Homelessness in the USA


To begin with, the United States of America is currently suffering from the problems caused by homelessness. The major intention of the following paper is to investigate the contributing factors and negative consequences of homelessness in the US, and to provide thorough recommendation how to deal with this problem. In order to gather all the needed information, there were looked through 7 scholar sources. The results of the research highlight the importance and need of struggle with homelessness within the United States. Furthermore, this claim is supported with such facts as great number of health problems caused by the issue of living in the street. Finally, it is needed to connect the powers of all of the nationalities in order to get rid of homelessness on local as well as on global levels.

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To begin with, homelessness is one of the most significant drawbacks of the community of the United States of America. Moreover, the major representatives of population affected by this issue are veterans and households, where there is only a single parent. The maim contributing factors of development of this problem are a great number of poor people, constant increase of households rents cost, and decrease of salaries, which together do not give people a chance to pay for their shelters. The most recent researches represent outstanding statistical data about homelessness, which show that all of the USs inhabitants regardless their social class, age and gender are impacted by homelessness. Furthermore, the most important reason, which highlights the importance of reduction of homelessnesss level in the United States, is its destructive effects on a personality. For example, a person can heave a great number of health problem and even a tries of suicide after a long period of living in the street. However, homelessness is not only the USs problem, because in India homelessnesss rates also perform negative tendency such as existence of millions of people living in the streets. Nevertheless, in the America one of the worst social sides of homelessness is insufficient social and health care about homeless personalities. Unfortunately, there is a plethora of states, which do not take measures to help homeless people, across the country. On the contrary, they are only constantly oppressing the rights of homeless people not allowing other citizens of the country freely to help them. Notwithstanding, social workers should develop different strategies in order to assist homeless people on their way of recreation of their lives. As a result, homelessness is one of the most complicated and difficult social problems of the United States of America, because it negatively impacts lives of the citizens of the US, while government cannot fix it.


First, homelessness is one of the most significant problems for the entire population if the United States of America, which has a great influence on peoples lives. Although the US has an average tendency of decline of the quantities of people suffering from homelessness, there are no doubts that it is an important social issue for the community of the country. While the number of people, who have a part of family experiencing homelessness, has been increased in the recent years, the number of homeless veterans and people with chronic homelessness has been reduced. The major contributing factors of such diversity in the results of investigations can be connected with changing of policy and economic environments of the society. For example, there has been created a federal program, which will provide chronic homeless and veterans with permanent supportive housing, and other supportive measures aimed on reduction of homelessness rates. Moreover, there has been developed the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-housing Program (HPRP), which has to help the community of the country to reduce the rates of homelessness of individuals as well as of families. Nevertheless, the problem of the current situation of homelessness in the US is that it affects a great number of people, who have not encountered with this problem yet. For instance, single adults and families, who are not chronically homeless, find it now more difficult to maintain and to attain their housings, because there is a tendency of increases of citizens number and of competition for housing. Finally, homelessness is one of the most important problems for the American community.

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Risks for Population

Most of the people, who are harmed by negative consequences of homelessness, are veterans, poor citizens of the country, and households with a single adult. For example, there were 39,471 veterans in the US in 2016, who could be considered as homeless, and who did not have their own families. Furthermore, according to investigations of Homelessness Research Institute conducted in 2011, it can be observed a significant increase of number of families with a single parent who did not have enough incomes for living, by 6%, and, as a result, become homeless. The major contributing factor, which place these types of population at higher risk, is that their representatives have to provide themselves with everything needed on their own. Hence, households with low incomes and veterans, who live within the US, are mainly impacted by homelessness.

Contributing Factors

One of the major contributing factors of homelessness in the United States of America is that there is a plethora of households, which are not able to pay for housing. For example, average rates of incomes of households reduced from $51,144 to $50,502 in 2010-2011 (only in 14 states across the country the level of incomes increased during this period). Furthermore, the level of poverty also has an impact on number of homeless people, because it increased from 2010 to 2011 by 0.6%, which caused that 48 million people are living beyond poverty in the US. Moreover, an average fee for a two-bedroom housing unit increased by 1.5% for the same period of time, while expenditures for authorities help reduced respectively. Another important factor of increase of homelessness is the decline of number of vacancies of rental from 10.6 % to 9.7% for that year. Finally, increase of households rent, decrease of incomes, and an abundance of people, who live beyond poverty, cause the development of homelessness within the modern community of the US.

