Chinese Immigrants in the United States

The influx of Chinese immigrants into the United States has grown significantly over the years especially after China adopted its reform and opening-up policy in 1978. The Chinese culture is highly different from the American culture in terms of traditions, religion, and behavior, but this has not prevented increased levels of assimilation among the large number of immigrants moving to the United States. A typical example used to illustrate the movement of the Chinese into the United States is my uncle who immigrated into the United States in 2006. In light of my uncle’s case, it is clear that the increasing levels of globalization have made it easier for Chinese immigrants to be fully assimilated into the American culture. This is especially because the level of conservatism about the need to protect the home culture has plummeted in the recent years as most of these immigrants look forward to learn English, intermarry, work, and live in the U.S. for a better part of their lives. The migration path taken by Chinese immigrants is basically cultural and economic, as they seek better lifestyles in the U.S. They have become more flexible with their tradition and strict position about their language hence making it easier for them to be assimilated into the American culture. Thesis: The assimilation path followed by Chinese immigrants in the United States has been successful as evidenced by interracial marriages, ability to live in mixed neighborhoods without any form of discrimination, economic success, language acquisition, and educational success in the United States of America.

Many Chinese citizens have taken the advantage of globalization to move to the United States of America for different reasons such as education. My own uncle moved to the U.S. in 2006 and his situation presents a clear view that the assimilation path taken by many other Chinese immigrants has been widely successful. In tandem with my uncle’s movement into the U.S., it is clear that the assimilation path taken has been largely successful because of the ability of these immigrants to live in mixed neighborhoods without any form of discrimination. Initially, discrimination against the Chinese was extremely high because of their Caucasian origin. However, many of them including my uncle have been absorbed into the American society where they have the opportunity to live with Whites and even Latinos without discrimination. The reducing levels of discrimination have presented a perfect opportunity for them to learn new cultures and even practice them when needed. For instance, my uncle is enjoying his life in the midst of both Whites and African Americans in the United States without being discriminated. This underscores the point that the path of assimilation has been successful because it has led to a higher level of appreciation of Chinese immigrants into the American society. Living in mixed neighborhoods has been instrumental in averting instances where most Chinese immigrants found themselves in their own cultural enclaves where they were the key targets of discrimination and abuse through cheap labor.


Secondly, the assimilation path taken by Chinese immigrants has been massively successful because they have had the opportunity to learn the English language without any difficulties. Language is one of the best tools through which individuals are assimilated into a given culture. This emanates from the view that language presents a perfect opportunity for individuals to learn and understand another culture. Since coming to the United States of America in 2006, my uncle has been successfully absorbed into the American culture through language. He is able to speak the English language more fluently and this has catalyzed the understanding of the American culture. Most Chinese immigrants have successfully understood the art of the American language and its application in relevant situations. They have maximum opportunities for their own personal growth using the English language in the course of their communication and interaction with others in the United States. By learning the English language, they have become more like Americans with only minor differences in the manner they pronounce different words. Nevertheless, it is a positive sign that they have been effectively assimilated and fully accepted in their new found culture in America. Language has simplified the learning of the American values and traditions for most Chinese immigrants in the United States hence leading to more successful absorption and inclusion into the overall society. The most interesting thing is that most Chinese immigrants have gone to the extent of taking English classes to ensure they have an excellent command of the language to ease their communication and cultural understanding. As much as they learn the English language, they have not forgotten their native languages, but this has not inhibited increased assimilation to the vibrant American culture.

