Hidden Blade

The Asian films always express explicit cultural and ethnical traditions. Hidden Blade is extremely interesting picture with pleasant romantic and dramatic plot. Nevertheless, this movie has also particular historic value, as it depicts the details of Japanese life. Moreover, it tells about one of the most turning periods in the state. It even seems that the course that of the movie is quite boring, as the events do not go fast. However, the dramatic moments, noble samurais and delicate women in kimono can attract any spectator. Of course, the film is a work of a Japanese national cinematography and the description of historic events is the most precise. Thus, this piece can, actually be used as a useful historic material. The director created a perfect mixture of romantic events, with the military orders on the background of the samurais’ everyday life. Although, the film shows domestic affairs of samurais, it could be an important source of historic information and inspiration.

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The film depicts the order of the samurais’ everyday life in the military corps and at home. The central plot is a story of a noble and honorable samurai. He is not rich and live with his mother, sister, servant and other members of the house. The samurai has some particular tender, deep feeling to the servant in his house. She is beautiful and well brought up, but the problem is that she belongs to a different class of the society. The samurai understands that they will never be together. The noble master of the house takes care of his family and do not even dream about some fame or wealth. Nevertheless, he is a real samurai and serves his ruler. His biggest dilemma is a decision whether to perform the ruler order and kill the rebel though he is not guilt or to betray the master. The biggest problem is that this rebel is his friend. The samurai makes quite nonstandard decision, since he kills the rebel and revenges to ruler for it. Nevertheless, this choice must be justified, as it is a way of the samurai behavior. The director of the picture inserts to the film different comic situation in the military corps, but at that time, he shows the way of Japanese culture adopts western elements. It is a period, when the soldiers try the first weapon, brought from Europe. The film seems to be interesting and the viewers can admire the noble samurai. Besides, his attitude toward the ordinary house servant proves his honorable devotion. The servant Kia leaves his house because of the marriage. However, a new family of Kia makes her unhappy and ill, and the samurai has to take her away from there. The end of the movie is quite romantic, as the samurai disavows his caste in order to be with Kia.

Reflection on the Historical Content

Nevertheless, the film reflects important historic content. Although, it seems that the movie is completely dedicated to the story of one samurai and his love affair, it depicts many essential historic issues. The life and everyday problems of the samurais are the most interesting theme of the movie, as the western spectators can get some information from the film and some pleasure from the romantic image of a noble samurai. The honor is the biggest value for the samurais, so that they kill themselves as the way to demonstrate the justice or a noble character in some cases. The samurai’s sword is an element of his power, but the film shows that the samurais use it quite rare. The picture tells a story of love among the different classes, but it is an important background for depicting a problem of class. It is possible to assume that the same stories could take place in the history because of the class differentiation. The director uses some dialogs and scenes to prove the unnecessary division into the casts, as even the people do not understand the meaning of the cast. It is a certain obstacle on the way to happy life without ridiculous limitations. In addition, the director add some other information of historic importance what makes the picture even more valuable. It is explained the importance of the harakiri traditions and the sense of the ritual. Actually, the details, manners and customs of life in Japan are unchangeable, as the culture and order of the country are quite different from the western. However, the middle of XIX century was a turning point for Japan and a time of significant reforms. It is visible that people do not want to take the traditions and the war manners form the Western countries, but they have to. The instructor tries to teach them keep the military order of the English soldiers, but Japanese culture is a unique phenomenon.

Critical Assessment of the film’s Value as a Source of Historical Information and Inspiration

The film is not only interesting for the spectators but an essential source of historic information and inspiration. It can inspire for further investigation of Japanese culture and its traditions. It makes people admire and respect the devotedness of noble samurais. Of course, it is necessary to admit that the elements of fiction are present and the heroes of it seem to be invented. Nevertheless, it does not make the movie less valuable form the historic point of view. The main characters are fictitious, but their presence helps the spectators to see the history of rich world of Japan. The movie inspires to love its traditions and culture and admire the gallantry of noble samurais. The teachers can use this movie or just essential elements of it for illustration the samurais’ order at home and at the military corps. It cannot give the information about the concrete events in the history but can help to understand and imagine the style of life, traditions and even their comprehension of life. The film is an important source of the historic information. It is possible to use the picture at the beginning of the Japanese history exploration, since the romantic story about the noble samurai and a beautiful woman can encourage study the subject. Moreover, the element of the Japanese nature is one of the most important. The blooming pink flowers of the Oriental cherry decorate the pictures of everyday life in grey colors. The picturesque background is a perfect place for depiction historic issues of Japan during the reforms in XIX century. The film is a valuable source of information and inspiration.


The film Hidden Blade is a story about domestic and military life of samurais, with their traditions and culture. The movie depicts a story of tender feeling of the people form the different classes, as a serious obstacle to their happiness. Actually, the movie does not include some particular historic characters or events, but the plot line has essential value, as an important historic source. On the background of ordinary life, the spectator can see details of national traditions. The biggest attraction of the movie is the image of the samurai, what makes the viewer to get pleasure form the film. Of course, the content of the picture does not remind the historic film, but is a valuable source of information concerning traditions and culture.

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