The Psychological Impacts of Motivation

Different methods of motivation possess different kinds of psychological impacts. The kind of motivational approach that one applies to an individual, whether in a working or learning environment, possesses different impacts. A situation in which I was highly motivated happened when my boss identified a good performance made by me in the workplace. The employees in the organization had formed a poor tendency of arriving late at the workplace. This occurred as inconveniencing trend since most of the activities that took place early in the morning went undone. In addition, this led to a decline in the company’s input since most of the morning customers went unattended. As such, I decided to form groups of workers who would be attending to customers very early in the morning in shifts. Moreover, any worker who arrived late during their group’s shift faced a penalty of working in double shifts in order to account for the time lost.

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When the boss noticed the step that I made to improve worker availability, he decided to praise me. In particular, he used cognitive approach to motivate me. He called me to his office one morning and congratulated me immensely for the attempts I made in improving worker efficiency and availability. Moreover, he called on a meeting with the entire working staff to identify my efforts and encourage everyone to maintain punctuality at all times. He also selected two other well performing workers and assigned them to act as my assistants. This step made by the boss largely reduced my workload.

Since the step I took to ensure worker punctuality was out of good will and not for any kind of recognition, I felt immensely motivated to work harder. In addition, my motivation to work with more zeal increased since other workers started giving me some level of respect that I never expected. Finally, this not only motivated me to work harder, but other workers also improved in their duties and punctuality (Feldman 34).

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