Why God Created This World

Religion and science are regularly at long horns in nowadays’ highly litigious and polarized world, and apparently each is always disdainfully antagonistic and scornful towards the other. Nevertheless that link was incredibly different when several of the utmost leaps in scientific understanding took place. God is believed to have been a mathematician where he planned the globe in extraterrestrial codes that only some men or rather scientists have been capable to decipher in pieces. Edward Dolnick in his book, the Clockwork Universe tried to reveal who was highly influential in the origin of contemporary science and came up with Isaac Newton, Leibniz, Kepler, and Galileo.  The intention of Newton was build men into be more devout and pious, more reverential within the facade of the God's creation. His aspiration behind his works was not for men to climb to their bases in liberty but to go down to their knee in trepidation (Dolnick pp.7).

In this critical history book, the chief movers during the seventeenth century scientific insurgency who basically were in it full time although they were against it. These scientific revolutionists like Kepler, Galileo, Leibniz, and Newton existed in Europe which was wracked by economic upheaval, religious conflict, plagues, and wars; and each one of them came up with astrophysical theories within which the cosmos operated through clockwork aptness. Dolnick notes that these influential deist revolutionary and scientific thinkers supposed that divinity had created faultless mechanisms and which they tirelessly labored hard so as to understand them. His book places these unconventional, beleaguered geniuses in the perspectives of their drastically turbulent age.

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The Dolnick book traces the evolution of the rationally innovatory 17th century, for instance, how the globe developed from 1543, at what time when Copernicus proclaimed that all the planets span circuiting the sun, while not the globe, to 1705, during when England queen knighted Newton due to his participation and discoveries of the universal gravitation. By then many scientists were religious or rather believed in the present of a supernatural being who was responsible for everything that happened and therefore these people intended to work out the operations behind the phenomenon of the universe and through their religious foundations took over investigations aimed at proofing the clockwork universe created by god or rather he really formed an orderly, perfect world (Dolnick pp.3).

These discoveries even though they were not meant at undermining the god’s creation but apparently after coming up with the forces behind the universe, for instance like those responsible for earth’s rotation and revolution, and the moon rotation but they unintentionally undermined the beliefs in an omnipotent creator. This ushered the present era of science along with technology and made scientists more radical towards science and pushing further the connection between religion and science.

From time immemorial, humans had been eager to discover the truth behind the natural broad patterns which drove the universe where for instance, day was followed by night, and the recurrence of the four seasons, and it was during the 17th century scientific revolution when humans discovered that the earth not only followed a precise pattern of events but also formal, accurate, mathematical laws. The universe even though it appeared sometimes chaotic and haphazard, was actually a complex and flawlessly synchronized clockwork. The universal law discovered by Newton revealed that the law embraced each object in the whole creation and seemingly the same rule controlled the moon and even an apple descending from a fall.  All the scientists in the 17th century had a common trait in that they believed that god operated the world in a uniquely and complex designated flawless mathematical lines and they all set out with the main aim of discovering or rather reading god’s mind with respect to the operations of the universe (Full text of "Clockwork Universe: Isaac Newton, the Royal Society, and the Birth of the Modern World (n.p.)).

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