Successful Aging Essay Example

Initially, especially during the early 1960s, the term “successful aging” was not an explicit theme within the biomedical literature; nevertheless, with efforts to foster longevity and positive experiences states of health, the term gradually gained mainstream usage. Successful aging delineates physical, cognitive, and social well-being in senior years. The concept of successful ageing has gained prominence out of stigma linked with old age and the perception of older people as a burden to the society. The concept of successful aging embraces the capability of senior citizens to function at a high level and positively contribute to the society.

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The majority of studies on successful aging mainly employ restricted definition grounded on the absence of disability, and, as such, highlight limited number of factors as predictors of successful aging. Its determinants encompass intricate interactions of lifestyle, social environment, and genetic factors. Depression closely interferes with all the determinants of successful aging. Evidence-based ways of fostering successful aging encompass physical exercise, calories restriction, cognitive stimulation, optimization of stress, and social support. Multidimensional definition of successful aging highlights variables such as spirituality, demographic status, nutrition, and psychosocial support as pertinent determinants of successful aging. Resources are critical determinants of well-being although life-management strategies bear considerable protective impact with limited resources.

Genetics can be regarded as one of the determinants of successful aging. Evidence indicates that successful aging remains a multifactor trait impacted on by several genes and environmental factors. Based on the absence of consensus on the precise definition of successful aging, it has become hard to establish estimates of the number of the elderly aging successfully within the community. I agree with literature that successful aging constitutes a multidimensional concept that incorporates and transcends good health based on a wide range of bio-psychosocial factors, namely: low possibility of illness and its related disability, high physical as well as mental functioning and an enhanced social functioning.

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