges. Because of the cloud storage and the fact that cloud computing and virtualization will be accessible from any place, it will be possible to have the systems acceptable from any part with any software and device as long as one will have the internet connection.

Reduction in human capital

Cloud computing and virtualization also makes the technology staff will focus on more strategic processes that will take the company to greater heights. They will be freed from technical stuff like maintain the servers. It will be important to have ways that will enable them to have these issues put in place. The human capital is no longer a big need with the use of cloud computing and virtualization. The hardware and technical issues within the cloud capital will be handled by experts in that field. They will have the resources and the capacity to handle all the issues. The technical staff within the company will now have other tasks that are inclined to strategic use of information systems. With this approach, the costs that are associated with repairs of hardware and other information systems staff hiring will now be reduced. It is one of the benefits that will be achieved with the use of cloud computing and virtualization.


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Cloud computing is still the best solution for the company in order to reap all the benefits that come with the technology. With the use of cloud computing, the company is bound to have universal marketing for their products. The company should define their own data handling agreement with the cloud computing service providers so that they will be able to have to have a working agreement on the security of the data. With this security and assurance of the security of the data, the company will be able to achieve all these aspects.

There should be a description of the data that will be stored in the cloud and those that will be too critical to be stored in the cloud. Above all, there is a need to focus on what is working out for the cloud storage procedures. The agreement that will be made with the company providing the solution will be made in order to know when the data will be made available. Sometimes there will be an outage of the network provision which will force the disconnection of the company with the data.

The company will have a virtual data center that will have data and information processing running in parallel so that when the servers and data access is limited due to network outage, as it will happen sometimes with the networks, hey will still be able to access the data and have all information accessible within the company.

The company will not have to have servers for some of the applications that they have been keeping. Instead, they will have all the applications that they need in the cloud. The company will then have to make an agreement with the company that is providing the SaaS so that they will be able to have the software that they will need at a particular time. In fact what will be needed is to have all software that is needed at particular times so that a schedule will be made to have the software available. The company will then be able to make an agreement of the software that are needed with the provider and have a strategy that will make this possible.


The company should be able to adopt cloud computing in order to have a possible way to enjoy the benefits of cost reduction, and lean technical staff or no technical staff at all. The benefits of cloud computing still outweigh the risks that come with the security of the data.


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