Red Cameras


Red light cameras, popularly known as red light running is a traffic enforcement camera which is mainly used in promoting safety in the broads. It works by capturing the image of a vehicle which has wrongly entered the intersection of a road despite the fact that the traffic lights are giving a red sign implying that the driver must stop. The red light cameras automatically photograph a vehicle which has entered a route wrongly thus helping the traffic enforcement authorities on enforcing the traffic laws. The cameras have been applied in many areas and have proven to be very effective especially in the United Kingdom, Canada among others. The red light cameras is an invention of the new technologies which are very useful in promoting the traffic rules all the times. The main aim of this research is to do an analysis of the effectiveness of the red light cameras. Specifically, this paper tries to evaluate whether the red light cameras are important in promoting safety in the roads or not.

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Problem Statement

With 1 billion motor vehicles and 60 trillion license drivers worldwide there is an ever-growing need to examine very carefully and find ways of making driving safer. In the past 50 years, automobile manufacturers and legislatures have made great strides in safety, substituting softer and lighter materials, adding settles and airbags and designing a car that can be safe even in a crash. However, as cars evolve the safety rules and regulations surrounding them must evolve also. Sometimes the step taken for security is no longer working because of time and improvements in the vehicle or highway.

Other times the steps taken might've been misleading or based on the incomplete or incomplete information. And sometimes a rule makes it past and safety Highway safety that is it's not the most important thing. What I am referring to here is red light cameras. Ideally, they were introduced to make dangerous intersections safer by mailing out traffic violations to those motorists whose cars have gone through a red light. Perhaps the vast amounts of money generated by these tickets made legislatures lose sight of their safety goals. My question is: are we devoting too much time energy money to red light cameras when those resources could be more useful in another area that clearly would promote safety. If the three leading causes of action our drunken driving inattentive driving and reckless driving perhaps we should devote more resources and attention to those aspects of safety.

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Previous Research

Adrian, A. Safety of the red light cameras. London: University College London.

The author of this article did research in trying to evaluate whether the use of the red-light cameras by the traffic control department of the United Kingdom promotes safety or not. From the evaluation, the author used mainly quantitative methods to evaluate the effectiveness of the security methods. From his analysis, he asserts that the red light cameras are important in promoting safety and reducing accidents. Also, the author established that the red-light cameras are critical in ensuring that the traffic and security department have an adequate opportunity to promote safety and follow up especially when people do not follow the traffic rules.

Bochner, B.,Walden, T.The effectiveness of red light cameras. IET Journal

The authors of this article did a research mainly to determine whether the red lights are efficient or not. Therefore, this was a research done to evaluate whether it has worked and achieved its goals since its start as a technology for promoting safety. The author mainly used questionnaires to do his research, and he established that the red cameras indeed are important in improving safety. The authors also discovered that the red light cameras would promote safety if more efforts are put in place to establish how effective they are.

Karyan, K. An analysis of red light programs in the city of Milwaukee. Lafollette: University of wisdom madison.

The author focuses on the town of Milwaukee to evaluate whether the recent installation of the red light cameras are effective in the promotion of safety in the roads or not. The author mainly used questionnaires as a source of information, and it was established that so far, after the installation of the red-light cameras in the city of Milwaukee, it was established that they are effective. Thus the author recommends for more installation of the cameras to promote safety.


The research mainly tries to evaluate whether red light cameras helps to improve safety or not. The explanation is primarily concerned with evaluating whether red light cameras need to be used or not and whether they are of importance or not.

Experiment/ data collection

This section of the research analyses different methodological approaches relevant for getting data for this study. The article also examines the best strategies that can be used to analyse and interpret the data collected. Also, this section will also identify the samples used for data collection, the locations and also the limitations that may arise during the process of collection of data.


This research will explore the mixed methods of research. That is the qualitative and quantitative research methods. Qualitative research will be necessary in helping to analyse the natural phenomena the way it is in the natural habitat and this case the primary aspect that one considers a strict observation whether red light cameras are important in promoting safety or not. Regarding the qualitative research, the study will try to quantify the particular of people who have sought to use the red light cameras and whether they are active in the promotion of safety or not. The mixed methods employed will be sequential this implies that one method will be used then the other method will follow. The survey will incorporate qualitative and quantitative research methods at different times.


Regarding the sample, several individuals will be analysed especially those drivers who usually travels to places. This sample will be enough to evaluate their experience with the red light cameras, which is if the red light cameras have promoted their safety or not. The research will also try to assess the effectiveness of the red light cameras regarding safety.

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The information about whether red light cameras are important in promoting the safety of individuals will be evaluated through the use of questionnaires. A self-completion questionnaire is the most preferable due to its flexibility. The questionnaires were filled, and the information received utilised in the data analysis. The survey will take the form of online surveys so as to reach a desirable number of groups as possible. The idea behind using online questionnaires was important because they are a vital tool in getting quantitative data. The use of online surveys is necessary because the information provided in connection with the data collected will be instant.

Another strategy which applied in the collection of data for this project is the use of focus group discussions. The discussions will mainly involve friends who will be willing to take part in research especially those who are driving or those who have had an experience with the use of the red lights and how safe they are.

Data Analysis and Interpretation

The analysis of the questionnaires, focus group discussions and also the available literature will be done in the form of statistical analysis and also discourse analysis. The analysis of the questionnaires will be through comparing and contrasting the views that people have in connection with the use of red lights and how safe they are. On the other hand, the findings made from the focus group discussions and the open-ended questionnaires will be sufficiently descriptive. Hence, this implies a description will be provided on the roles that the red light cameras play and how effective they are.

The discourse analysis used in this project will be interpretive which implies, making an interpretation of the thoughts given by the respondents. The discourse analysis will be necessary in providing valuable perceptions, information, and circumstances behind a definite problem which in this case the problem is the study of the effectiveness of the use of red-light cameras in promoting safety.

Pilot test

A pilot test conducted among the local drivers on our street indicated that those who have used the red light cameras find it effective for promoting safety. The observation shows that most people are not aware of the red light cameras and thus it becomes hard for them to identify whether they are effective or not.

Data Analysis and Interpretation

Analysis of data as well as interpretation is important in giving the overall response from the respondents in connection with the research. In this case, the respondents gave different views regarding the issue of the safety of the red lights.

A large proportion of the respondents agreed to the fact that the red lights cameraspromote safety. These sums up to a proportion of around 78% around 15% of the respondents are not sure and a very small proportion of the population is not sure.

Most of the respondents agreed to the fact that red light cameras are very effective in reducing issues to do with traffic and accidents while a small percentage of around 1% are either not sure or either say that the red light cameras are not useful.

Conclusion and recommendations

In conclusion, from this analysis, it is evident that the use of red light cameras is one of the effective strategies which has been put in place to promote security at all times. It is also evident that the red light cameras always put the drivers in check and therefore they cannot commit offences on the road. With the use of the red light cameras, the drivers will always be compelled to follow the traffic rules at all times. It is also evident that with the utilisation of the red light cameras, it is possible to promote the safety of individuals. And hence from this research, the main conclusion that one can draw is that the red light cameras are important in improving the security of people.

Therefore one can recommend that the red light cameras are installed at each and every place so as to promote safety within Chicago.

The traffic department should take the initiative to identify each and every fault which have been shown through the use of the red light cameras to ensure that safety within the roads is achieved at all times.It is also important to ensure that more effective measures are put to complement the effectiveness of the red light cameras at all times. Hence, this will help in ensuring that safety on the roads is achieved at all times.


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