Reading Romance

Romances deal with the problems and tensions of the women’s life. The idea that a person can find a real situation in the book usually encourages ladies to pay much attention to the stories in the soap operas. Nevertheless, it is also the way to perform the women’s nature during the reading. In other words, female gender needs some feeling of commiseration, excitement and deep emotion. Moreover, it is a specific method to find a certain solution for some problems. Janice A. Radway states that reading romance is an individual projection of the problem and proper solution (206). Therefore, it is possible to conclude that women need to read love novels with the purpose to find there some reflection of real women’s life conditions and tensions, since it helps not only to find solutions for personal issues but also it makes women escape form their troublesome life. This idea is closely connected with the aspect of male construction of the world.

The Romance Reading is an intension of the patriarchal power rejection. Although the present world seems to support the gender equality, women’s, actually, do not feel spiritual freedom and moral independence. It creates certain patriarchal culture, which blocks a possibility of a lady to feel happy. “Women’s domestic role in the patriarchal culture, which is simultaneously addressed and countervaluated in the imagination through a women’s encounter with romantic fiction, is left virtually intact by her leisure time withdrawal” (Radway 212). Consequently, romantic literature is important in women’s life, as it is an opportunity to project a fictional world of happy and successful life into reality, since the majority of female characters in the love novel are strong and independent. Even if they suffer and feel some troubles, the end of the stories is always happy. However, the novels cause some feministic ideas.

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The romance reading forms a new, contemporary phenomenon of feminism. A traditional image of a woman in the romance literature is a typical symbolic fighter with the men’s traditions. Usually, the main female character suffers from betraying or love affairs. Nevertheless, man is the source of her troubles. Ladies, who read these stories, feel some internal protest against men’s humiliation of a female gender. Moreover, it is confirmed that women make up 85% of romance readers in America (Romance Writers of America). The plot and central line ideas are directed on women as well. Therefore, the romance reading can satisfy some personal feministic ideas in the consciousness of women since it brings not only satisfaction but psychological confirmation of the spiritual freedom of a soul. The romances usually show the victory of a woman character. However, it is obvious that women like to observe romantic sufferings.

Romantic sufferings and conditions are one of the most attractive features of the romance reading since all the women like to experience new feelings and emotion, projecting them into their personal imaginary world. The present life transforms into the daily routine reality and every new book is a new experience and romantic. However, after the marriage the couples have quite ordinary, boring mode of life. The problem is that woman experiences acute necessity in romantic. Thus, romance is an attempt to escape from the routine and attain new emotions. In addition to it the romance reading can wake up some passions and bring some diversity of fillings, since the romantic events in the story help to fill the gaps in the psychological condition of a person, who need some romantic in real life. Nevertheless, the pleasure from the reading seems to be the most convincing argument.

The novels contain the information directed on women’s comprehension and have comfortable construction and easy content. The complicate circumstances of the reality compel ladies to find something to read for pleasure. Actually, all the novels have quite simple language, which help to relax after the hard working day. However, the secondary details of the story attract ladies to buy and read these books, since these details concern the most essential aspects of women’s life. These are horoscopes, pop music, fashion, food and cooking, which involves in an endless cycle of pleasure (Reading Romance 142). A lady can find there information concerning her interests, since it enriches the knowledge at this sphere and explore the most important issues of women’s life, helping them to pay much attention to their personal affairs. However, perfect relations and an ideal male character are the pleasure aspects.

The novels idealize the image of a man and the main male character combine the most attractive features. It does not mean that a man is handsome, though it is also important. The internal virtues of a character are the aspect of a woman’s attention. Every girl dreams to marry an honorable, generous, courage, kind and honest man. However, people are all not ideal. Thus, the reading romance is an intentional desire to observe perfect male characters, as it is a part of women’s nature and a way of confirmation a woman’s sexuality. Janice A. Radway concludes that “a fictional heroine whose identity as a woman is always confirmed by the romantic and sexual attention of an ideal male” (113). Moreover, it gives a girl a certain possibility to feel pleasure form the fictional world if she disappointed with the real one. This issue is closely related to the aspect of sexual emotions and fantasies.

Love and sexual relations seem to be two the most important issues of the romance reading. The statistics confirms that the most bestselling books concerns erotica and love (Romance Writers of America). It means that the lack of emotional and physical satisfaction lead to the romance reading preference. This statistic can also illustrate that the absence of the love and sexual issue in life is replaced by the fictional and imagery world. Nevertheless, it makes people happy and brings them passionate feelings. Romance reading seems to be one of the most popular types of reading, as it combines important features and supply a person with the necessary feelings. Thus, it is not only interesting and exiting it enriches a person with the necessary natural emotions. Women feel the most acute necessity of it since their comprehension of the world is more tender and delicate. Moreover, ladies experience some times some lack of changes and need to perform their wishes and desires.

The plot of the love story is quite a significant component of the general attraction, as it contains the most important aspects, which make women’s life more interesting and rich. It is the issue of adventures with the complex of romantic events, luxury life and spy elements of the literary peace. The ordinary life of a woman with the domestic problems can be enriched with the interesting elements, implementing her dreams in her imaginary world. Although, it seems not objective, but women intend to make their life more interesting being involved into home affairs, since they need to experience these feeling in order not to lose sense of life. Therefore, the romance reading makes ladies not only happy but also helps to get rid of some psychological complex and achieve a positive perception of the world since the adventurous character of the story can improve a psychological state of the person.

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