Thirdly, the assimilation path followed by Chinese immigrants has been enormously successful as evidenced by the economic success of Chinese immigrants in the United States of America. The economic assimilation of Chinese immigrants has increased with the coming of the Chinese in the United States. It is worth noting that tides have changed because most Chinese immigrants now have the opportunity to work in better conditions in the U.S. compared to the previous days when they could only be utilized as cheap labor in different organizations for production purposes. Effective economic assimilations have been realized through the opportunities that most Chinese immigrants are getting to work in American firms as leaders and managers for different projects. In the case of my uncle, he is currently assimilated into the economic system of the United States of America through employment. He affirms that he enjoys this opportunity because it makes him more of a Chinese American. Economic assimilation has been successful in the sense that Chinese immigrants have brought in their hard work culture, which has been viewed as positive in the American culture. It has been in fact easier to get the opportunity to interact with other individuals from different cultures with the work experience emanating from economic appreciation and empowerment of these immigrants. The most important thing in this case is that the culture is shifting from viewing Chinese employees as minorities. They are perceived part of the entire society, which illustrates the oneness in culture that they are enjoying at the moment. Therefore, economic assimilation has been on the rise and has been effective in underscoring the successful absorption of the Chinese immigrants.

Additionally, there has been success in the path taken by Chinese immigrants because of the acquisition of the American education system. As most Chinese immigrants come to the United States of America, some of them decide to embark on education hence ensuring that they gain American degrees and the whole educational system. Those with families ensure that their children are learning the American educational system hence illustrating this success in assimilation. The tendency to believe in the strength and quality of the American education system signifies their perfect fit and feeling of being associated with the American culture. For most Chinese immigrants, the educational credentials are American and these are demonstrative of their successful assimilation into this society. It is relieving to note that they have the opportunity to use these educational credentials to work in the United States of America. Thus, the educational levels have tremendously gone up among most Chinese immigrants hence ensuring that they work in line with the requirements of the American educational system. It is critical to understand that the access of these immigrants is a successful form of assimilation because it has been vital in creating a new identity among most of these individuals. For instance, my uncle notes that since he came to America, he pursued an additional degree in economics and this has made him more of an American ready to live and work in the country. The adoption of a new identity through the American system of education brings out the view that the Chinese immigrants are becoming more similar to their American counterparts diverse areas including educational qualifications and the ability to work in similar organizational situations.

Lastly, there has been success in the assimilation path taken by Chinese immigrants as exhibited by their blossoming intermarriages with Americans and even African-Americans. The Chinese immigrants have come to America with open arms and an open mind ready to accommodate and understand new cultures by being assimilated. Intermarriages have been part of the whole agenda and have finally succeeded after a long period of conservatism on the part of the Chinese. They have instantaneously shifted from the notion that one must only be married to a fellow Chinese to succeed and conserve his/her own culture. Both women and male immigrants are becoming more enlightened on the significance of intermarriages. They have not hesitated to embrace the trend and this has led to the birth of new children who share both the Chinese and American origins. The new breed of children emanating from these intermarriages is a clear evidence of the success of the assimilation path followed by the Chinese. Intermarriages are fundamental to this assimilation because they have presented an opportunity for both sides of the divide to learn each other’s culture and transform it into a single world view. This single world view does not overrate either the American or the Chinese culture among children hence indicating the high level of assimilation. The growing trends in intermarriages are being encouraged by activities such as language learning and the desire to get a taste of a new culture. My uncle confirms that most of his friends who came to America as bachelors are currently dating American girls. This shows that intermarriages have become real and have had an instrumental role in reducing the cultural gap. Therefore, there is massive success with perfect intermarriages that beget a new generation of individuals.
In conclusion, it is worth understanding that the movement of Chinese immigrants to the United States of America has increased tremendously over the past years. The evidence of success in their assimilation is conspicuous. Living with other individuals in mixed neighborhoods underscores the success of these assimilations because they are not discriminated. Discrimination only emanates from the differences seen between individuals. However, assimilation ensures that such differences are not seen hence eliminating cases of blatant discrimination. Other pieces of evidence such as learning the English language and accessing the American system of education emphasize the view that the assimilation path of the Chinese immigrants into the United States has been undoubtedly successful. Understanding the language of the people translates to learning their values and culture as it is happening among Chinese immigrants. They are becoming more familiar with the American way of dressing and are adopting it at a faster rate hence signifying assimilation. In essence, the assimilation of the Chinese immigrants in the U.S. is real and will continue over a long period in the future.

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