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Deception plays a central role in the movie. It is the basis for the entire scenario and is at the heart of the Cobb’s plan. Read more

Homelessness in the USA

To begin with, the United States of America is currently suffering from the problems caused by homelessness. The major intention of the following paper is to investigate the contributing factors and negative consequences of homelessness in the US, and to provide thorough recommendation how to deal with this problem. Read more

Immigration. Alt-Rights Views vs the Progressives Views and the Way Forward

Immigration has been one of the hotly contested issues in many developed countries as various groups often differ sharply on the topic owing to their diverse opinions on the matter. In recent elections across several countries like France, Germany, USA, and Italy as well as in the UK during the Brexit vote, immigration was one of the leading issues that played a central role in determining the outcomes of those polls. Read more

Youth Coalition. Struggle for Meaningful Reforms

The drastic influence of narrow-minded views on the abstract notions of sexuality and gender boundaries has led to the rising opposition to the perpetuation of sexual discrimination among young people, frequently manifested in the inaccessibility of healthcare services and denial of reproductive rights. Read more

Women Discrimination in the Workplace

For many centuries, the issue of gender inequality has been widely debated. Access to a good education, equality of social or economic opportunities, and workplace opportunities can be regarded as main measures of gender equality. Despite the fact that over the last decades, progress has been evident, thus many alarming issues considering gender discrimination still prevail today. Read more