Personal Nursing Philosophy

The demands in nursing profession change to reflect the current requirements of the expectations of the patients and their needs. Moreover, due to the rising demands in this field, the workload per nurse has also been on the increase requiring personal realignments. In this crucial undertaking, it is needed to see to it that the increased workload does not affect the quality of the end services availed by nurses. In the same way, the increased workload and demands in nursing have necessitated the need to have a robust and evidenced-based personal nursing philosophy that guides and sets the pace of one’s approach when it comes to practicing nursing. A personal philosophy is crucial in nursing since it forms a non-swaying belief that guides one while caring for the patients. It is also of great importance since it empowers a nurse to continue working despite facing unanticipated challenges in the field since it forms strong beliefs that make the nurse more prepared to serve the patients. Similarly, it is the intention of this paper to outline my personal philosophy, shedding light on the beliefs and perspectives that shape my practice in nursing. 

Nursing Autobiography

My name is Yoslaisi Hernandez, and I live in Florida. I am a firm believer in the crucial role nursing plays in safeguarding the public’s health through the daily constructive interaction that yields a tailor-made help for each patient. Currently, I work as a Manager of Case Management for two Medicare Special Needs Programs in an HMO plan. I started working with this organization four years ago, and my role was a Nurse Case Manager. My career aspirations are to expand my knowledge and enhance my professional skills to continue providing the best care for patients and gain greater autonomy when becoming a nurse practitioner. It is my assertion that being conversant with the different nursing perspectives and utilizing them while practicing provides an excellent platform that enhances the quality of the services offered. Such a phenomenon can only be attained through the improved understanding of the scope of nursing and the associative demands helpful in staying true to these demands and particularly those availed by various nursing theories. Therefore, I feel this course is relevant to one’s practice because theoretical concepts and theories profoundly influence nursing processes while also describing and explaining the desired responses to them and the outcomes of care. My expectations of this course are to adopt various ideas from several theories as a tool for effective nursing practice. Moreover, I come from a Latino culture since I was born in Cuba. So far, I have traveled to Bahamas and Mexico, and I plan making more travels in the future with the aim of improving the scope of my practice. The appreciation of the critical role being culturally competent is in the line of providing patient-centered care that lies in the heart of nursing.

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The Four Metaparadigms

In nursing, metaparadigms form the framework of concepts found in many nursing theories. They form the basis, upon which the crucial variables in nursing are analyzed for a better understanding of the players in the field and the expected levels of engagement within these parameters. In nursing, there are four metaparadigms, namely person, environment, health, and nursing. Understanding these four metaparadigms is crucial in ensuring that a nurse can provide care to the patient in a helpful manner. 

When it comes to defining a person or client of nursing professionals, I believe that it can be anyone who comes seeking nursing care at any point and who can be inside or outside a healthcare facility. This definition is made in appreciation of the importance of ensuring that nursing has greater reach as envisaged in the Affordable Care Act 2010. Furthermore, Katharine Kolcaba’s comfort theory defines a person as an individual or a group of people seeking medical care. Therefore, a person is anyone in need of nursing intervention to help him or her face and defeat his or her health challenge/s. Consequently, a person is the primary client that a nurse should assist in a manner based on the prevailing demands. Thus, my intention, as a Nurse Case Manager, is to ensure that every person receives a patient-centered treatment through the formulation of an appropriate care plan.

Regarding environment, I am of the opinion that external factors affect a person’s health status in one way or the other. They are forces that can either enhance one’s health or negatively affect it. Most of the time, a person’s environment is highly dictated by society’s culture and the behaviors of the closed ones such as family members. This school of thought is present in the works of Virginia Henderson, with her need theory, as she argues that an environment in nursing metaparadigms consists of a set of external influences that affects both life and development. My perception of the environment metaparadigm is also seconded by Peplau theory of interpersonal relations since Peplau argues that environment consists of highly influential forces outside a living organism and they are heavily embedded in one’s culture. Therefore, a Nurse Case Manager must conduct a thorough research to understand the environment of the patient to ensure that the treatment plan is strong enough to empower the patient in shedding down the unhealthy aspects of the associative culture of their environment.

