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When Kids Get Life

The documentary “When kids get life” raises a critical issue of teenage murderers and the way they are treated by the US justice system. Focusing on the stories of five teenagers who were sentenced to life imprisonment without parole, the authors of the film ... Read more

Wind Talkers Film Review

The movie ‘Wind Talkers’, directed by John Woo, was released on June 12, 2002. This movie is about the famous Navajo Native speakers who used a secret code during World War II to communicate and coordinate attacks of the war. Read more

The World We Have

The modern pace of extinction is a thousand times greater than the rate of extinction of species in the ancient times. If this trend continues, the loss of bio-diversity will be irreversible. Changes in the biosphere lead to the disruption of existing ecosystems in the world. Read more

Sirius’ Dilemma

From this article (Harry Porter’s Dilemma), it is indeed clear that Sirius faces an impounding dilemma on elaborately choosing a game strategy that shall look convincing to Warner Bros (WB). The strategy should bestow the prospected earnings of a yet-to-be released film sequel, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. Read more

World Civilization - The Christopher Columbus Letter

The Christopher Columbus letter addressed to the great Lord Raphael Sanchez written by a Genoese captain, Christopher Columbus, who was on a voyage heading to the East Indies across the Atlantic Ocean. Amid the arrival venture, while on board the boat, Columbus composed a letter reporting the consequences of his voyage and declaring his disclosure of the islands of the Indies. Read more

Film Critique: Morning Raga

Morning Raga is a film one cannot help but admire for its musical techniques and outstanding camerawork. Read more