Clinical Psychology

Clinica psychology is an APA division that integrates science, practice and theory eith the aim of predicting, understanding and alleviating disability, maladjustment, discomfort as well as helping in the promotion of humen beings adaptation and personal development (Rotter, 1964).. This division has a intense focus on the emotional, social, intellectual, biological and behavioural nature of human beings functioning across the life period at all socioeconomic leveld and in varying cultures. The clinical psychology goals includes establishing healthy roles, improvement of communication , to interprete and administer psychological tesing and assessment (Hersen, 1983).

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Clinical psycholohy will help in moulding a clinical psychologis through training and education in order to generate and integrate proffesional and scientific skills and knowledge as a way of creating continuity of psychological science, human welfare and advancement of proffesional practice of psychology (Hersen, 1983). Clinical Psychologists are largely involved in research, consultation, teaching and programme development among other relevant activities in order promote psychological health in human beings, organizations and families (Rotter, 1964). Clinical psychologist researches helps in early intervention and prevention of problems of maladjustments of people who require institutional care. A clinical psychology practitioner or student will benefit from this psychology division as he or she will be able to work directly with people such as patients and families of the same psychopathology at all development levels with the help of learned intervention and assessment methods so as to alleviate maladjustment and discomfort (Hersen, 1983). The research clinical psychology proffesionals will help me to be able to determine the causes, the nature and the probable effects of personal dysfunctions , personal distress and psychological factors that are associated with nervous and emotional disorders.

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