Life and Death

Life is a period of time that lies between birth and death. Therefore, death is an important part of a human’s life. However, many people do not consider it as a part of their lives. They are afraid of death and try to avoid it. Confucius state that people know nothing about life, so what can they know about death. It means that people should first understand what life is, but they cannot do it due to the fear of death. In my opinion, the main goal of people’s life is not to escape death, but to live with dignity. Thus, the most important thing is how people consider their death and the death of their loved ones.

Every second makes people closer to their death. No one can escape it. From this viewpoint, the life is similar to a train heading to the last station. Death forces people to realize their mortality. However, the majority of them are afraid to look into the eyes of death. They think that they can deny death by avoiding it. Throughout the history of China, there were many wise persons who denied death believing in immortality such as Qin Shi Huang and his Quest for Immortality. He was the first emperor who united China and built the Great Wall. Undoubtedly, Shi Huang was a great ruler, but he was deceived by Fu Xu who took advantage of his weaknesses and desire to be immortal at any cost. It seems that it is impossible to make people fully prepared for death since the fear of death has rooted deeply in their minds. Thus, in my opinion, it is not just the matter of fear. People are afraid to lose all they have in life such as money, power, and their loved ones. It is important to consider death as something inevitable, but not negative. The fear of death causes stress and anxiety that makes people unable to cope with the challenges in life. Moreover, it decreases the overall quality of life.

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The poem “Dust in the Wind” by Kerry Livgren supports the idea of how unimportant people are in before the face of the world, and they are similar to a “dust.” Moreover, the author shows how short the life is. All humans are “dust,” and their lives are a wind. This “wind” is heading towards death. However, people are too weak to change it, or at least to hold on a one single moment. The only one thing they can do is to follow the trend of their lives, accept death, and let things happen. This poem is not about life being pointless. It aimed to show people that their dreams, wealth or passions mean nothing. Therefore, by denying death, they just do not want to lose their property. In addition, all people will die no matter how successful they are. However, the world will not change. It will remain the same whether we existed or not. Therefore, before the face of the Universe, people are tiny as well as all their problems. Thus, it is crucial to enjoy every second of our life.

We all know that one day death will come to people we love and us. It is painful for us that we do not know the exact time when it will happen since it is hard to accept the death of a person you love. It is difficult to realize that you will never see them again. Especially, if a person even did not have a chance to say goodbye. If this inevitable part of our life has come suddenly, the pain can be unbearable. Indeed, death could be sudden and painful as the death of my grandmother two years ago. Her death makes me realize how short our lives are. It has shown me that I should never think that I have much time to spend with people I love. Since no one knows who will be the next. My grandmother's death makes me reflect on my life; it shows me that nothing will last forever. It showed me that I should understand this.

The poem “Nothing gold can stay” by Robert Frost states nothing lasts forever, not matter if it is beautiful and perfect. The author uses symbolism in nature to express his views. In the poem, Frost provides an example of the “first green.” It symbolizes the youth and new birth, while “gold” is a symbol of all beautiful and finest things in life. Although Frost thinks that all beautiful things are as valuable as “gold,” he claims that someday they will pass away as well. However, their beauty is temporary. In the line “Her early leaf's a flower,” flower symbolizes beauty and beautiful things in life, but it still will return to a “green leaf” and die. The bloom is short and rapid: “But only so an hour.” The Frost’s poem tells about nature, but its purpose is to show the meaning of life and death. Frost describes that all good things come to an end since he wants the reader to understand that everyone is in the circle, somewhere between the birth and death. Thus, people should be thankful for death since it shows them how short their lives are. The death is not making our life pointless. We need to realize it and be grateful for every opportunity to spend time with people we love. 

In the poem “A Psalm of life” by Henry Longfellow, the author claims that life is real. He encourages people to treat life seriously. According to him, it is not just “empty dreams” and meaningless. The death is not the ultimate goal since life does not end when death comes. The author wants people to consider life from an optimistic viewpoint. In his opinion, it is full of possibilities. Thus, by working hard and using the time properly, we are able to achieve more goals. Also, we need to believe in the power and potential of life. Longfellow states that the world is a “field of battle” and all people are fighting there. In addition, the author did not want humans to be “driven cattle.”  He wants them to be heroes in their battles.  Life is short, and we should not be passive. Instead, we should set goals and achieve them. 

To conclude, death is an essential part of human life, and I appreciate it since it helped me find the sense of my life. It showed me that life is not about time passed, it is about how we spent it. The sense of life is to have love and happiness. It is the death who has taught me to be grateful for all good things I have in my life. We should live our lives for the sake of future generations in order to leave our footprints on the sand of time. Death is not the end; it is the continuation of a way.

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