Moreover, there are a lot of additional factors such as households and demography, which seemingly influence the development of homelessness within the US. Furthermore, people families with a single adult, poor families and people living in doubled-up conditions are mostly impacted by homelessness. For example, in 2010-2011 there could be observed an overage increase of doubled-up situation by 9.4% on average. Moreover, it was found that 12.9% of poor households were represented by a single personality, which was marked with 6% increase. Finally, the number of people in a family and living circumstances within the considering family are the main contributing factors of development of homelessness in the US.

Statistical Data

According to the researches of 2016 there are a lot of people in the modern community of the United States of America, who are homeless. For example, nearly 550,000 people in 2016 could be considered as homeless in the US (68% of them are staying in safe places, transitional housing programs, or emergency shelters, while 32% remaining are staying in unsheltered areas). Furthermore, there are outstanding rates of age diversity of homeless people in the United States. For example, 22% homeless people are children, 9% are 18-24 years old, and remaining percentage is older than 24. Furthermore, although overall homelessness rates decreased in the US during from 2015 to 2016, because people staying in sheltered places reduced by 5%, while rates of people staying in unsheltered decreased by 2%. Hence, almost half million of inhabitants of the United States has to struggle with the problem of homelessness.

Another important fact about homelessness in the US is that it is usually classified by type of household. For instance, 35% of homeless citizens of the US are 194,716 familys members with homeless children, while within these families there were 60% younger than 18, 32% older than 24, and 8% of people of 18-24 years old. Nevertheless, it can be observed a positive tendency of significant reduction of number of homeless families in the US in 2015-2016. For example, the number of homeless families with children reduced during these years by 5-6 percent. Hence, there is a plethora of families, who live in the United States of America, and who experiencing homelessness regularly.

Additionally, homeless can be considered as a phenomenon of each of the subpopulations of the US, which are great in number. For example, the rates of 2016 claim that there were 39,471 veterans, who did not have their own shelter, while 97% of them did not have a child and lived as individuals. Furthermore, chronic homelessness is a significant issue for the US, because the rates of 2016 state that there are 77,486 human beings with children with this type of homelessness. However, the number of representatives of chronic homelessness reduced in 2016 by 7%, while it also reduced by 35% from 2007 to 2015. On the other hand, the number of unaccompanied homeless youth was 35,686 at the beginning of 2016, while 89% of them were 18-24 years old and age of 11% of them was under 18. Finally, there are a lot of representatives of a wide range of subpopulations of the United States of America, who are suffering from homelessness.

Reasons for Reduction

There is a wide range of contributing factors, which helped the USs government to reduce the impact of the problem on the publicity. For example, veterans and chronic homeless personalities have been supported by the authorities of the country, who gave them an opportunity to live in constant supporting housing, in the recent years. The Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-housing Program (HPRP), which is aimed on decline of homeless people, has also been developed within last years. However, problem of homelessness has not been completely destroyed with the help of these governmental programs, and there are still a lot of things to be changed. Hence, the activity of the USs government helped to reduce the number of homeless people within the previous years.

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Homeless in India

Homelessness is one of the most significant problems for the entire population of India, because there is a plethora of people suffering from the impact of this phenomenon. Furthermore, homelessness is considered in India as well as in the US as an absence of rights for or respect for long-term shelter being simultaneously the most complicated issue. For example, in 2005 the United Nations stated that there are approximately 78 million homeless people in India (vs. 550,000 in the US). In their turn, homeless individuals can be easily met in city as well as in rural areas, while the state of homelessness within the country has already become an integral issue of political discussions. Another important fact about homelessness within India is that there exists a term known as hidden homelessness, which, in its turn, can be observed in rural areas. For instance, people, who live in some rural area, are more likely to desire to struggle with homelessness with the help of such measures, which will, finally, make the existence of homelessness hidden. In its turn, this means that there will be only visual effect that homelessness is overcome, while, in fact, homelessness can be found in each of the expression of life within poor regions of rural area in India. In the US homelessness is not considered separately in rural and urban areas, and is investigated as a gran problem for the entire country. Hence, homelessness is an inevitable phenomenon of society of India and of the United States, which are considered in these countries from different points of view.

Social, Environmental, and Economic Costs

The social, environmental, and economic consequences of homelessness are very destructive for the entire population of the United States of America. For example, according to analysis conducted in Thurston County in 2015 $129,728,300.00 is spent by government of the country annually in order to deal with this problem including services of law enforcement and medical care. This is one of the best expressions of economic destruction with help of homelessness. Moreover, most of homeless people have a plethora of various physical and psychical incurable diseases, which is closely connected with living of people in the streets. This is a good example of social impacts of homelessness on the community of the United States. Finally the environment is significantly damaged by homeless personalities, because homeless people prefer using of the surrounding world as a big litter bin, which can be shown through the throwing of litter in parks and roads. Hence, the existence of phenomenon of homelessness seemingly affects society, environment, and economy of the US.

