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People make constant attempts to connect to one another. It is a key to progress and survival. Human existence revolves around innovations that enable conveying thoughts to others. Rapid development of technology has enabled humanity to communicate. The ways in which people contact and connect are changing with the development of new devices. In addition, there are numerous ways to transmit information in order to fulfill the basic needs of modern people. Moreover, technology allows people to communicate across large distances.

Social media has changed human communication. It plays an essential role in the interaction, communication and information sharing within the modern society. In addition, it helps collect data, find friends, connect with relatives and friends, share photos, ideas and views, as well as provide numerous opportunities. Social media includes social networking, blogs, forums, wikis, etc. 

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Facebook is considered to be one of the most popular social network. It is used almost in all countries around the globe. There are different ideas and thoughts about the influence of social media on people, their health, style of life, relations and interaction. Nowadays, Facebook has over 1 billion users around the globe. Many people claim that social networking sites have a negative influence on humanity. Constant connectivity to Facebook makes people addictive and may cause different problems. 

Most people subscribe to Facebook as they have positive expectations and believe that it will change their life (Nadkarni & Hofmann, 2012). However, one day they may find such idea wrong. Facebook is often treated as a social problem that poses threat and dangers to the whole society. No person joins Facebook to be unhappy, ignored and sad. Many active users deny the fact that a given social networking site spoils their life and, actually, makes it dull. 

I find Facebook an interesting and helpful social networking site as it provides its users with extended opportunities. For example, it suggests an easy way of sharing information. I do not deny the fact that some information may be used with poor intensions. However, each user should decide what information should not be displayed to the public. Before subscribing to any social networking site, it is essential to evaluate all advantages and disadvantages a person may experience. 

Facebook has been often criticized for the issues of different character. Many users prefer abusive speech. However, if a person is against it, the only thing that is needed is not to accept friend requests from such users or delete them from the friends list. In addition, poor or even inadequate treatment of users is not always a reality. In case a user restricts access to his personal information and provides no opportunity to make comments related to the personal photos or others, it will not occur. Of course, there are many skillful hackers who can break the accounts, but it does not occur often and there is always an opportunity to create a new one. 

I agree that child safety should be a top priority. However, it is parents’ responsibility to control the site and activities of their children. Of course, it is really difficult for children to understand what is real and what is not among the scope of information provided on the Internet. However, education and awareness is a key to their safety. Therefore, parents and teachers should work hard to make them realize all possible threats and dangers of social media. 

Many opponents of Facebook claim that some blogs, pages of certain users and groups promote controversial issues related to race, sex, religion, ethnicity, etc. However, such aspects are also often seen outside of the virtual world. Nowadays, almost every person has experienced the situation of misunderstandings between different groups of people. Inequality is everywhere and it is impossible to eradicate it from the Internet. People should be ready to confront it and be able to solve related problems. Users, who are apt to becoming involved in controversial situation online, will never avoid them in reality. Therefore, Facebook or any other social networking site cannot be blamed for it. 

There is a belief that the more time people spend surfing Facebook, the more addicted the person becomes. It means that people become fully involved in virtual life and forget about reality (Lewisa, Gonzaleza, &  Kaufmanb, 2012). However, there are different types of addictiveness and the Internet is only one of them. Nowadays, addiction is considered to be a disorder that requires treatment. Anything may cause addition, for example TV, phone, gambling, etc. It does not mean that all people should be deprived of the gadgets and access to communication means. It is wrong to claim that Facebook is a complete waste of time. 

Not all people are concerned with what other users post. In the same way, not all people monitor what is occurring in the virtual world. In case of undesired post the user should delete it and forget about it. People may have different points of view, belong to various groups and it is natural that they think in a different way. The same situation is seen in our daily life. The claim that unexpected negative posts tend to cause anxiety, depression and other psychological disorders is wrong, as well. Facebook is only a tiny drop that may lead to such disorders. There are numerous reasons and situations, which may cause the abovementioned physical and psychological states among people. 