Health is another important variable in nursing metaparadigms, whereby it is my belief that health should be the outcome that every patient is to experience once nursing care is provided. Health is the state that should be the norm for all the people who have undergone a caring process by a caregiver. Moreover, this caregiver has been guided by the evidence availed by the patient and the expertise findings through a detailed assessment. Therefore, these qualities and concepts are captured in almost all nursing theories under their environment metaparadigm component. In the context of Jean Watson's theory, health is the state of lack of illness; similarly, according to comfort theory, health is summed up as the state of performing at the optimal level. More to say, according to Virginia Henderson's need theory, health is the ability to function well independently. A Nurse Case Manager’s aim is to ensure that the plan formulated to meet the threshold of ascertaining to yield an eventuality that sees that the patient is fit again. This demands the utilization of an evidence-based approach that limits the plan only to the evidence availed by the patient and the assessment results of the prevailing health challenge. For example, as Nurse Case Manager, one needs to reference the evidenced availed by the patient, compare it with the available pool of information, and consult with primary care nurses to ensure that the treatment plan formulated presents the best possible care plan to counter the disease at hand.

Nursing is the next metaparadigm of highest interest since it forms the basis, upon which nurses avail their art of caring. In my practice, I believe that nursing should be an intra and interexchange between caregivers themselves and between the caregivers and their patients. This exchange ensures that all crucial information is availed in the line of coming up with the right help. Moreover, I firmly believe that nursing provides a learning opportunity for both the patient and the nurse because the information presented to both parties sometimes offers a new perspective on a matter. For example, for a nurse, some illnesses may have different effects on different patients; therefore, it offers a more informed perspective on the disease, thus making such occurrences a learning process. On the other hand, for patients, the information provided by a nurse helps them understand their disease better. It is important to mention that this point of view is captured in different nursing philosophies that shed light on what nursing ought to be. According to Watson’s theory, nursing is portrayed as an engagement aimed at the restoration of health through an ethical exchange between a nurse and a patien. Moreover, according to Peplau theory, nursing is an interpersonal exchange between the patients and the nurses, and under this interpersonal engagement, a nurse acts as a teacher. Therefore, it is evident that nursing is both an exchange-based engagement and a learning process. In my practice, through this exchange, constructive consultation is made possible between the parties of interest, thus helping in the creation of a thorough and profound treatment plan. A good example of this consultation is usually observed when a patient comes with a known disease but shows uncommon side effects. Under these circumstances, consultations are held between the clinical nurses, the Nurse Case Manager, and the needed specialist to ensure that there is a better understanding of the effects facing the patient.

Contemporary Philosophical Aspects in My Practice

With increasing and changing demands in the field of nursing, crucial realignments have been enacted to conform better to these demands. Similarly, in the practice of Nurse Case Manager, engaging with the patient is a constantly changing process. While availing the patient-centered help in line with the demands of the Affordable Care Act, utilizing the concepts of transcultural nursing is crucial in my line of duty. Cultural competency is the requirement where one has to be conversant with the different cultures in the area of practice. For me being a Cuban and living in Florida, matters to do with culture are very close to my heart. I believe that every culture is very close to its followers and therefore, there is the necessity to ensure that nursing help appreciates the cultural norms of a patient. Moreover, in my area of practice, the nurse-patient engagement is crucial in understanding the situation at hand, which brings the need to guarantee that this engagement is respective. Having the knowledge of the different cultures within the area of practice is of great importance in making patients feel appreciated, as they will offer all the needed information freely. 

Moreover, in the same line of thought, I believe that every patient requires and should be treated in a unique manner. As earlier outlined, it is a common occurrence in my practice to meet patients with a known disease having new symptoms and effects. Staying faithful to the concepts in health promotion model, where the agitation is for the patients to be treated as unique beings, all plans that I formulate solely rely on the demands of a patient. For a Nurse Case Manager to meet these requirements, one should be proactive concerning attaining more skills that are up to date. I take the demand of being culturally competent particularly seriously. I make seasonal travels to my country of origin, where not only do I acquire information on the culture but also the common illnesses people face and their common causes. This forms a good way of improving my skills that, in turn, help me in the formulation of better-informed treatment plans. 