Methods of Struggle

The major measures of the American government during different periods of history of the country were aimed mostly against homeless people, but not for their support. In the 17th century homelessness was a common phenomenon considered as a moral drawback, which was caused by peoples inappropriate actions, and, as a result, homeless people were not supported by others. Furthermore, in the beginning of the 19th century there were a lot of homeless people, but the government created special prisons for such people, and again did not help them. Unfortunately, there were no official documents, which determined rights of homeless, until 1948, when 155 countries signed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. There was stated that all of the people regardless their financial and households circumstances have rights for healthcare and housing). For example, the third armrest in the middle of benches within a great number of different parks across the country is aimed on not giving a homeless person a chance of sleeping there at night. Another good example of actions against homeless is the prohibition of public feeding in Philadelphia developed in 2012, although the similar laws currently exist in 50 other states. Moreover, there are cities, where it is not allowed to serve homeless people for free as a hairdresser from Hartford, Connecticut did. Another important example of policies of the government against homeless people is prohibition, for example, in New York of gathering of money for feeding of homeless personalities. The most important result of these actions of the government is that citizens of big cities are now not able to see a plethora of homeless people in the streets, although the problem of homeless people is still one of the most important for the US. As a result, most of the methodologies developed within the United States according to struggle with homelessness are aimed on fight with homeless people.

Projected Consequences of Homelessness

The social workers will have to struggle with a plethora of problems caused with phenomenon of homelessness within the US basing the results on the most recent investigations, if it is ignored and saved in the future. For example, the number of ambulanced homeless personalities with an incurable illnesses, increased alcohol, or illicit drug in the country will significantly increase in the nearest future even in comparison with current situation. Moreover, homeless human beings will demonstrate significantly higher percentage of bacterial respiratory cultures and lower rates of Glasgow Coma Scores. As a result, social work practice will have to deal not only with a great number of homeless, but also with the accelerated speed of expansion of incurable diseases. Furthermore, social workers will have to help the community of the US to save them from economic (poorness) and environmental (pollution) destructions caused by homelessness. Finally, the main outcomes of uncontrolled homelessness will be permanent spreading of illnesses, and increase of poornesss and pollutions levels.

Summary of Study

The knowledge acquired during educational process and personal experience during the execution of the research project, has broadened my horizons of knowledge that can improve social welfare policy. First, there are no doubts that government is able to help to all of the people suffering from various social problems, especially from homelessness. This tendency can be observed in the creation of a great number of programs aimed on improvement of living conditions of homeless people. Second, social workers should thoroughly control the processes of execution of all of the project, which help to enhance social welfare policy and to report about them. Finally, the personal desire of advocating of people suffering from homelessness is caused by the fact that all of the people living in the US are able to help these personalities. Hence, during research of homelessness in the US it was decided how this problem can be fixed.


First, social workers should create a special network on local, national and international levels, which will help homeless people to find jobs and to develop their working skills, which, in its turn, will help them to pay for their shelters. For example, social workers can fund a special charity organization, which will provide education for free for all of the people suffering from homelessness, and which will help homeless personalities to acquire a degree in a plethora of sciences. Second, social worker should care about specific vacancies for homeless people, who do not have a degree or even have not graduated from school. There are no doubts that these working duties should not be very complicated, but should consist of some routine works execution such as working at a plant, where they will have to construct different machines. Although these people do not have a degree, they should be paid as a workers employed for full-time job, which will obviously help them to have enough incomes to pay for housing. As a result, social workers should create a wide range of educational opportunities and working vacancies for homeless people in order to help them to overcome their problems.


In conclusion, homelessness is one of the most important and actual phenomena of the current society of the America, because it causes a great number of negative influences on the USs community. Furthermore, this issue permanently affects people of different social status regarding their gender and age creating a wide range of different problems. Moreover, the most common factors, which contribute to the development of homelessness within the America, are poor social security, which, in its turn, does not provide people with an opportunity to spend their incomes for living. The most negative consequences of homelessness are a lot of health problems, pollution of the environment, and financial losses of the country. Unfortunately, problem of homelessness was usually ignored during the entire history of the America. However, if the problem of homelessness is not solved in the nearest future, economic, social, and environmental danger will increase with an accelerated speed. Nevertheless, there are a few effective steps required to be made by social workers such as creation of working places and opportunities of free education for homeless people. Hence, homelessness is a significant social issue in the US, which should be overcome with the help of collaboration of the entire worldwide population.

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