Undesired friend requests should not become the source of anxiety. A user should be patient and ready to any requests and proposal that may be found or provided on the Internet. I agree that it is difficult for children and teenagers to identify proper people and events. However, in case they are constantly informed about undesired friends or group invitations, their possibility of experiencing troubles substantially reduces. 

Frequent use of the Internet, not only Facebook or any other social networking site, can make people envy or unhappy. Hatred, insecurity, depression, rage or desire to commit suicide may be caused by anything that surrounds us. Numerous studies prove that Facebook has some undesirable outcomes (Hargittai, Fullerton, Menchen-Trevino, & Thomas, 2010). But it is the choice of any person whether to subscribe to a social networking site or not. In case of blame, people should find the cause in themselves and their choices. 

Another factor that is heavily criticized is lack of face-to-face communication. Indeed, modern people do not pay much attention to it. They are very busy and have no time to spend on their relatives and friends. However, it is a way of life of modern people. On the other hand, individuals who really value traditional communication will never limit themselves to social media. Development of technologies makes people’s lives different, more hectic and comfortable than it was a century ago. People should understand it and make priorities about what they value and what they need. There are people who have difficulties finding friends in the real world. Social media helps them make contact and communicate. It is wrong to say that Facebook limits our communication and leads to isolation. Many people find friends online and share their problems. It prevents them from depression and anxiety. Thus, the claim that Facebook results in physiological disorders is controversial and should be viewed from different angles. 

I agree that schoolchildren and students experience online bullying. But it is also the problem of schools, colleges and universities. Teenagers are often subjected to bullying outside the Internet. Such problem should be solved by principals, parents and responsible authorities and the Internet cannot be blamed for it. 

It is also claimed that many middle-aged people neglect their families and children due to online activities. I completely disagree with it. Any caring and loving woman or man will never ignore close relatives for the sake of entertainment. There are many people who pay little attention to their children and Facebook is only one of the activities that engage them. Absence of Facebook will definitely make them involved in any other social networking site. 

Facebook is often blamed for the separations and divorces. Using social networks, people make attempts to reconnect with their childhood and university friends. But is does not meant that they will necessarily separate from their current spouse. People who enjoy flirting will find an opportunity to do in any place outside of the cyber space. I find it a positive feature that Facebook helps people find their old friends, relatives and acquaintance. It is always a pleasure to communicate (even online) with a good and reliable person. 

Facebook is a good way to communicate with people who live far away. It enables users to see their photos, track what occurs in their lives and just know that they can contact them any time. I think it is the greatest advantage not only of Facebook, but of any social networking sites. 

Facebook may sometimes lead to the loss of privacy. However, any social media may be blamed for it. Looking deeper into the problem, it becomes evident that the Internet is the main cause of online privacy issues. When a person buys something online, there is an increased possibility to provide private data to undesired person. Thus, Facebook is only one of the causes of privacy related issues. 

Every user should understand that someone’s list of friends does not necessarily reflect them. Sometimes, people accept friend requests from individuals who have never been their friends. Moreover, they may have never met in reality or even dislike each other. Hence, it is essential to realize that information provided online is often false or misleading. People should share their ideas and views only with people they rely on and know in reality. 

Facebook is a convenient way of communication with close friends exchanging messages, publishing events, etc. It may be used as a platform for numerous activates, including education and employment (Wimmer & Lewis, 2010). People may find potential business partners or enhance their business with the help of Facebook. Nowadays, more and more businesses have been using current social networking site to attract new customers and generate business. Creation of business pages enables people to become acquainted with companies, bars, restaurants and even whole industries.

The revolution of social networking continues developing. There are many discussions about social media and social networking sites. A variety of thoughts is explained by differences in people’s characters, viewpoints, religion, sex, etc. People use Facebook as an extension of their real life, while others create a new world there. Despite numerous claims about negative influence of Facebook, it has positively changed the life of many users. It is evident that current social networking site will continue bringing changes into people’s lives. The debate about the benefits and disadvantages of Facebook are permanent. It is essential to remember that people make their own choice subscribing to Facebook. Therefore, the website cannot be blamed for all problems people have or may have in future. I believe that social networking provides numerous opportunities and makes people change their routine life. 

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