Psychology Category

How to Recover from Breakups

Anyone that has ever committed to a romantic relationship has to go through this one heart-breaking, confusing, disappointing moment: breaking up with someone you used to love. Read more

Introductory Psychology

Psychology is one of the most complex areas of human activity, which analyzes the nature of the behavioral patterns, thinking processes, and decisions made by every individual Read more

Psychological Issues in Juvenile and Adult Psychopathy

Delinquency and criminal behavior usually denote underlying psychological problems. Psychologists have been able to trace to trace the illegal actions processed by the offenders back to the preschool years. The study classifies offenders into two distinct groups, life-course-persistent offenders (LCPs) or adolescent-limited offenders (ALs). Read more

Psychological Disorders and Culture

Mental health has been recognized as a major issue of concern within society since the early times. During these times, different communities used special healing practices defined by their culture to help the people with mental health problems. Read more

Attachment in Early Childhood

The relationship that people portray in their adulthood has a great connection to the relationship that a child was given by the mother while still a toddler. It is pointed out that this is a special type of relationship that seeks an exchange of care, pleasure, and comfort. Read more