Argumentative Essay Outline Template On Should Gay Couples Be Allowed to Adopt Children

There are many different opinions when it comes to discussing adoption by same-sex couples. Some say that homosexual couples should not be allowed to adopt children while others oppose this idea by stating that same-sex couples are just as good as heterosexual ones which is why they can adopt children. The growing acceptance of same-sex couples has also influenced this discussion greatly. Depending on different beliefs concerning this topic, people tend to split into two hostile groups; one is for adoption among homosexual couples, and another one is against it. This discussion is very important at the moment, which is why different perspectives should be carefully examined. 

Looking at the perspective of same-sex couples adopting children, it would be useful to relate this issue to genders. Critics of adoption state that children cannot live and grow in same-sex couples because they need parents of both genders; it means that babies need both mother and father figures in their lives. Critics state that two women or two men cannot be good as parents because they cannot provide children with proper gender roles. For example, two men cannot explain to a girl a concept of a woman; they would not be able to teach her act in a proper way and help her in her female development. The same applies to women rising boys. Even if gay couples adopt children of the same sex as them, they would still be unable to create a normal family because gender roles would be lost in this case. 

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On the other hand, there is another approach to this issue. Children in orphanages do not always have proper gender roles taught to them. The same happens with one-parent families. They also grow without parents who would teach them how a man or a woman should act. This is why the importance of gender roles’ education is quite debatable since children grow just the same with or without it. This is why this argument of the critics can be easily counteracted in favor of gay couples since it is much better for the children to grow up in the family environment than in orphanage. The fact that there are many orphans also works in favor of same-sex couples because it is wiser to allow adoption to those parents who are willing to adopt. This way, the amount of orphans will decline since they will be adopted and live in their own families. 

Critics of the adoption state that a child has a right to have a mother and a father. They also state that a man and a woman produce children. This is why it is wrong to let gay couples adopt since childbirth is unnatural to them. 

It is clear that the children have the right to have a mother and a father, but in the real world this right is not always guaranteed. The example of orphanages which was presented above clearly shows this idea. This is why it does not seem logical why people who want to have a baby and can prove that they will support this child and provide it with necessary care are prohibited to adopt. Looking at this issue from this perspective, it is clear that gay couples should have the right to adopt because they can be as good as any other parents. 

Nevertheless, same-sex couples still face a lot of pressure while trying to adopt; and even if they succeed, they go through a complicated process of proving their parenting rights. 

On the contrary, many questions arise while analyzing this problem. Why are there so many complications for same-sex families when it comes to adoption? Same-sex couples can love their children the same way any other couples do; it does not mean that because two parents are the same gender that they will be less caring and loving toward their children.

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Another example in favor of adoption among same-sex couples is that children raised in such families do not necessarily become gay. It means that family background does not determine the child’s sexual orientation; which is why same-sex couples do not influence children in this way. 

Evaluating provided arguments, it is essential to understand that children need loving parents, and gay couples can be these loving parents. Gender is important, but not as important as a family which gives children comfortable live conditions, and provides them with care and love. This is why same-sex couples should be allowed to adapt children; this way many problems will be solved. Thanks to the fact that society starts to accept gay couples and supports their rights, there are high probabilities that soon same-sex couples will be able to adopt children without pressure. 

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