Youth Coalition. Struggle for Meaningful Reforms

The drastic influence of narrow-minded views on the abstract notions of sexuality and gender boundaries has led to the rising opposition to the perpetuation of sexual discrimination among young people, frequently manifested in the inaccessibility of healthcare services and denial of reproductive rights. Specifically, the historical evidence exemplifies numerous cases of abusive treatment of homosexuals and strong resistance to the feminist idea of sexual liberation in the non-Western countries. Such tendency led to the emergence of international movements that struggle to limit the harmful influence of negative stereotypes. For example, Youth Coalition actively promotes the free access to the healthcare services and the protection of reproductive rights of young people through the facilitation of strong support for the civil rights campaigns among the international organizations, policy-makers, and social movements.

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Cultural Peculiarities of Common Views on Sexuality

In the former colonies, the sexual deviations are often regarded as the purely Western phenomenon. For example, the Indian population remained strongly devoted to the traditional values. The Brahmanical theory of sexual abstinence gravely condemns the sexual intercourse, provoked by lust instead of the pragmatic desire for procreation . The excessive amount of male heat and discharge was commonly associated with the physical weakness and emasculation. Consequently, India has a long history of discrimination against the individuals with the non-traditional sexual orientation. For instance, the Indian government preferred to ignore the emerging epidemics HIV and AIDS. The high-profile officials harshly resisted the dissemination of free condoms in prisons since such campaigns were likely to promote homosexuality among prisoners. Some opponents even suggested separating the homosexual prisoners from the rest of inmates upon their arrival. Such discriminative views led to the far-reaching consequences. Any attempts to protect the rights of gays, prisoners, sex workers, and sexual minorities by non-governmental organizations were considered the mimicry of the Western philosophy of sexual freedom that is inconsistent with the Indian traditional views on heterosexuality and marriage. The historical accounts highlight the prevalence of aggressive intolerance toward the individuals with the non-traditional sexual orientation. The instances of homosexual intercourses were considered the grave natural abnormality and the result of Westernization.

In a similar manner, the non-Western societies vigorously struggled to limit the cultural influence of feminist theories. As the universally popular bestseller Our Bodies, Ourselves gained the enormous popularity among the Asian and African states, some governments prohibited the publication of the culturally sensitive information. For example, the Japanese custom officers classified the book as pornography and confiscated its copies from the foreign guests upon their arrival to Japan. In that way, the national government struggled to limit the adverse influence of Western ideology through portraying the progressive philosophy of sexual freedom as the grave threat to the Japanese customs. In other states, the translation of book and dissemination of revolutionary ideas took a long period of time. Only in the 1980s, the determined academics and political activists managed to finish the translation of Our Bodies, Ourselves and introduce the book to the mainstream population in Thailand, the Asian country that is known for the criminalization of any rhetoric related to sex and sexuality. Therefore, the persistent resistance to the cultural changes may largely explain why the non-traditional forms of sexual activity are strongly regarded as perverse and necessitate the provision of strong support and legal protection to the victims of sexual discrimination.

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Contemporary Views on Sexuality in the Third World Countries

Indeed, the cultural barriers largely contributed to the unsuccessful penetration of progressive ideas in the former colonies and promotion of aggressive abuse of sexual deviants. In India, the abusive practices against homosexuals are largely the result of negative stereotypes about homosexuality. More specifically, homosexuals are often portrayed as the guilty victims of sexual violence due to their seemingly strong desire to be abused by the same-sex partner. The perpetuation of such degrading assumptions about the hypersexuality of homosexual men by the law enforcement has resulted in the disproportional violence against the male individuals from all classes. The Indian police often resort to such abusive practices as intimidation, physical abuse, extortion, and overall hesitation to prevent the instances of rape in prisons. These examples indicate the magnitude of pressing issue whereas the lack of state support for the provision of legal protection to the victims of sexual discrimination results in the extensive criminalization of homosexuals.

