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Sexual Aggression

2000 Word Essay Example. Alcohol contributes to cases of sexual assault via numerous pathways, frequently aggravating the risk factors. Beliefs regarding alcohol’s effect on aggressive and sexual behavior, stereotypes regarding drinking women, and the alcohol’s ... Read more

How Stereotypes Affect Behavior

1200 Word Essay Example. Stereotypes refer to assumptions or generalizations, which may be made regarding members of a certain group. Stereotypes tend to be based on beliefs about what other people look like, as well as assumptions regarding their behavior. For example ... Read more

EBD Causal Factors

1200 Word Essay Example. Emotional and Behavioral Disorders (EBD) result from various factors; mostly, potential causative factors may entail variables linked to family, social, biological and community aspects. Hence, the establishment of past and present medical history, including past and present health care ... Read more

Family Essay

3500 Word Essay. The family has a very vital responsibility in the treatment of issues related to health even in matters of substance abuse. Family work has in the recent times been a robust theme of many approaches to treatment. However, there is a challenge that still remains with the widening complexity of the treatment focus on substance abuse from the person to the family ... Read more

The Psychological Impacts of Motivation

Different methods of motivation possess different kinds of psychological impacts. The kind of motivational approach that one applies to an individual, whether in a working or learning environment, possesses different impacts. Read more

Motivating Employees

The aspect of motivation plays a very crucial role in employee’s performance. Motivation as a condition stimulates an employee desire to do a particular task in the most efficient way possible. Employees tend to give a 100% return regarding effort and are driven by personal objectives and goals Read more