Another crucial parameter in my practice is identifying and appreciating the roles played per case. As outlined in role theory, nurses play different functions in providing care to their patients. In my case, being engaged in an exchange-based undertaking, he creation of the right environment for a patient is necessary to the success of the formulation of the treatment process. A common factor that I appreciate in my line of work is that engagement always has to start at the strangers’ level, where there plenty of mistrust issues from the patients. This helps me identify the right approach to utilize to make sure that a patient feels at ease and he or she can slowly learn to trust me and share information that is sometimes very personal. Furthermore, identifying the potential roles that one needs to play in the treatment process is very helpful in guaranteeing that the patient receives respect and the needed help if necessary. Therefore, as a Nurse Case Manager, I believe that the challenges that patients face to warrant them seeking nursing help are complex to them. Therefore, the treatment plan demands usually present a new chapter in their life, which means the need to appreciate that their desired behavior change is something that cannot be attained on a fortnight. This phenomenon is well captured by change theory, where people have to go through the unfreezing, changing, and refreezing stages while adopting new norms.

Consequently, change theory and role theory have helped me realign my attitude towards the behavior changing undertaking and have instilled the patient and target-based actions in my practice. Similarly, in the organization of practice, these theories can help the hospital make realignments in the hiring and treatment process. Role theory brings in a crucial insight on the type of professionals needed to help the patient through the treatment process. On the other hand, change theory sheds light on how a hospital can train their nurses on the best practices to uphold when it comes to influencing the patients into adopting healthier lifestyles.

Supportive Research

It is clear that the utilization of the insights from various nursing theories enables one to improve his scope of practice. A good demonstration of the importance of these theories is the research on the evidence-based practice. It is a common finding that referencing theories has helped improve the care provided to patients. Nurses, who utilize insights provided by nursing theories, are better placed in handling diseases since they are more informed. Moreover, the insights provided by these theories inform the nurses on the right approach to utilize and the potential results that one can get. In doing so, they provide a verification platform, thus safeguarding the patient from malpractices in the field of nursing. Therefore, out of the realization of the important role theories played in caregiving, the Affordable Care Act had demanded the utilization of the approaches that were sensitive to the evidence-based approach and patient-centered approach in nursing.

Two Practice-Specific Concepts

For the practice of Nurse Case Manager, some concepts are found to be quite specific. These concepts are voluntarism and multidisciplinary. These major and unique concepts are employed in my practice. Concerning voluntarism, case management is not mandatory for the patients; thus, there comes the need to provide a favorable environment that wins the trust of caregivers and their patients. Moreover, there is an agitation for practitioners to handle the work of a Nurse Case Manager as a multidisciplinary undertaking, where collaboration, evaluation, and advocacy to name but a few are dormant.

List of Propositions

  1. Nursing is an exchange-based discipline, where parties engage in attaining an eventuality of improved health.
  2. Nursing theories are reference points that enhance the nurse power to handle a situation diligently.
  3. The four nursing metaparadigm defines how nurses engage in nursing.
  4. Personal nursing philosophies are built upon strong personal beliefs that guide one’s approach to nursing.
  5. Nursing theories’ concepts provide a good platform for enhancing the evidence-based approach in nursing 


It is evident that personal nursing philosophy provides a solid set of beliefs that defines one’s approach to practicing nursing. It is also evident that nursing theories provide a pool of helpful insights since it helps one shape his or her practice in the manner that appreciates the patients’ demands. Moreover, it is apparent that personal philosophy needs to have elements entrenched in the nursing concepts and theories if they are to help one improve the art of caregiving. At the same time, it is clear that there is the necessity to ensure that a multi-perspective approach provided by various theories is utilized in nursing to improve the end decision taken. Consequently, I can conclude that my personal nursing philosophy is centered upon prominent nursing theories and is respective of the various demands regarding the attitude and concepts, specific in my area of specialization.

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