Alternatively, the rapid dissemination and growing popularity of progressive notions led to the adaptation of feminist ideas to the specific cultural environments. The US female activists were frequently blamed for the forced imposition of Western ideology on the racially and culturally diverse female groups of the Latin American origin in both the USA and the peripheral regions. Since Our Bodies, Ourselves reflected the views, needs, and demands for the equal access to the reproductive freedom and services of the white middle-class women, the Latin American feminists considered the American ideology as gravely insulting to their female compatriots. The assertion may largely explain why some feminists refused to embrace the liberal ideology in its pure form. For instance, the Cairo activists supported the national campaigns for the legal protection of womens rights to have access to the medical knowledge about their bodies while vigorously criticizing sexuality outside marriage. The evidence strongly highlights the inability of the Western ideology to overcome the cultural barriers. Some nations seem highly determined to preserve the uniqueness of their traditional practices through the selective approach to the acquisition of progressive views on femininity and female sexuality. Nevertheless, the magnitude of sexual violence reveals the strong necessity for the intervention of progressive civil rights organizations.

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Primary Goals and Strategies of Youth Coalition

Youth Coalition constitutes the credible example of the non-governmental organization, strongly devoted to the promotion of sexual freedom and reproductive rights across the globe. The youth-led group of activists pursues a wide range of political and social objectives including the promotion of access to the comprehensive health services for young people and their right to the expression of sexuality and gender identity. The organization actively supports the provision of the legal and affordable reproductive and sexual healthcare services including the safe abortions, hormone therapies, and emergency contraception in a non-judgmental ways. The young members of Youth Coalition called for the implementation of the adequately funded programs and interventions, designed for the advancement of youths sexual and reproductive rights. Thus, the international organization has explicitly articulated its desire and overall willingness to raise the popular awareness about the contemporary issue of sexual discrimination, manifested in the unavailability of public services for the sexually and gender diverse groups. Its agenda focuses on the achievement of popular consensus regarding the eminent role of the accessible health services in the protection and overall well-being of young generations.

To realize the declared objectives, Youth Coalition resorts to a wide range of effective strategies including conferences, international negotiations, and mutually beneficial partnerships. The organization works with governments and legislators, civil rights organizations and notable celebrities to gain the popular support for the reproductive and health rights of young people. Its active members take part in the intergovernmental negotiations to foster the multilateral cooperation in the area of civil rights protection. Moreover, Youth Coalition strives to achieve the declared goal of strengthening the popular support for the noble cause by forming the strong ties with the international organizations including the UNO, the Womens Global Networks for Reproductive Rights, and the International Community of Women Living with HIV. Thus, the progressive group of young activists seems strongly devoted to the promotion and protection of free access to the healthcare services and the unrestricted exercise of sexual freedom by the representatives of young generations.

Due to the strong determination, Youth Coalition has achieved the notable results in raising the universal awareness about the issue under discussion. In January 2015, the organization participated in in the Asia Safe Abortion Partnership Youth Think Tank in Bangkok, Thailand. The meeting was devoted to the successful advocacy of womens right to safe abortions. One month later, Youth Coalition joined the international conference along with the Womens Global Networks for Reproductive Rights and the International Community of Women Living with HIV to discuss and design the strategy for fighting the abusive treatment of the HIV-infected women. Finally, the representative of Youth Coalition took part in the 70th session of the UN General Assembly and Sustainable Development Summit. During this event, Youth Coalition expressively emphasized the potential threats of neglecting the adverse impacts of discrimination, stigma, and harmful social norms on the reproductive health of young people. The presented findings strongly indicate the achievement of comprehensive results in fostering the universal support for the healthcare reforms, aimed at the social elevation of young generations. Hopefully, such calls for the decisive actions will reach the target audience and evoke the feeling of responsibility for the overall well-being of young people among the political leaders and national governments. The organization demonstrated the striking capacity for countering the adverse effects of cultural stereotypes and overall hesitation of resistant states to embrace the necessity of meaningful changes in the public views on the gender and sexual boundaries.


Youth Coalition exhibited the strong devotion to the promotion of the unrestricted access of the healthcare services and reproductive rights for young people and achieved the comprehensive results through the active participation in the international dialogue and comprehensive initiatives. These efforts have the strong potential for countering the harmful effects of sexual discrimination against feminists and homosexuals. The presented findings largely concur with the conclusion by illustrating the wide range of international activities in which the organization actively participated. The research may serve as the starting point for the further study of the question under discussion.

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