Pollution in the Global Environment


Pollution in the global environment is an issue that has a significant impact on the planet earth. The issues associated with it can sometimes affect all people at the same level and time. Besides, these problems may have started several centuries ago and are advancing due to the additive, interconnected events brought about by the advance in technology. The global climate change is one of the best examples of the problems caused by global pollution which makes the human race and all the other living organisms vulnerable. The environmental quality of this planet is at its worst with the rate of the global environment pollution that take place, calling for actions to stop global warming such as the usage of renewable energy and investing in energy-efficient appliances, reducing water wastes, using better bulbs at home, and using fuel-efficient vehicles. This means that we should not allow technological advancement to keep manipulating the natural global environment to protect the future of the planet by stopping global warming.

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Environmental Quality of the Planet

The environmental quality of the planet is deteriorating day by day with the augmented scale of human activity which has brought with it increased pollution. For starters, population increase has made excessive demands on the natural resources which have brought about an increasing demand for livestock and agriculture. This is so because global environmental pollution increases with the attempt to satisfy the population increase. For instance, the population explosion has caused increased use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides in an attempt to increase production. This action actually pollutes the soil, water, and air with toxic chemicals and the fertilizer run-offs bring about toxic algal blooms which kill the aquatic animals. The removal of trees and other plants in an attempt to satisfy the population increase by increasing the areas of cultivation threatens the survival of various plant and animal species.

Monoculture keeps the cost of production at its lowest but it negatively affects the soil and reduces biodiversity. Additionally, large-scale animal farming increases the animal susceptibility to diseases like the avian flu and mad-cow disease. The wastes generated from the meat processing plants and farms have the potential to affect the water quality of the area. What is more, the bigger distance food items are brought to reach the consumers brings about more impact on the environment due to the transportation. The peoples demand on the resources from the environment is becoming too much for the earths supply capacity. The industrial revolution significantly enhances the quality of life but with it comes the end of sustainable livelihood since as people got more comforts, they still wanted more. Transportation by air, water, and land adds to air pollution in addition to their rapid depletion of the fossil fuels. Additionally, the air conditioning that is very valuable to the human population especially during winters and summers uses quite a lot of energy.

The humans being the most polluting species on earth, their increase in population immensely affects the global environment. The earth is able to recycle waste but the human race is generating more than the earth can handle resulting in a population that affects all species on earth including mankind. Industries have been the major causes of pollution as mentioned above. Since their beginning, there has been an increase in the use of fossil fuels which is a significant contributor to the global environmental pollution. According to Shao et al., coal is being used to replace the human force in industries especially since they make machines work faster. But with it causes water, soil, and air contamination thus affecting the global environment. This is the case in the power-generating industries including the electricity producing plants such as dams, nuclear reactors or any other plants. Their transportation is also harmful to the environment since there might be leaks that cause soil pollution, water contamination, as well as air pollution. Transportation has also been a major source of pollution ever since people abandoned the animal means of transport. The levels of environmental pollution caused brought about by transportation have been increasing daily. Just like those caused by industries, pollution brought about by transport is mainly attributed to fossil fuels. Without a doubt, humans have gone from using horses for transport to the use of trains which used to be driven using coal followed by electric trains, then cars, and airplanes. Therefore, pollution increases and continues to evolve with the evolution and increase of traffic.

Agriculture is also a major part of the global environmental pollution since it is mainly responsible for water and soil contamination. Agricultural activities bring about pollution due to the increased use of pesticides in farm produces as well as the intensive character of the production of such chemicals. These pesticides keep threatening animals and diseases away from destroying farm produces. But in spite of this benefit, it brings about harm to the environment. Moreover, with the increasing global population, agriculture is becoming more and more intensive with an attempt to feed the people which in turn destroy more ecosystems as well as the environment too in an attempt to create space for the crops. There are even others such as the rapeseed which is a raw material for oil which demands a bigger space from the relatively small output. Trading activities are also part of the global environmental pollution. The process of goods production itself is a major cause of environmental pollution. Moreover, when it comes to exchanging the goods and services, the range of the pollution goes up due to the mode of packaging which often involves using plastic bags as well as transport. What is more, residential areas also significantly contribute to environmental pollution. The natural environment is destroyed to enable people to build homes. Plants and animals are misplaced to enable people to build homes through human constructions. It is also worth noting that the construction itself also brings about environmental contamination especially from the work of industries. An environmental pollution will be experienced after people settle in resulting in more waste products to the environment.

