Happiness Essay

Happiness in the contemporary world

Spiritual traditions of people have always been one of the most important components of their happiness. In the contemporary world, the question of faith and knowledge has long become a problem for believers. Nowadays there is a conflict between these traditions and developing science. The main problem of this conflict is in the areas in which religion and science overlap.

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Science has contradicted a lot of religious dogmas since the beginning of its development. Science usually provides the reliable knowledge which was empirically proved. Religion, on the contrary, is more subjective, emotional and based mostly on traditions and customs. However, it is true that people, whose faith is deep enough, will not get into any doubts about their belief. Their happiness cannot depend on whether or not science approves some truth or not. Faith leads such people to some place where they are sure about everything without any demonstration by science or scientists. They are sure that God’s truth will always prevail. So, spiritual traditions can easily be in peaceful relations with contemporary life and scientific discoveries. As long as neither religion nor science interferes with one another’s issues.

The advertisements in the modern society play a major part in people’s perception of the world. They are everywhere, and it makes it impossible to escape them. Most of the time they use the methods of persuasion which make people buy these or those things. They try to influence people in the way that they would feel joy and happiness while buying some items. The main problem is that most of the people will not feel happy enough if they do not buy certain products. That is how advertisements in the modern society make their impact on people’s state of happiness.

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