History of narcissism in the American society started during the 17th century when America was undergoing a revolution in its economic, educational and other crucial sectors of a society. The Narcissist is a term used in describing the personality trait of an individual characterized by vanity, selfishness, pride as well egotism. Americans are generally known to posses such traits. They do believe in what they do and regard it as the best. To Americans, their hope and self esteem is incomparable to any individual from other nations. While practicing narcissism, there are features that do arise within the society. These include certain education system, certain cultural practices, health and lifestyles and several others. Capitalism and socialism are among the issues that do arise in a society where narcissism is practiced. Capitalism is a system of economy where the production means are entirely under the control of private individuals within a state or nation. Means of production, in this context, refers to resources such as labor, money and other forms of capital. A capitalist economy runs through various individuals who operate and own the private companies. The decisions that are made by the individuals affect the way resources are being used in the companies.

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Socialism, on the other hand, refers to the economic system in which the production means are under the ownership of the public or state. Socialist’s aim is to ensure uniform or national development in all aspects. It aims at distributing the few economic resources to other people within the nation. Socialism does not recognize individual efforts such as innovation and entrepreneurship, but aims at distributing the wealth generated by such people to others who may not be working hard enough to acquire their own wealth. The government does this by taxing the wealth and using the tax to create opportunities to the poor individuals. Narcissism comes into play when this process is successfully carried out by the government.

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