I would also rate the quality of this planets environment as serious since the global environmental pollution also has significant effects not only on the ecosystem but also to the humans, animals, and plants. The humans experience physical effects which can turn into neurological problems if exposed for long. Air pollution causes respiratory troubles in the form of asthma, allergies, and irritation of the nasal and eyes passages. It has also been proved that environmental pollution contributes highly to cancer development in the human body. It affects animals by bringing harm to the environment and making it toxic. Acid rains destroy animals and plants as well as the toxic air blocks plant respiration.

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Changes that Would Protect the Future of the Planet

Hence, in the efforts to protect the future of the planet as well as the future generations, people should speak up about this disturbing issue to their friends and family to make sure they make good decisions when it comes to the warming world. Additionally, by voicing one’s concerns, the elected officials would strive to enact new laws that would help in limiting carbon emissions. Additionally, people can power their homes with renewable energy rather than the usual electricity. The best power source is one that produces more than half of its power from solar or wind and is certified by an organization that investigates renewable energy options. The biggest users of energy are the heating and cooling gadgets in buildings. Undoubtedly, heating and air-conditioning use up almost half of the energy at home. Therefore, to minimize this energy use, people can make sure they are more energy efficient by closing updrafts and ensuring they are adequately insulated. Besides, if the government claims federal tax credits for the consumption of energy then many homes will be improved to energy efficient gadgets. Besides, the standards of efficiency for most products and appliances have helped in keeping tons of carbon dioxide from the air. De La Fuente, Rojas and Mac Lean argue that energy efficiency is the cheapest and best way of reducing CO2 emissions to the atmosphere. When shopping for electrical appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines, it is advisable to buy the ones with the Energy Star label showing the most efficient gadgets.

Saving water is also another means of reducing carbon pollution. Pumping water, heating, and treating it is not good for the environment since doing all that uses up uses up a lot of energy because of the pumping, heating, and treating. It is therefore advisable to take shorter showers, and switch to fixtures and appliances labeled WaterSense. It is also advisable to reduce the traditional 60-watt bulbs with the LED light bulbs which use a lot less energy than the conventional incandescent. They might seem expensive but in the long run, they are very much cheaper since they are long-lasting. It is also advisable to change to fuel-efficient vehicles and keep their tires properly inflated. Also, less frequent flying can go a long way in reducing climate pollution.

The technological advancement is a major manipulator of the natural global environment and we should not allow it to keep manipulating it. Advancements in technology may have brought about the finer things in life but it has and is still affecting the natural global environment through pollution. The technology used for warfare, for instance, brought with it a lot of detriments to the environment. Mercury waste material was released into the environment when the weapons were being manufactured. These wastes are known to form infectious microorganisms which can cause death through diseases. The mining technology brought drainage problems through acid mine which led to various chemical reactions. This technology brought about significant negative impacts on land and water especially after it was discovered that metal and iron are the best forms of weaponry. The greenhouse gas emissions have contributed to the rising sea levels, global warming, ocean acidification, air pollution, and global warming among other adverse effects brought about by technology. These significant impacts should empower people to disallow technological advancement to keep manipulating the natural global environment. Nevertheless, on the brighter side, there is the new technology known as the green technology that is trying to reverse the negative effects of other technologies. The green technology attempts to generate heat and energy through harnessing the suns powerful UV rays through solar panels. It uses the kinetic energy of the wind and water currents to produce electricity lessening the demand for fossil fuels and coal.

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The environmental quality of this planet is at a place that is dangerous to the living organisms in it. Population increase is the single major contributor to this degradation of the global environment since activities such as agriculture, the industrial revolution, and transportation came by due to the demands from the people. We can protect the future of this planet as well as the future generations through speaking up to empower others and ensuring we use renewable and better energy options that conserve energy. These technological advancements should not be allowed to continue manipulating the natural global environment due to the grave impacts they bring on the people, plants, and animals.

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