Virtual Friend

Technology has brought together people from all parts the world to socialize, interact and live like a small community. In other words, technology has made the world to be like a small village where people can interact and share ideas. Modern technology has improved time-efficiency and convenience in the social relationships through the use of social sites such as face book, twitter, emails and Google talk. These web sites have resulted to creation of virtual friends (friends who are not real). However, irrespective the age of the person, many people have adopted the technology and making virtual friends whom they interact and socialize with over the social sites.

In fact, the today’s technology, particularly the internet invention has transformed the way people live, work, communicate and entertain. Online tools of communication like emails, MSN massager and software such as teleconference have facilitated communication in both near and distance places. Nowadays, due to introduction of e-commerce, people can carry out different activities like booking for flights, accommodations, purchasing for goods and services or making a date with an unknown person without leaving the house. Most significantly, the social sites like face book has created a complete virtual world for the users. Updating the current life photos, changing status and commenting others timeline has been the most popular socialization way among the face book users. These social sites the user fill relaxed especially a tiresome daily chores.

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Despite the benefits of these social sites, many researchers have highlighted several negative effects associated with the social site. The overuse of social sites, ignoring the actual communication can result to social isolation in the community. According to recent studies, people who spend most of the time on social sites have been found to have difficulties to communicate with others in real life communication. In addition, social sites cannot be used tom replace family activities made to strengthe family unity. For instance, social sites cannot be used to hold Christmas dinner or any other family ceremony. In fact, this is not possible. Other negative instances of social media involve abuse over the social sites, cyber crimes and addiction.

The over use the social sites has been found to be very addictive. According to researches conducted to determine the effects of social site on students, the data collected shows that most students spend their study time on social sites. Most of students have been found to fail in schools due to influence of social sites. Though most of schools were found to have free internet areas, many students took the advantage of the free internet to access social sites rather than doing online researches.

In general, technology has facilitated human activities such as communication, purchasing, interactions and socialization. Personally, I believe has altered the way people communicate in terms of time-efficiency and convenience. However, regards the above mentioned negative effects associated with technology through social sites, the time people spend on the social sites should be limited to give more time on real life communication.

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