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Cyber Security

Over the years, the world has experienced significant technological advancements that have changed the manner in which people execute their daily activities. To be more definite, people have become over-reliant on technology with all events ranging from healthcare to business and law enforcement being dependent on the internet. Read more

Renewable Energies. Past, Present, Future

Illinois is capable of producing much more energy than it consumes and this enables it to sell a fifth of its electric energy to neighboring states. This is majorly due to the six nuclear plants in the state all of which account for approximately 50 percent of the aggregate electricity generated in the state. The amount of nuclear energy produced in the state is second to none in the entire United States. Read more

Solar Electricity Technologies in Illinois

Environmental preservation is one of the major issues that bother the international community nowadays. The world seeks to reduce pollution caused by the use of non-renewable energy resources, which should be achieved by the transition to renewable energy sources such as wind, geothermal, and solar energy. Read more

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