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Film Critique: Morning Raga

Morning Raga is a film one cannot help but admire for its musical techniques and outstanding camerawork. Read more

Breaking Laws in the Interest of Justice: Use of Persuasion in Pursuit of Equality

Martin Luther King had been one of the most renowned non-violent civil rights activists for centuries. He used the non-violent protests in an attempt to free the African Americans from the chains of racism. Read more

“A Tale of Two Sisters” in the Feminist Discourse

Through the explanation of the uncanny characteristic of A Tale of Two Sisters, it is also important to show its feminist implications. It is clear that the correlation between uncanny narratives and feminist narratives is very strong primarily because of protesting orientation of both. Read more

A Scroll of Chen Xianzhang Greatest Lesson

An article published by Dr. John Stucky in a spring 2016 issue of the "Lotus Leaves" discussed the story and the meaning of the Chinese antique hanging scroll, which is stored in the Department of Chinese Art of the Asian Art Museum. Read more

Issues Addressed in David Ruehm’s Therapy for a Vampire

The work of art under consideration is an Austrian film called Therapy for a Vampire (the original title in German is Der Vampir aud der Couch). The film was directed by David Ruehm and released in 2014. Read more

Hidden Blade

The Asian films always express explicit cultural and ethnical traditions. Hidden Blade is extremely interesting picture with pleasant romantic and dramatic plot. Nevertheless, this movie has also particular historic value, as it depicts the details of Japanese life. Read more