Immigration. Alt-Rights Views vs the Progressives Views and the Way Forward


Immigration has been one of the hotly contested issues in many developed countries as various groups often differ sharply on the topic owing to their diverse opinions on the matter. In recent elections across several countries like France, Germany, USA, and Italy as well as in the UK during the Brexit vote, immigration was one of the leading issues that played a central role in determining the outcomes of those polls. It is quite interesting to note that individuals, whether they are Progressives or “Alt Rights,” agree that immigration, mainly if not firmly controlled, could impact negatively on the lives of the local citizens. Therefore, both groups, as well as other individuals from other schools of thought, concur that their respective authorities must put in measures to reduce the rate at which their countries absorb immigrants.

However, these groups differ on the implementation part as the Alt Rights’ want immigrants deported and immigration to be frozen to the point when their countries will need them. The progressives, on the contrary, prefer to take a long-term view on the issue by rolling out several reforms on their countries’ immigration that will gradually reduce the impact of immigration over time. President Trump, since he took over the office in 2017, has issued several orders, all of which were overturned by the courts, restricting the entry as well as the deportation of specific people from some countries into and out of the US respectively. Besides, his moves were applauded by the Alt Rights and condemned by the progressives as inhumane and racist. Immigration plays a critical role in the development of a nation however it must be controlled to ensure that it does not disrupt the economy and livelihood of the local citizens.

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Alt-Rights Stance on Immigration

The “alt-rights” in the US have indicated through several forums that, in a bid to preserve the status of the white-majority, it is essential to deport all the undocumented immigrants. Additionally, the group also wants the US government to stop with immediate effect the immigration of non-Europeans mainly the Muslims into the US. The alt-rights are of the view that the population of the Hispanics, Africans, Jews and Muslims are rapidly increasing thus giving such groups more influence on American policies than the white-majority. Furthermore, the group advocates for more stringent actions to be taken including defunding groups like La Raza which advocate for the immigrants in addition to slashing rates of legal immigrants.

Moreover, the alt-rights go further to justify their stands against immigration by insisting that America is initially made of the white race hence everything in it rightfully belongs to them as they are the ones who were involved in their creations. Thus, according to the alt-rights, the whites do not need the other races as they are the creators, explorers, and conquerors instead it is the other way round as the other races are in need of the whites. The alt-right groups are made up predominantly middle-aged white males who were influenced by their parents who happened to have experienced the slavery period when the whites dominated over other races. Thus, such individuals have grown up knowing that they are meant to dominate over the other races, and they are not ready to be convinced otherwise hence their extreme stance on matters immigration.

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Progressives Position on Immigration

The progressives are of the view that the whole subject of immigration requires extensive reforms to ensure that, in the long run, the immigrants do not threaten the livelihood of Americans as well as the jobs of the low-skill and low-wage Americans. Therefore, unlike the alt-rights who are taking extreme stances on immigration for the benefit of the whites, the progressives are taking moderate and calculated stances that are in the best interests of the American workers. The progressives thus are advocating for reforms in the labor market championing for the welfare of the low-skilled and low-wage Americans to ensure that they are not thrown out of their workplaces because of immigrants who have more skills and are willing to be paid lower wages for their positions.

Furthermore, the progressives have been urging the American government, since it has significant influence, especially in low-income countries, to push those governments to create better working conditions for their workers in a bid to reduce their chances of migrating to the US. The progressives are predominantly middle-aged individuals from all races with only their American citizenship uniting them. Besides, the progressives are well educated and exposed thus granting them liberal views over different subjects thus enabling them to take productive steps that will impact positively on the lives of both the Americans and the immigrants.

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Personal View

Immigration is an extremely complicated issue that requires serious approach to solve it efficiently. It is estimated that the US has over eleven million illegal and undocumented immigrants thus making it practically impossible to deport all of them at one go. Personally, I am aware of the adverse effects that the immigration has had on the lives of all the Americans in that most of them have lost their jobs to immigrants with higher skills in addition to being ready to take much lower wages and forego many other benefits that the American workers demand. Thus, it is an issue that needs urgent intervention. However, whichever approach the country takes; it must not profile the immigrants by their races or religion but must be within the confines of the American laws. Immigration into the US must be highly restricted, and this can only be improved by tightening all the border entry points, replacing all the corrupt immigration officers and increasing surveillance around America.

On the other hand, it is critical for US to revise its immigration laws by freezing the entries of low skilled workers into the US as well as ensuring that the students allowed to study in the US are only those joining reputable universities as opposed to smaller colleges. Furthermore, the US must only allow skilled immigrants in the fields that they are needed to ensure that not so many experts are brought into the country to threaten the jobs of American experts. Thus, this is a step that the American government can immediately take that will decrease the number of people entering the US without causing uproar from various quarters. Additionally, the US government could take a long-term approach in dealing with the illegal immigrants by reviewing their status according to their skills and criminal records and integrate them into the American society. Furthermore, after the grace period expires, all the government must increase the search for illegal immigrants to ensure that all the undocumented immigrants, especially the criminals are deported. However, it is critical to note that such a move will be a very daunting task that will take decades to solve hence the need to start with the baby steps.


Immigration has affected the lives of many Americans like the majority of their jobs have been snatched by immigrants reducing them to mere dependents of welfare and the public’s mercy. Therefore, immigration is an issue that requires immediate intervention to ensure that the lives of Americans are improved. The entry of low-skilled workers into America must be immediately stopped to ensure that the low-skilled Americans can gain back their jobs. Furthermore, the US government must put measures in place that will ensure that all the border entry points, as well as the loopholes that illegal immigrants exploit, are sealed thus reducing the number of immigrants entering the country. Furthermore, the government must take a long-term approach to address the issues of undocumented illegal immigrants by integrating the deserving ones into the system as well as deporting those with criminal records. On the other hand, it is critical for the US government to take steps that will not profile individuals by the color of their skin or the faith that they profess. Therefore, more measures must be put in place to ensure that the process of addressing immigration issue is done lawfully and most humanely.

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